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Pharaoh /ˈfɛːrəʊ/ is an Egyptian term that means “Great House”. Hence the term originally referred to the king’s palace but the meaning loosened over the course of Egyptian history until it became interchangeable with the Egyptian office of kingship in New Kingdom. 46 kata lagi

Egyptian Gods

Guest Video: Jordan Peterson Recounts a Story about Egyptian Gods

This week’s Guest Video is presented by Dr. Jordan Peterson, who here recalls an ancient Egyptian myth as an allegory for the cycle of life and death and the battle between good and evil. 165 kata lagi

Natural Hierarchy

Sons of Horus Reaver Chieftain

Hi all! Back to the reavers, today I bring for you the reaver chieftain, I wanted to give him the feeling like he is running to the enemy while he burns all the foes along the way with the flamer pistol. 32 kata lagi


The Book of Coming Forth by Day

The Book of the Dead is an Egyptian funerary text, consisting in a numerous series of chapters intended to reveal the initatory process through which a deceased person could come back to life. 727 kata lagi

European Traditionalism

Virgin Birth (Symbolism, Mythology, and Mystery)

By Joseph Panek | A Seeker’s Thoughts

The doctrine of Virgin Birth is an extremely ancient and common motif (theme) found in the numerous mythologies, legends, and religions throughout our planet. 668 kata lagi


Less Effect to Bring Addison Groove to Liverpool

Bass fanatics, Less Effect, are set to deliver some quality brown sound as Addison Groove heads to Liverpool. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight has the details. 176 kata lagi

Live Transmission

Bulletin - 30k Space Wolves Tactics

What started as almost a passion project for staff at Games Workshop and their partners at Forge World has really exploded into one of their most popular games. 213 kata lagi