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Farming Friday Mythical for Dub-mythlits

In the past, I had been farming Sky Prison with Verdandi for no good reason; I mean, that takes thinking. Luckily Goemon and a few ROdins are the solution to most thinking in this game. 16 kata lagi

Puzzle & Dragons

The All Seeing Eye: A quick peek at it's journey

The ‘Eye of the Horus’ or ‘the all seeing eye’ is an ancient Egyptian symbol of power and protection. Also called the Eye of Ra, the symbol is believed to be the eye of the Egyptian falcon-headed god Horus, son of Isis and Osiris. 310 kata lagi


The Orion Nebula Trapezium

I can only say that concerning the Osiris Arising Project and well, much of my now nearly 50 years (starting at age 17) of work that feeds into the OAP….I have hit paydirt in discovering (might I say being led to) Danny Wilten’s videos on You Tube! 958 kata lagi

Crystal Skulls

The Sphinx and the King

The key node for the Osiris Fire Star Kachina Dance is the Osirian Vault beneath the Temple of the Risen One (actually an extension of the temple underground), which is the Great Pyramid of Giza.  2.222 kata lagi

Crystal Skulls

Nails • Of the Week • 

” See No Evil ”

Love the color . I’m not so sure how I feel about the execution of this design… but it’s growing on me. 16 kata lagi

KC Put Me On

Three Kinds of Skeptics

Ever since the beginning, Christianity has been a religion of the supernatural.

Christianity started with some rather amazing claims regarding healings and resurrections, and those claims continued throughout the New Testament era (and writings).  670 kata lagi