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American hostage mom describes brutal treatment by Taliban captors

(ABC)– The American mom held hostage by the Taliban for five years says she was beaten and raped as she tried to protect her children from their captors. 1.498 kata lagi


Arrow Season 4 Episode 10

Arrow Season 4 Episode 10

Blood Debts

After Felicity get hit 4 months, Barry goes to see Oliver. He tells him that he will goes to kill Darhk. 285 kata lagi



The question is, does sin continue to LIVE in him? This sin had control over him while he was under law, but when (the outcome of) law was, by grace, remitted, forgiven and abolished: When God revealed he was not a God of law but of grace, mercy and forgiveness,  and that Jesus was his forgiveness for you, having taken the lawful requirement of sin upon himself: Then the fact that God himself has paid your “debt” of sin, means that you are free from sin’s demands for a penalty to be extracted from you. 307 kata lagi


US joins calls for PM's return to Lebanon from Saudi Arabia

IRUT (AP) — Lebanese officials insisted Friday on the return home of Prime Minister Saad Hariri from Saudi Arabia, and the leader of the militant group Hezbollah said the Saudis had “declared war” on Lebanon by holding Hariri against his will. 1.136 kata lagi

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British citizen killed while being held hostage in Nigeria

A British citizen who was held hostage in Nigeria has been killed by his adaptors, according to reports. 125 kata lagi


Police body cam captures dramatic standoff as man holds knife to two-year-old’s throat

It’s the sort of terrifying situation police officers are trained to confront but can never truly prepare for: a man holds a knife to a two-year-old’s throat as officers surround him, guns drawn. 483 kata lagi


Held Hostage

I had just left a friend’s house at night and walked across the street before getting an uber.

I was on my phone finding one when I looked up and walking down the street opposite me were all these young school children in uniforms. 126 kata lagi