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Baby killed when hot plate starts fire

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By Kamusa Lynn

An Olympia woman accused of leaving her toddler son alone in a bedroom where a hot plate was being used for heat. 293 more words

Controlling a Hot Plate's Temperature for the Lab

When you need precise heating — like for the acetone polishing shown above — the control hardware is everything. Buying a commercial, programmable, controller unit can cost a pretty penny. 164 more words

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A Little Clarity – Halachic Questions via Text Message

Due to the space limitations of a text message, please note that it is particularly important to read carefully, pay close attention to the context of the question, and use the answers as a springboard for further study. 430 more words

Halachic Issues

Singing Sad Songs about the Death of Hot Plates

My hot plate died recently. Well, I kind of accidentally killed it— the heating burner touched the electrical cord somehow and though I caught it before a fire started the hot plate was ruined. 454 more words


The latest EP from drum and bass powerhouse Enei is light, and full of chilled out summer vibes…hell – who are we kidding. Forget what we just said – this is a dark, heavy release comprised of six incredibly producer bangers to melt your face off. 272 more words