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'Captain America: Civil War' First Trailer Reaction

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while since I last posted, but something ridiculously awesome has motivated me to return to my blog. As a matter of fact, it’s the same movie that… 456 kata lagi


Jag sätter ord på Hulken

Min bror sa lite infantilt “Inte visste jag att du var så psykiskt sjuk” när vi pratad med varandra i telefon under helgen. Vi har en väldigt bra relation så det var inte på något sätt en kommentar som syftade till att trycka ner mig, utan snarare en befogad fundering. 1.193 kata lagi

Social Och Mental Rehabilitering

Wishful Drinking: Marvel-Themed Absolut Bottles

This “Absolut x Marvel” line isn’t real, but maybe — if enough folks post about it and the right marketing people get wind of it — the campaign could become a reality. 83 kata lagi


Why Batman?

Someone recently asked me – Amongst the exhausting list of superheroes why Batman tops my list?

Now that’s a question with many possible arguments, so let’s look at it objectively. 629 kata lagi


Parenting with The Avengers: Oops. Forgot that Scene

So with the kid able to sit through movies and having ‘Goosebumps’ under his belt, we thought it would be a good time to test him on ‘The Avengers’.   361 kata lagi

Halloween Party

This is my first time to joined a Halloween Party and

I was make up as a witch. Kinda cute, huh?

Close up face 

There were very many different costumes there, like Hulk, Saw, a witch, etc… 59 kata lagi


#0761: Ultron, Vision, & Hulk



Last year, Hasbro partnered up with Target during the holiday season in order to offer a few exclusive items from a number of their lines. 940 kata lagi