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Really Recommended Posts 5/27/16- Jesus and Horus, to faith and back, and more!

Hello all! Thanks for waiting it out as I skipped last week because I was on vacation in Kansas. This week I provide you with some very deep reading in three lengthy posts that are each well-worth your time. 124 kata lagi


Through the Falcon's Eyes

(Copyright © Jack Cain 2016, text and images)

 Jack: Mary finds these chairs very comfortable but I’m not sure – what do you think? 3.146 kata lagi


The eye of horus

The imagination, third eye, 4 dimension, spiritual being, inner man, All seeing eye in your forhead or insight and second perception.


5x4 Izanami

Well, it turns out I needed another Yomi Mistress Izanami for evolution material: for Awoken Kagutsuchi which I’ll someday want as skill inheritance graft.

Current event is showing a 5×4 Izanami Descended which I haven’t yet cleared, so I rolled out my newly max-skilled and max-levelled Antares. 81 kata lagi

Puzzle & Dragons


Revelation 17:11 “the beast that was and is not, is himself an eighth king…

I have had people stand up and scream when I suggest that the Beast of Revelation 17 is, in fact, Nimrod. 974 kata lagi