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HxH 63: 2BA Master

Hunter x Hunter episode 63 review

Bisky has an annoying voice. Like, really annoying. Look, I know I’m a big dub guy, but these English dub voices have missed the mark. 384 kata lagi

Fan Art Friday for 8/11/2017-8/18/2017

Here’s this week’s Fan Art Friday post. Hope you all enjoy!

Tohru (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid) by ThatDankWolf! :D https://www.deviantart.com/art/Tohru-Miss-Kobayashi-s-Dragon-Maid-699633791

Luffy (One Piece) by AnimeDrawer829! ^_^  81 kata lagi


HxH 62: I throw in a Biscuit, and a big old cookie

Hunter x Hunter episode 62 review

Day 1 of the honeymoon for Gon and Killua begins with a tournament of rock, paper, scissors. I told you, it’s really important! 268 kata lagi

Matchaka Bean Cosplay - Cosplay Feature

We are delighted to present our interview with the lovely Matchaka Bean!  An accomplished artist and cosplayer, Matchaka was also an ice skater.  We have no idea where she got the energy for all of these things, but we’re super impressed! 1.482 kata lagi

Alluka Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)

Sensitivity: Very Nice

Depth & Development: Present

Accuracy: Discernible?

Canon Status: Canon, Despite Some Debate

Hunter x Hunter is a 2011 shōnen anime based on the critically successful manga by Yoshihiro Togashi (also known for… 2.110 kata lagi

My thoughts on Hunter X Hunter (Spoilers).

I have loved and watched anime for many years. My first one being Sailor Moon, but funny enough I didn’t know it was an anime or what that even was at the time. 705 kata lagi


Meowth900's Monday Manga Report

Hello people its meowth900 here coming at you with another Monday manga report. It’s a big issue of Jump with the monthly mangas like Blue Exorcist being back this week and Hunter x Hunter still surprisingly being around. 1.655 kata lagi