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HxH 99: China's under martial law

Hunter x Hunter episode 99 review

These rock-and-roller selection wars, I can’t take them anymore. Or at least, I can’t understand them. Something feels off. I feel like I missed 5 episodes or so. 163 kata lagi

Build a Harem! (Special Post)

Well, it finally happened. I got a request to write about an anime harem that I’d pick according to these rules set here and well…I guess you could say… 754 kata lagi


HxH 98: Mind-numbingly boring

Hunter x Hunter episode 98 review

In one of the most boring and confusing episodes yet, Killua tells Gon all about the Ants’ plan, because he’s suddenly gone from not even being allowed in the NGL to being a total expert up and down of every single facet of the country. 109 kata lagi

HxH 97: Unnecessary fanservice

Hunter x Hunter episode 97 review

Sometimes I forget a character’s name, but not really. I knew Shizuku’s name, but I refused to believe it. Now I’m certain of her name after searching for it. 144 kata lagi

My DIOka dosplay & MomoCon photo dump

I have a hard time categorizing my Instagram business profile. I think it currently says that I’m an artist, but somehow this is supposed to get the point across that I’m a model, creative director, big science nerd, a future med student, a completely crazy cat lady, and fashion/personal style appreciator. 851 kata lagi

Creative Projects

How Hunter x Hunter Breaks Boundaries With Its Astonishing Cast

Hunter x Hunter (2011) is brilliant. It’s a shame that the first three episodes of the show are pretty okay at best, which I’m sure caused a lot more drops than the show deserves. 1.023 kata lagi

HxH 96: Survivor: Villains vs. Villains

Hunter x Hunter episode 96 review

The Phantom Troupe are not good guys. There has been nothing in canon to suggest otherwise. If you add in the movie that was released a couple months back, you could say they are even bigger villains than we thought. 315 kata lagi