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Freshly-dug potatoes

It’s potatoes for tea all week. We’ve been given a bucket-load by our immediate neighbour. He was digging them up, I was sitting drinking tea, watching him. 364 more words


How it all began - The Killing Floor

After three days years of great success with my last employer, All change hold on to your hats! As is often the case (I guess), a change at the top changed the world pretty quickly. 243 more words

Slap My Penis. It's Animal Saturday.

If you haven’t played the Oscar Weathers song that Darcy posted at Feel It you really should get over there right now. It’s a gem of a southern soul track. 421 more words


Salt water etching results

I recently discovered salt water etching technique and just had to have a go at it. I always liked the look of etched jewellery, but never got around to buying etching solution, nor felt really comfortable with using a rather strong acid – I worked with strong, and even dangerous chemicals before, but always in well equipped lab, not at home – so this seemed perfect for me. 639 more words

Handmade Jewellery

Howling Wolf

Do you feel the stirring in your soul, willing you to follow the call? In the spirit of the Full Moon, let us connect with this howling inside of us yearning to be free. 543 more words