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30 Days of Anime: Day 19

Wow, am I seriously nearly finished with this challenge? Only 11 days left! Luckily, there’s still some pretty frustrating choices – like this one.

DAY 19 – MOST EPIC SCENE EVER… 505 kata lagi


Difficult Battle!!!

This was the most epic, difficult battle in Hunter X Hunter. The strongest hunter in the series died in this battle and the main character almost died during this battle. But the hunters remained victorious.

Hunter X Hunter

My Favorite Character

Killua was born into a family of assassins so it’s no surprise that he already knows how to fight and kill. As he was growing his older family members would use several torture techniques on him so now electricity can’t harm him. 34 kata lagi

Hunter X Hunter

HxH 79: Koala Ant

Hunter x Hunter episode 79 review

Getting into the NGL, where the Chimera Ant outbreak is, is almost impossible. You’ve got to go through an embassy that makes the Berlin Wall look like a piece of paper. 159 kata lagi

On Rewatching "Hunter x Hunter (2011)"

Some spoilers for Hunter x Hunter (2011) in this post.

My friend was visiting recently, and as per our usual habit we met up to watch inadvisible amounts of anime together. 1.261 kata lagi


Hunter x Hunter 1999 vs 2011 Part 3: The Zoldyck Family

As the Hunter x Hunter dub enters the year of the Chimera Ants, the ever-popular head to head comparison series between the 1999 and 2011 anime returns! 2.049 kata lagi



These are the main characters of Hunter x Hunter. They become friends when all of them entered the hunters exam. They help each other to stay alive and grow.

Hunter X Hunter