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Cuz Tony Now We Got Bad Blood: A Captain America: Civil War Primer

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War opens this weekend, and The Gould Standard brings you a little refresher of the MCU for those who maybe haven’t kept up since Ant-Man came out last July. 1.041 kata lagi


Fantastic Four #12

Publication Date: March 10, 1963

Artist: Jack Kirby

Writer: Stan Lee

Read On:  April 30, 2016

Fantastic Four #12 features the story “The Fantastic Four Meet the Incredible Hulk,” which is divided into four parts, including “Mission: Stop the Hulk,” “Who is the Wrecker,” and “The Hulk at Last.” As the cover indicates, this story involves General Thunderbolt Ross seeking the Fantastic Four’s help with apprehending the Incredible Hulk, who is accused of destroying missile defense equipment. 249 kata lagi

Fantastic Four

What The F**k are they doing?












Sharing can be of great help. Thank you. 210 kata lagi


Crappypasta: Non-Drinking Game Edition at A&G 2016

There’s no getting around it.  This is bad.  This is very bad.


Space Hulk: Deathwing actually looks really good

For the Emperor!

A great deal of Warhammer 40K video games that have actually come out lately have not depended on much. Room Hulk: Deathwing actually looks truly good! 28 kata lagi


Top 5 Best Banner/Hulk Interpretations

So today I’m going to rank my five personal favorite non-comic book interpretations of Bruce Banner/The Hulk. It’s going to be slightly more based on how Bruce is portrayed, but each adaption’s portrayal of Hulk will definitely also play a part too in helping me decide. 995 kata lagi

Bruce Banner

Ranked! The MCU films

Every so often, there comes along a subject too big for a single Snooty Usher. Something too broad to fit into the confines of a Top 10.  3.548 kata lagi

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