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Reed Richards Cures Bruce Banner

It’s time for Reed Richards to start putting that big brain to use for constructive purposes. That always works out well!¬†Thanks to 1970 Marvel editorial policy, you won’t be lost if you decide to pick this book up without reading Incredible Hulk #122. 1.141 kata lagi

Issue Review

The Avengers

This is the almighty Avengers! Its a simple version of the team. Poor Hawkeye can’t fly. Leave a comment down below of what you think of this art piece!

Zombee Apocalypse

Comic Book Movie Rewatch: Hulk Vs

New year, new intro to my comic book movie posts. I really enjoy movies based on comic books, whether they be well-known like the X-Men movies, or obscure films like the 1990 Captain America. 587 kata lagi

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