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Marilyn Manson: Antichrist Superstar (1996)

During the late 1980s, heavy metal was reduced to a shallow and over-commercialized “rock ballad” perversion of itself. “Big hair” bands like Cinderella, L. A. Guns, Poison and Whitesnake drove a stake right through the genre’s black corroded heart. 2.432 kata lagi


31 Days of Devotion, day 17

How does this deity relate to other gods and other pantheons?

Hail, Antinous, God of Peaceful Connections!
In your Boat of Millions of Years you traverse… 94 kata lagi

RA: The Black Hole •Air • Fire • Water

RA….Mercury, VeNUS and UraNUS.  The Po, Black Hole or Wormhole cometh in clouds of violent winds and lighting.



El renacer de Eli


Desde el primer instante que abrió sus ojos sintió como cada fibra de su cuerpo le dolía y cada músculo protestaba sus intentos por moverse e incluso una leve línea de sudor comenzaba a formarse sobre su frente tras minutos de arduos esfuerzos para levantarse. 1.045 kata lagi


Our Birthright...

To deprive humans and animals from their birthright is corruption.  Being forced to pay for your birthright is corruption.