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Angel in disguise.

Hands joined welcomed me,

Poker face of expectancy,

Hair combed decently,

Eyes spied silently.

The disguised being formalised,

This staged act was very wise,

Sat besides and then he stared, 183 kata lagi


Kampus Katolik siap memecat profesor yang membela pernikahan natural

Tuntutan Universitas Marquette ‘mengingatkan Inkuisisi’

”Universitas Marquette, yang secara resmi adalah istitusi Katolik, bergerang untuk memecat seorang profesor yang membela hak murid untuk menolak pernikahan sesama-jenis kelamin,” WND.com melaporkan… 320 kata lagi

Akhir Jaman

At the corner of the eye.

Where lies all those laughs we had?

The good times we shared?

Now all the remains is a storm, so sad!

And at the thought of me one sees a fag. 66 kata lagi



The Reckoning, Part II

It was an entire hour and a half later before the party was fully under way and my living room was full of grown folks drinking brown liquor, gossiping, and dancing in corners. 310 kata lagi

Black Men

Me and My Ball are Going Home


A Happy Vicar I Might Have Been

A happy vicar I might have been
Two hundred years ago
To preach upon eternal doom
And watch my walnuts grow; 1.421 kata lagi



The Reckoning, Part I

I nervously looked around my living room and fluffed the pillows on my couch as I ran through a checklist in my head.   327 kata lagi

Black Men


Nicky and Tonya

“You really went to Atlanta and had sex with Trevor?”  Tonya asked incredulously as she poured us both glasses of Pinot Grigio. 347 kata lagi

Black Men