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Where does Egyptology, and greek Gods come from?

Ppl are starting to go after the same idols they went after in the bible… Yet, this is EXACTLY why God is creating a NEW heaven, and a NEW earth (revelations 21:1): spirits don’t die. 439 kata lagi

Rosy Rhodopis

Happy New Year! It’s January: a time of new beginnings and fresh starts! What about Cinderella? What’s her beginning? I’ve traced Cinderella to her earliest known source – in Egypt! 385 kata lagi


The history of shirk in Egypt

​I went to an exhibition at the British Museum today with my wife. It was on the recent discovery of two lost cities of ancient Egypt that have been submerged under sea for over a thousand years! 236 kata lagi

Ancient Egypt

Guest author: Paul Andruss - MOTHER OF GOD

The final post in the series by author Paul Andruss… for now…

Last year the National Geographic Magazine ran a cover story about ‘The Most Powerful Woman in the World’ 2.517 kata lagi


40k proxies, the wolves

I used these to play space wolves in 40k, this last year when I used them at events.


#SundaySigns – January 1, 2017 – Horus

Horus – Cosmic Gateway from the Keepers of the Light oracle cards by Kyle Gray.

Notable symbols: Horus, the cosmos, eagle, eyes, ancient Egypt, intuition, manifestation. 398 kata lagi