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A Pale Shadow of A POLTERGEIST

The original POLTERGEIST was said to have a curse attached to it.  Perhaps because the producers opted to use real skeletons rather than models because they were cheaper. 530 more words


[Bea's Ranting Reviews] The Exorcist [1973]

Correction: LEE. J. Cobb (Lt. William Kinderman) I got my initials screwed around. XD

What else more needs to be said? The Exorcist deserves the reputation it has earned over time and every admiration it has garnered has been justified. 47 more words

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A Personal Ramble - [Exploring Genres]

In general, my humble opinion is that space operas are the source of bloody-tears boredom…and dread. I don’t like the idea of a future where I’m in a sterile metal box, floating in space, wondering whether I’ll ever see a sky, ocean or forest again. 357 more words


The Food Court

By the time he’d seen them, he knew what their immediate future held. He hated them without even knowing them. They were a family, that was bad enough, but this particular family just happened to be less visually appealing than most. 783 more words


“Abandon all hope, yee who enter here”

George quotes a line written on the wall in As Above, So Below.


It's Heeeeere! Creepy Clowns With The Original Plot

It’s Memorial Day weekend gang and you know what that means. Right, a horror movie…or maybe you weren’t thinking that at all. Well while most of the public is out celebrating by grilling and toasting those they remember, this reviewer is hitting the theater for more reviews. 743 more words


Movie Review: The Human Centipede III: Final Sequence

The final installment of Tom Six’s infamous ass-to-mouth franchise was met with critical scorn as soon as it entered pre-production: In all of my years as a horror fan who spends a lot of time on the internet watching movie geeks get their panties in a twist over everything, never have I seen a series receive as much scathing hatred as… 723 more words

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