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The Spirit of Music

I’m at home. A huge house. Only my father and brother are living there with me. I use my mothers old bedroom as a studio. In the room, are the remains of a haunted piano, that a ghost used to play. 337 kata lagi


Alberta Atheism Theism Deity Myths Part One

Much has been written to prove that Jesus never existed, that he was nothing more than a “myth” from the past. Furthermore, many argue that he was just a “copy cat” version of other gods and any facts about him can be found in other ancient and present day religions. 617 kata lagi

To Know Thyself Is The Prize

Know Thyself-

The effort of the esoteric student is not so much to know as to become, and herein lies the tremendous import of the Delphic inscription, “Know Thyself”, which is the keynote of esoterism. 318 kata lagi


Isis & the Kore Kosmou, Part 3

We ended last time wondering whether Horus, the son and student of Isis, might be the “Pupil of the Eye of the World” rather than Isis. 1.162 kata lagi

Goddess Isis

Hello world!

Hello and welcome to our blog!

We have decide to start a blog to document our hobby escapades, particularly to share our painting projects.

The epiphany to start this blog came about after our weekend long painting masterclass with Meg from Arcane Paintworks.  182 kata lagi


The Paphos amulet: a reinterpretation

Have you all seen this amulet that made the news around the beginning of this year? There are many such “magical gems” from Greek Egypt, but this one is interesting because it was discovered at the site of the ancient agora in Paphos, Cyprus. 3.424 kata lagi