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7 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About "Hunter x Hunter"

Hunters live to perform all manner of deadly assignments. Hunter x Hunter is about a 12 year old Gon Freecss, who in a youthful age, decided to become a hunter in hopes of meeting his father, who he himself is a hunter that abandoned him at a young age. 192 kata lagi

General Assessments

HxH 48: Antiques Roadshow

Hunter x Hunter episode 48 review

I knew this episode was coming. I just didn’t realize it was the very episode after the best episode in… 354 kata lagi

Hunter x Hunter Episodes 31 + 32

Review Episode 31:

I’m definitely a fairly petty person because watching Hisoka get knocked around a bit this episode was kind of fun. What made this better was he didn’t suddenly become incompetent or lose his composure. 319 kata lagi

What Kind Of Hunter Should I Be? - Hunter x Hunter 2011 First Impressions

This series is the most nagged for me to watch, in all of my years of watching anime. 
Finally…. I’m listening to those.
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Toonami Roundup: 4/15/17

This week… in… Toonami…

Dragon Ball Super episode 14: How’s this for anticlimactic? Goku fails to beat Beerus, but Beerus falls asleep, so he’s going to forget the whole thing even happened. 336 kata lagi

[BGCB] Prologue.


“… Give it up…
Even if you’re successful in this revenge, there’s no benefit from it.
All that’s left is emptiness,
and your bloodstained hands.
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