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Hunter x Hunter

Seek new adventures! Be a hunter!

Author: Yoshihiro Togashi
Studio: Nippon Animation

If you are an avid fan of anime series containing adventure, then you definitely have to know this one! 253 kata lagi


2-Dimensional Champions Episode 14: Ushio & Tora

The Champions take a bite out of MAPPA’s new anime adaptation of Kazuhiro Fujita’s classic action manga. The staff features a number of people from the recent… 57 kata lagi


To What Extent Does Chimera Ant Teach Us About Humanity?

A Thematic Look at Hunter x Hunter’s Chimera Ant Arc

Here is the link to a PDF of the essay. 

A comprehensive look at the use of Anime as a visual medium in exploring themes such as “Humanity” and “Individuality” in Hunter x Hunter’s Chimera Ant Arc (yes there are massive spoilers), with a direct look at the character arc’s of Gon and Meruem (the Ant King). 125 kata lagi


Hunter x Hunter Complete + Movies (720p/1080p Blu-ray 8bit AAC MP4)

Smallest upload by far… smallest…
Sorry guys but I’ll try to make up for lost time… try.

One of my all-time favorite anime. Download it NOW if you haven’t seen it! 118 kata lagi