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Turncat (catfinition) – a cat who switches sides; a traitor.

In use:  “We would have struggled to find her,” authorities said, “except for a turncat who betrayed their owner to save Mr. 33 kata lagi


On this Day Birth and The Reborn...

This has been an epic journey. Of course I know and have heard, that very few if anyone would voluntarily take this trip.  Sheer astonishment, concern, even confusion was the gamet of responses from peers and family when I told them what I was doing for my birthday. 1.724 kata lagi



my mirror

lacks sense of humor

sees nothing


about being a goad for

the mischief of time


Hot Coffee, Hotter Debate

This topic is heating up again. I think this would make a fantastic podcast discussion.

Instagram photo: @kikigoesmeowww

Who can connect me with with a barista or two? 88 kata lagi



So said Louis Pasteur, who was vaccinated for Christmas.


If you don’t know what this is, go back and read the first post in the series… part 8…

I am going back tomorrow for my third and final glass blowing class.

I did go and pick up the three pieces I made during my second class. 29 kata lagi