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Stone Ghosts

Today, I’m turning this space over to my pal, William Meikle, so he can talk a bit about ghost stories, Nigel Kneale, and his newest collection,¬† 1.656 kata lagi


I Thought We Were Hunting Elk by Brian Jerrold Koester

Eric taught me on the spot
to wear brush, but not too much,
to wear greasepaint even on my hands. 238 kata lagi


Short Fiction Advent Calendar | Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons of Blue

Behind door eleven we find Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons of Blue by Philip W. Kleaver.

This story is another twitter find. I was searching for Christmas flash fiction and this showed up. 98 kata lagi


Sint (2010)

Dick Maas made a minor splash in the 1980s with a brace of impressive horrors, De Lift (1983) and Amsterdamned (1988) though the 90s were less fruitful with a string of comedies ( 742 kata lagi


The Walking Dead Season 7, American tv series (2016/2017)

I recently read that one of the executive producers for The Walking Dead can see the show running for about 25-30 more years. Let’s let that sink in for a minute. 1.189 kata lagi


13 Days of Christmas- Good Tidings (2016)

Directed by Stuart W. Bedford

Starring Emma Hind

Synopsis: Three crazy psychos dressed up as Santa Claus terrorize and murder folks.

Review: Very mean spirited and cruel. 43 kata lagi


Poem: Ghost Ship

Beneath the stormy waves the ghost ship plunged.
It out of sight, we hoped she was now done,
and quick was our attention wrest that night… 657 kata lagi

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