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maturity is nothing but a procedure. a soft vacancy in which the horrified voids are filled, the unattended questions are answered.homo sapiens sapiens has three forms: the apparent (or visible), the invisible and the invincible. 52 kata lagi

The oldest known anatomically modern humans in Europe

A couple of days ago, on December 1st, was the National Day of Romania, a small country in the South-East of Europe. In its honor, I dug out a paper that shows that some of the earliest known modern humans in Europe were also… dug out there. 995 kata lagi


On Altruism and Love

18 years and I feel unchanged.

I am still a science nerd, someone with eyes glued to the screen more than 10 hours a day, an over-achiever at school, a true lover of robots, and an altruistic person. 1.754 kata lagi


Who Were Homo Sapiens’ Parents?

Let’s imagine for a moment that you don’t know who your parents were. No records of them have been found yet. And because you don’t know your parents, you also don’t know for sure who your grandparents, great-grandparents or other direct ancestors were. 517 kata lagi

Surviving And Thriving

The Origin of Our Species by Chris Stringer (2011)

This is a very demanding and scholarly book. In the last thirty years major leaps forward in DNA science, the technology of dating fossils, our ability to CT scan and analyse old bones and skulls right down to atomic level and other impressive techniques, as well as a steady stream of new finds of the remains of our prehistoric ancestors, have hugely deepened and complicated our knowledge of human ancestry, of the lineage which stretches back 6 million years to when our ancestors split from the ancestors of modern apes. 2.810 kata lagi


Let Us Enjoy Our Similarities And Respect our Differences 

Hello readers, friends and family 🌹

When we REALLY understand where we come from and who we are, we realise that we have as much differences as we have similarities on this planet. 314 kata lagi

Thoughts, Poems & Stories

Homo Sapiens: "A meticulous, meditated film"

By Sequoia Sinclair | Staff Writer

“Homo Sapiens” is a very meticulous, meditated film composed by director Nikolaus Geyrhalter. This non-conventional piece of work exposes its viewers through a series of desolate human-made structure where nature occupies its vacancy. 245 kata lagi