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Honda CB 125 Original: for sale

i just wanna sale one of the original motorcycle collection’s: Honda CB 125. it has made on 1974 with the original of machine and frame, also stoplamp… 98 more words


Close Enough: 1978 CB750F Supersport

Here’s the CB750 from a previous post after a lot of work and swearing.  All new (just about) everything.

– I had to source and rebuild all the brakes, including calipers, pistons and hoses. 119 more words


I Hardly Knew Ye: 1971 CB350

I needed to unload some projects recently and decided to get rid of one of the longer, nagging ones first.  My little CB350 twin from the hills, has been a PITA for more than a year.   211 more words


Honda CB Palsu (lagi)

Saking kesengsemnya sama desain klasik honda CB, banyak orang menyulap berbagai motor menjadi CB Wannabe. Bahkan kadang berbasis motor yang lebih bertenaga. Jadi tampangnya klasik, tenaga menggila. 135 more words


Newest Garage In Town, Warung DOHC Garage

On motorcycle world, dreams are one of the most powerful impetus for diverse desire. Dreams to own & ride this and that bike, riding on exotic places, or ride together with special one…Ah, imagine how happy we are if we make it into reality… 859 more words


Piston dapat ditukar menggunakan CB125/GL125 serta untuk CB100 maksimum tambah baik mempunyai GL Pro, itu saja telah sangat benar- benar tidak tebal. Yang pasti liner/boringnya juga ditukar menggunakan yang lebih gede, itu bila ingin aman. 60 more words

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