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Social Media and Early intervention saved my son

My son was 3 weeks old, when a routine check-up after birth revealed he did indeed have a tongue tie which a midwife had pointed out after birth and thus we needed to consult a pediatric surgeon to book a minor operation. 377 kata lagi


Hydrocephalus: Finding the words for what I feel in my head

At times, I get a slight throbbing feeling at the right bottom side of my head…I became aware of this a few months ago, though I thought nothing of it at first. 609 kata lagi


Membership of new FACEBOOK group for 18 – 25 year old members - Triples in 24 hours!

There’s a brand new Facebook group now available for members of Shine, which has been designed to link together 18 – 25 year old members with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus. 61 kata lagi


One Year Ago: How Quickly Things Change

One year ago today, I was on day two of a three day hospitalization for “brewing preeclampsia” and possible HELLP syndrome. I was 25 weeks pregnant. 752 kata lagi

Slow and Steady

Little Miss Minion had her (almost) 12 month checkup this afternoon. She’s technically only 11 months, but close enough. She is now a whopping 16 pounds, 2.2 ounces, which is 8.6 times her birth weight, and 25 inches long. 245 kata lagi

What I Read This Morning

One of my dissertation chapters was about whether and to what extent non-human animals could suffer.  While researching the topic I learned a fair amount about the brain,  so I’ve been able to follow most of what the doctors were talking about during our visits.   597 kata lagi


Hydrocephalus: Memory and Processing information

I can’t help feeling a bit frustrated at the moment.  I’m trying to learn/study and am starting to feel like a complete failure or more precisely, like an idiot.  636 kata lagi