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197106 Incredible Hulk #140 - Page 24

Poor Bruce. Granted the ability to have his mind in the body of the hulk only to have it all stripped away


Top 10 Hulks

In his 55 year existence, The Incredible Hulk has become a pop culture icon known the world over. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde taken to the extreme, The Green Goliath is a physical manifestation of Dr Robert Bruce Banner’s inner conflict and turmoil. 1.653 kata lagi


Thor: Ragnarok poster revealed and it is a thing of beauty!

What a feast of the eyes! I love the color, symmetry and a cast of characters led by the Hulk all combine to make for a great visual! 15 kata lagi


Valkyrie captures Hulk and brings him to Sakaar? More Thor: Ragnarok details emerge

Cinema Blend posted an article that appears to reveal a little more plot for Thor: Ragnarok, specifically how our favorite jade giant ended up on Sakaar. 74 kata lagi


HULK (2003) Nostalgia Critic Review

Nostalgia Critic has done a humorous review of the Hulk movie from 2003. It is one of the first Marvel films made just before the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) came into being. 161 kata lagi


Man-Thing In The MCU: Putting More Pieces Together

About a year ago I put together the pieces of the possibility of Man-Thing’s presence in the MCU. With the release of the Thor: Ragnarok… 634 kata lagi


New Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Shines with Humor and Epic Moments

Marvel released their latest trailer for Thor: Ragnarok during their San Diego Comic-Con panel Saturday, and this one is even better than the first trailer previously released. 190 kata lagi