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She stared, knife in hand, trembling. One had almost killed her cousin when she was little. She summoned all the bravery she could manage, walked up, hefted the curved blade, readied to swing. 18 kata lagi


Entry 90: Nova Daniels #3: Silent Suffering


Do you hear us talking to you in the night?

You don’t respond pretending we aren’t there

We know you hear us

We speak to you of dark things… 264 kata lagi


Favoring tension over jump scares, 'Don't Breathe' joins the growing pantheon of new horror classics

I love talking about what makes a good horror movie. Maybe more than any other genre (possibly tied with comedy), horror divides people in so many ways that thesis after thesis could be written on what one person finds scary, why, why not and so on and so forth. 2.564 kata lagi


Review - Don't Breathe

Alright, here we go! My first movie review post.

Today, we’ll be looking at Don’t Breathe, the latest from director Fede Alvarez.

Image: Sony Pictures… 969 kata lagi


Scream Queens

Én szerettem a Scream Queens első évadát, ráadásul minden irónia nélkül. Igen, nyilván nincsenek elvárásaim meg nulla az ízlésem, de ezzel még megbirkózom. (Hé, látjátok, hogy Taylor Lautner szerepel az évadban?:Dd (oké,hát a Twilightot is szerettem, lebuktam, a Gonosszal cimborálok, deal with it.)) 134 kata lagi


To Die in Satin...

This is a Wordle for Special Edition “Touch” MindLoveMisery’sMenagerie, August 29, 2016 Challenge.   https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/08/29/wordle-special-addition-touch-august-29th-2016/#respond

This is not my usual fare, but here is the short vignette that I wrote using many, if not all, of the Wordle words given for the challenge. 77 kata lagi

This And That

Review: Antibirth, terror in the womb

Pregnancy in horror dates way back, it’s a trope that exploits a very real fear in people—it’s also a go to for the genre when it’s looking for an excuse to turn a few stomachs. 419 kata lagi