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What is your nen type?

Hunter X Hunter?

Hunter X Hunter is another anime in my top 3 list, and I think it’s really fun to watch. Gon and Killua are adorable kids, I like killua the most! 463 kata lagi

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter Season 1 Review

I’ve made it no secret that I like anime. I don’t love the medium as much as I used to, but if a show captures my fancy, then I’ll be sure to at least attempt to watch it. 1.186 kata lagi

Sweet As Syrup Review

HxH 55: Better in bulk

Hunter x Hunter episode 55 review

This week’s episode of HxH is better in context. When I first watched it – and I’m sure you’ve heard this by now – I was watching five episodes per day. 445 kata lagi

Hunter x Hunter Episodes 47 + 48

Review Episode 47:

Kurapika has always had a darker side but this episode he left the rest of his personality at home. That was very, very cold and got dark pretty quickly compared to previous segments of this show. 262 kata lagi

Toonami Roundup: 6/10/17

This week… in… Toonami…

Dragon Ball Super episode 21: Skipped it. The only reason I watch Dragon Ball is for the podcast; there’s no redeeming value of it for me. 200 kata lagi

HxH 54: Wheel of Fortune

Hunter x Hunter episode 54 review

Chrollo has gained Neon’s ability to tell the fortunes of those in the Phantom Troupe. Each of these poems points toward half of the Phantom Troupe dying. 187 kata lagi

Recast Construction - Lost in Mistranslation Episode 111

Having spent a long few weeks radio silent, traipsing off to corners of the world filled to the brim with culture most popular, the podcast crew finds its way home…minus a few. 34 kata lagi