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Hulk Hancurkan Tembok Setelah Kalah Bermain FIFA

Cbobet- Jangan pernah membuat Hulk marah. Sebuah joystick konsol permainan dan tembok bisa jadi “korban” Hulk.

Itulah yang terjadi saat Hulk bermain sebuah konsol permainan bersama rekan setimnya di Zenit St Petersburg, Axel Witsel. 101 kata lagi

What's New and What's Expiring on Netflix in July

If you were like me, you’re done binge-watching Orange is the New Black, and now browsing Netflix aimlessly. Good news is that there’s new content on Netflix! 239 kata lagi

Pop Cult News

New Push-Up

How can you make your push-ups for effective?  More badass?

Try these 2 methods:

1)  Use push-up bars => They will annihilate your triceps and give your chest a deeper stretch, equalling more muscle and less likelihood of over-adapting.   52 kata lagi

Motivation And Inspiration

Get out there and grill.

Happy Independence Day!

Hulk from the Hulkbuster (76301)  set, which I still need to build, chases the Hotdog Guy from series 13 Minifigs.

The post is a day early since many people get the third off due to the fourth being on a Saturday this year. 12 kata lagi


What Marvel Secret Wars Comics Should You Read This Week?

It has been an absolutely crazy week for both me and Marvel fans in general with the new post Secret Wars line-up announcements and the newest chapter of Hickman’s Secret Wars storyline. 1.084 kata lagi


Party Pooped: Flutterhulk

I just watched season 5’s “Party Pooped,” (well, almost a week ago), and while I certainly liked it, I just thought that this might have been a better episode if it featured somepony other than Pinkie Pie. 503 kata lagi

Marvel Rankings

Well hey Internet, and welcome to another example of me caving in to the Man. And also some women. Really more of a ‘They’ then any particular gender. 1.625 kata lagi