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Sate dan Gule Kambing H. M. HARRIS

Hello Ilers, Jumat ini Mr. Iler mau share tempat makan spesialis kambing. Cuaca di Bandung yang kalau sore jadi dingin banget bikin saya dan tunangan saya berminat untuk sedikit menghangatkan badan dengan makan kambing! 360 kata lagi


Chinese Cuisine That Is Both Good for The Stomach And The Wallet: AOne [Review]

One of my favourite franchise Chinese food restaurant (that isn’t so overpriced like DTF) is AOne.

Yes, it has a very cheesy name, but it does serve up some tasty fare. 463 kata lagi

Live Life Love

Korean Hot Bowl

So I had this Korean hot mess for lunch. I think it is best eaten in the winter.


Hot Plate!

Everyone knows Twinkie should be served body temperature.

Comic Commentary

How to use an Australian hot plate?

Wherever you go to in Australia, you are guaranteed to see a hot plate barbecue. They are in almost every park, playground, campsite or close to rivers and beaches. 338 kata lagi

Daily Life

On finding Korean spicy ramen in Town!

Haloha! It’s a weekend blast!

Today, I am going to make you very jealous and drooling just because of the food that I really want to share with you. 366 kata lagi


Welcome to the Year of Love...

2016 was the year where my artwork laid dormant with minimalĀ art creations completed. During the day on December 31, 2016, I rang in the New Year with a friend as we played with clay. 114 kata lagi