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Infection Adventures

Hey there all you lovely people. Hope you’re all doing well and I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA these past few weeks. The reason I’ve been so quiet is because I’ve been having some major health issues that are making the start to 2018 a serious adventure. 1.542 kata lagi


In a split second

Life can get really busy. I’m 47 years old now. I have two kids who are living in other parts of the world, one in Iowa and one in the Ukraine. 1.063 kata lagi


Hydrocephalus, Enlarged Ventricles - AMAZING STORY

When I was pregnant, my baby got diagnosed with enlarged ventricles, both of the ventricles in the bigger range, around 10-11mm. Ultrasounds showed bigger head than normal. 282 kata lagi



I was finally able to get in touch with the doctor to hopefully clear up some of my confusion. I’ve spent the past two weeks waiting to find out who was right: the doctor or the MRI report. 760 kata lagi

Congenital Hydrocephalus

Thy Will Be Done

If you’re like me, you say the Lord’s Prayer often, possibly many times per day.  After all, it’s the prayer that Jesus himself taught us.  The Apostles asked Him how they should pray and He gave him this prayer, so we call it the Lord’s Prayer.  357 kata lagi

A Sweet, Sweet 16 Party for my Stunning Girl

Honestly, I have been procrastinating on writing this blog as I am entirely afraid that I will not do my daughter justice. That said, I can’t think of any single person who deserved to feel and party like a rockstar than my daughter, Nevaeh. 731 kata lagi