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The Will of a God

Prompt Day # 90: Satirize a legal document: create the Last Will and Testament of a vampire, or other undead being of your choice.

Frankly, I’m sick of vampires and if I have to read or write another zombie story I may eat my own brain. 733 kata lagi

Writing Challenge

My New Tattoo Is My First Tattoo

It’s time to take a break from my usual ramblings and rants against Jews and the race mixing filths to talk a little bit about my personal life.   367 kata lagi

Personal Narrative

Between President and Pope, A Shared Connection To Ancient Egypt and Its Mythology

Of the many moments captured during Pope Francis’ visit to Washington, DC, none is more enduring and emblematic than the President and Pope standing shoulder to shoulder before the Washington Monument.

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American Politics

Yushuda - Krystos Whirlwind of the Solar Mysteries

This article was written by me several years ago and can be found on Spirit Mythos. Current, additional commentary follows it.


Function: the movement of emptying and filling the cup or containment field, that is “whirling” or spinning light codes, creating CRPs (critical rotational positions) in the axis of the crystalline particles of the planet. 1.428 kata lagi

Crystal Skulls


Lynn-Celest’Ra was visiting me the other day, and she pulled out her Keys of Enoch book (which she carries in her backpack all the time).  She opened to to show me the picture above. 541 kata lagi


Isis suckling the infant Horus Greeting Card

The Eye of horus Inspires Ka Gold Jewelry Creations

Today, the Eye of horus can still be seen engraved on rings and bracelets, made as Eye of… 299 kata lagi