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Gods of Egypt Betrayed

Here we go again.  As usual, Hollywood thinks that actual mythology — despite the fact that it’s thousands of years old and still influencing culture the world over — isn’t good enough.   243 kata lagi


Space Marines and market signals

Games Workshop has had an interesting year.

In the first half of the year they finally wound up their ailing Warhammer Fantasy game, replacing it with a product named Age of Sigmar, set in the game’s future. 308 kata lagi


The Legacy of Isis, Metzrayim

Before Egypt was known by the Greek name Egypt, Aigu-ptis1 which is derived from aigialos2 a sea (as in Aegean), and ptoeo3… 749 kata lagi


Deity’s Many Names - Respect others unique relationships with their deity’s

If you feel comfortable calling a deity by a certain name, don’t let other pagans pressure you into calling the deity by another name simply because they believe it’s more “correct”. 292 kata lagi


Holy Horus

Ruler of the skies
right eye which is sun
thunder shows your might
rain shows your sadness
and a clear day shows your peacefulness
you rest while Nephthys rules the night… 6 kata lagi



A falcon, or possibly a depiction of Horus, graces the cover of a souvenir booklet from the 1933 World’s Fair.