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Soul Sun-g

Betty Wright – Tonight is the Night.  (Sexual)



The Black Pyramid


Recently the Black Pyramid was brought to my attention. Here is a portion of what I was able to find out about it on the web… 973 kata lagi

Quantum Sciences


Happy Shabbat

1 + 999= 1000   1+3 (13)

Venus Mercury and Mars symbols…..

O’Heru 13 kata lagi


Aliens: Fairy-tail Story...

 Landed in Kemet


Red Sun, RA light burned out….


How did they get on Earth……until RA returned, AK decided to colonize Earth which was teaming with life. 115 kata lagi


Spirit of Paranoia: A Critical Analysis of “Zeitgeist” (Part I)

The discussions on the origins of Christianity in Zeitgeist may sound very compelling to those “village atheists” who make a hobby of searching for that elusive single argument that destroys Christianity as a credible belief system in one fell swoop. 8.246 kata lagi


The Eye of Horus

from my archives . . .

Thoth uses the EYE as a point of merkabah (vehicle) transport into or between energy / cosmic systems. We have the Isis / Aeriopax Eye: the main geometric for Earth Ascension; the Iris Eye: New Earth Star FLASH point of integration of Old and New Earth; the Eye of Metatron: same as the Iris Eye, except the “Iris” is the FLASH point and the Metatron is the point of movement from Oritron (half-light) to Metatron (full-light). 334 kata lagi


Review of "Gods of Egypt"

* * C

I went into Gods of Egypt with low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised. While certainly not a great film, it was watchable, and in places, quite good. 244 kata lagi