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Ask Hackaday: How Do You Make A Hotplate?

Greetings fellow nerds. The Internet’s favorite artificial baritone chemist has a problem. His hotplates burn up too fast. He needs your help to fix this problem. 371 kata lagi

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Aka Teppan - Markham

I have always wanted to eat here, ever since it got that insta hype. And I’m really beyond disappointed.

Oyster mushroom salad with ponzu wasabi dressing. 231 kata lagi

Aka Teppan

Plate grilled lamb chops

These lamb chops took all of three minutes to marinade and, after sitting for a couple of hours, they went on the hot plate to cook! 122 kata lagi


Tiny Hotplate Isn't Overkill

When working on a new project, it’s common to let feature creep set in and bloat the project. Or to over-design a project well beyond what it would need to accomplish its task. 223 kata lagi


Sushi Story

After 7ish months of rolling and molding homemade sushi, dining in at a proper restaurant is without a doubt a much-welcomed change. So last week, we dined at the nearby Hei Sushi (the first halal Japanese sushi restaurant) outlet and as sure as the sun will rise, we went crazy. 103 kata lagi


More Still on Tiny Houses

Ready for another post on tiny houses? Here is a house built from scratch in Burrillville, Rhode Island, near the border of Massachusetts.

Kim Kalunian (now at WPRI) wrote about it last summer when she was still working at WPRO. 329 kata lagi

Loved it! Unique Kimuchi Dish in Japan

I tried this unique dish recently. The chef cooked this just in front of us on the hot plate.  Put three slices of pork and spread the egg on it to make the sheet first. 75 kata lagi