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My Judgement on Hellraiser: Judgement (2018)

Not very often we review a horror movie that’s been out less than a decade. And for good reason perhaps. Not to say that there are no good modern horror movies. 1.045 kata lagi


Horror Movie News: Fangoria Magazine is Back From the Dead!

The old warhorse horror fanzine, which disappeared from magazine racks in 2017 will return in both print and digital form.

As a kid, when my mom would take me to the grocery store, I would wander off to the magazine rack and would grab a Fangoria or a Starlog or a Cinefantastique magazine to revel in what new genre movies were coming down the pipe.  444 kata lagi


Review: Evil Dead Revision

Ash Vs. Evil Dead comes back for its third season on Sunday, February 25 and I couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming installment. When I was 8 years-old, my mom and grandma took me to see… 414 kata lagi


Insert Title Here

Recorded February 15, 2018

Featuring: Matt, Art, Brian, and James Classic

Art posits that the announcer of an ice skating competition is secretly a serial killer, we discuss the best way to keep a corpse warm and supple, and Brian complains about Star Trek: Discovery and the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Tale movie, among other things…



First Issue of "Millhaven Tales" is available for Pre-Order

The very first issue of “Millhaven Tales”!!!
“Millhaven’s Tales of Wonder” is the first of a quarterly anthology magazine focusing on different genres as the seasons change. 198 kata lagi

So GOOD, it’s BAD

My wife and I recently watched Hellraiser: Inferno and despite a vastly reduced budget from the original trilogy, cheesy acting trying to come across as dark noire, and plenty else wrong with it, we enjoyed it. 501 kata lagi


#FridayNightFright: the second

As noted previously, The Child and I were having our very own horror movie evening every week. And it had to have a hashtag or else it didn’t really exist. 373 kata lagi

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