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Moon and cataract

Light night musings…

Horus’s eyes were said to be the sun and moon. 278 kata lagi


Horus hears your words...

According to the Ancient Egyptian horoscope calendar known as the Cairo Calendar*, today is a very favorable day. Horus hears your words in the presence of the gods and goddesses. 175 kata lagi

Quotes From The Ancient Books

Pickaxe For The World

Times without number Horus wanted to pack it all up and leave; to die and leave the world to fend for itself. After all, what gave him the right to think he was meant to save it? 292 kata lagi

Nigerian Gods


Satan had the run of Heaven for a very long time. You can read about it in the Book of Job. He was out of the loop, so to speak, but he heard things. 890 kata lagi

When the unbeliever demands proof!

Unbelievers commonly make assertions on basis of inconsistent and biased ways of learning, understanding and interpreting the world in order refute the truth of Christianity and specifically the bible. 656 kata lagi

Still another pocket goddess: Isis with the Infant Horus

This tiny bronze sculpture (c. 1000 BC) depicts Isis nursing her infant son Horus. An iconic image in ancient Egypt, the pose alone reminded contemporary viewers of the goddess and her many legends, including the maternal devotion she exhibited in raising falcon-headed Horus, god of war. 97 kata lagi


The Council

“I have chosen people that will fight for mine, that will defend our honour, and will join me in the fight against my Uncle, Set.” 465 kata lagi

Nigerian Gods