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The Time I Tried To Rid Myself of Trevor, Part II

We kissed feverishly as I shrugged my jacket to the ground and Trevor ground his pelvis against mine.   212 more words

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The Time I Told Kyle About Derrick And Me, 3:00 p.m.

“Derrick pushed me against the door of his bedroom room and held me there by the neck with his left hand. 927 more words

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A New Beginning, 7:00 p.m.

It had been two days since Derrick had called to ask me to have dinner with him at his apartment.  I’d hesitated briefly when I thought of how soundly he’d rejected me two days before, but just a a few thoughts of his broad chest and beautiful eyes were enough to make me reconsider. 326 more words

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That Time I Did It Again, Part II

I took the entirety of him into mouth and until I could hardly breathe.  I sucked gently and he moaned softly as he gently stroked the back of my head with his left hand.   162 more words

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That Time I Did It Again

Trevor followed me inside and stood near the entrance with his leather coat draped over his left arm.

“Do you want anything? 753 more words

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The Times I Started To Really Have Feelings For Trevor

His tongue trailed down the nape of my neck and I shivered as Trevor held me tightly against his body.   579 more words

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The Second Time Around: Part II

My tongue trailed down the sculpted marble that was his stomach.  He gently touched the back of my head and I felt myself shiver.   744 more words

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