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Flashback Friday: A night at the Temple of Edfu, Egypt

Flashback Friday!! Hooray! It’s that time when you’re counting down the minutes to the end of the work week, and letting your mind wander a little more than usual. 273 more words


Busting out of the Black Country: God Damn discuss their debut album ‘Vultures’

If you are up your own arse and you fart, you’re gonna get shit on your hands

It’s a Wednesday night in rainy Manchester and I’m upstairs at…

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Birthday Cake For Breakfast

My Response to Mzbel on “Jesus was Made Up” and the Myth of Horus

Last week’s social media was buzzed with discussions about Mzbel and her conclusion that Jesus was a made up story brought into our times. She dismissed the Gospel accounts of Jesus claiming it was a bogus-copied story of one of the Egyptian gods namely, Horus. 1.210 more words


Horus borus

The Christian who wishes as part of their loving duty to point fellow sinners to eternal happiness by seeking to correct and refute various on line untruths, distractions and stink bombs designed and deployed to oppose the Christian message must budget his or her time carefully, or else they could spend 16 hours a day at it. 2.457 more words