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How I Cope with Stormy Weather with Cerebral Palsy and Hydrocephalus

Spring is full of varied weather. Warm days, then a rainy one and then a storm. This week, despite being warm, was full of storms and rain. 346 kata lagi


My New Normal

Whew, this week has killed me in a variety of ways but I’m working on my new normal. My life is different, my individual self is evolving, and now I’m starting to see my strength. 180 kata lagi

Brain Shunt

The highs and lows of life

Around this time last year, I was graduating with my associates in applied science. This was a huge deal for me because I worked my butt off for five years and did the work in combination with a full-time position as a restaurant server. 252 kata lagi

Brain Shunt

A Legend in My Own Hair Follicles.

Before the magic of the Royal Wedding and seeing Harry and Meaghan tie the knot in spectacular fashion, I hung up my pink washing up gloves and metamorphosed into a star. 1.062 kata lagi



Today I got the news that I have Cowden’s Syndrome. I knew it was coming but it doesn’t hurt any less..maybe I’ll have the words for how I feel later on tonight or tomorrow. 57 kata lagi

"It Is a Halo, I Needed Stereotactic Brain Surgery"- Valentina Cardona

These stories keep getting interesting.

The photo above is taken by hydrocephalus survivor Valentina Cardona who is a Music Therapist. Her music is also a diary of how she copes with hydrocephalus. 290 kata lagi


Happy 3rd Birthday!

Little Miss Minion turned three about ten minutes ago. It’s hard to believe that we started this journey three years ago with a one pound fourteen ounce 28 weeker and now we’ve got a little kid who just graduated from all of her therapies and loves to give hugs and eat cheese its.

We are so lucky.