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Yule - Birth of Horus - Our Egyptian Year 2016

I’m busy getting caught up on 2016 so I can work on blogging about Our Norse Year 2017… while planning Our Greek Year 2018.  So let’s look back on Yule of 2016… 1.431 kata lagi

Sixth aquarelle : Isis

Sixth aquarelle : Isis

22 August 2017

Yesterday I had an inclination to paint the Goddess Mother for my sixth aquarelle. Though she is meant to be golden brown, I wanted to use my Naples Yellow that was laying on the palette so changed the tone of her skin. 197 kata lagi

Con un celular en mano...

La pasión es algo que no se pierde cuando realmente amas algo. La cámara no hace al fotógrafo, pero sí que ayuda…igual comparto algunas fotografías que recuperé de mi celular. 12 kata lagi

Evolution of Christianity from Egyptian Mythology

This article is an attempt to piece together data that would show that Christianity evolved from Egyptian mythology.

(1)       Scientifically it is totally unsound i.e. creation was beyond the limits of early man’s imagination and many absurdities were introduced, including creation of the universe and the creation of Man.

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Temple of Kom Ombo in the City of Gold

This is our entry in Dutch goes the Photo!’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Yellow.

The Temple of Kom Ombo is located in Egypt on the Nile River 50 km (about 30 miles) north of Aswan.   72 kata lagi


Hymn to Horus the Younger

To Horus who was born of Isis, I offer my praise.
O son of Osiris, true heir to his throne,
O saviour of your father, contender with your uncle, 115 kata lagi


Hymn to Horus the Elder

To Horus, O mighty Heru-wer, I offer my praise.
Bright son of Geb and shadow-cloaked Nuit, beloved of Hathor,
great lady of gold, O eldest of the falcon-gods, 111 kata lagi