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How Much Should Your Reader Trust You?

Trust is an essential human ability in our world.

Is our trust earned? Perhaps. But I wager that our trust is more implicit than not. 634 kata lagi


Be whole, human

I am.

I soar in light, pure, transcendent, divine.

I ground in elements forming, decaying, reforming.

I earth.

On earth, atoms can exist as air, water, mud, or other elements; stone, crystal or other mineral forms; plants, grass, trees or other plant forms;  a myriad of animal forms; or as human beings, evolving from homo sapiens to homo luminous. 201 kata lagi


Homo Naledi: A New Human Species?

Homo Naledi: A new Human Species?

from an article written by Charles Q. Choi, Live Science | September 10, 2015

A newly discovered extinct human species may be the most primitive unearthed yet, with a brain about the size of an orange. 689 kata lagi

The Real Election Issue

Groundhog news has discovered that Canadians, the political parties and the media are working very hard to avoid seeing what the real election issue is. 365 kata lagi

"May I have this dance?"

It’s been a week already?
With a wedding, the birth of twins into my family, and a cousin’s birthday dinner I have definitely caught a little bit of the love bug. 679 kata lagi


We are explorers

People have been on the move, migrating, for time out of mind.  Whether one thinks in terms of the colonization of islands in the Pacific Ocean (the crew had to bring their own water and food with them, you can’t drink salt water) or of the Bering Strait, or of any other exploration you care to mention, humans have been at it for a long time.  764 kata lagi


The 'Christian' response to our new family members?

Imagine a child growing up in a home thinking for years that she was an only-child. Her parents never spoke of there having been any other children in her family, and there was no evidence anywhere to indicate the possibility. 1.208 kata lagi