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Steam-Sautéed Veggies

Well Fed Paleo, p. 55


  • Any veggies! (My favorites are onion, bell pepper, cabbage, anything green and leafy, brussels sprouts, carrots, eggplant, broccoli, cauliflower… you get the point)
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A fellow journalist in need / Fallout 4

Everyone needs a place to sleep. A journalist needs several, due to the nomadic nature of the profession. The success of a journalist therefore relies on his/hers ability to find places to sleep, either by exploiting people’s good will or good old “persuasion”. 271 kata lagi

Fallout 4

Kitchen stitchery

A set of fat quarters are going to provide inspiration for a ‘suite’ of kitchen kit. First off this hot pad with insulbright heatproof wadding and an extra layer of batting sandwiched between two contrasting fabrics. 183 kata lagi


Ask Hackaday: How Do You Make A Hotplate?

Greetings fellow nerds. The¬†Internet’s favorite artificial baritone chemist has a problem. His hotplates burn up too fast. He needs your help to fix this problem. 371 kata lagi

Hackaday Columns

Aka Teppan - Markham

I have always wanted to eat here, ever since it got that insta hype. And I’m really beyond disappointed.

Oyster mushroom salad with ponzu wasabi dressing. 231 kata lagi

Aka Teppan

Plate grilled lamb chops

These lamb chops took all of three minutes to marinade and, after sitting for a couple of hours, they went on the hot plate to cook! 122 kata lagi