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Chilling Haunts, Exhibits and Attractions Promise to Thrill Fans at ScareLA 2017!

Delivering on its commitment to offer bigger and better scares, ScareLA, the first Halloween convention of its kind will count with a substantial array of curated and unique exhibits showcasing scary goods and services at the Los Angeles Convention Center on August 5-6. 363 kata lagi


Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

Most of the time when you pick up a game you have a pretty good feeling what to expect. Part of that is of course the predisposition to insulate ourselves with the familiar, a human trait that has led to a proliferation of releases that feed our hunger for games that are the exact same just a twitch different. 1.084 kata lagi



Greetings from the Ether,

This is the first chapter in our Author Spotlight series, featuring G.A. Miller, author of “Earwax,” and “Bequeathed.”

Miller’s work “Bequeathed” is featured in  1.166 kata lagi


When Will It Happen?

 When will it happen?

When should I expect it to happen?

When am I going to hear back from you, doctor?

When will I be free from this room? 125 kata lagi


not a phan

// maybe you had to be there in 1979 for this one to stick

Hiding From Yourself 

She hollows the soil of her secluded island, dredging

Her own quarantine, for this is not paradise,

Staring at an unfriendly pale light, that hawks… 158 kata lagi


Continuum: SFFH with Asian characteristics

This is not a panel write up; it’s more of a rambling meander of panels I was on and panels I witnessed and thoughts I had along the way. 2.115 kata lagi