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What's the plan, humans?

Over hundreds of thousand of years, humans have separated themselves from the rest of the animal kingdom. We created complex languages, we collectively learn, we write and draw, we manipulate land and animals, we invent tools to improve yields and shelter, we invent machines to travel and technology to communicate with the world and beyond. 574 kata lagi

When Life Gets Awkward!

From getting cinnamon in your Biryani to forgetting a person’s name while talking to them to tripping and farting in public places, all of us have faced several awkward situations. 665 kata lagi

Blink Eccentric

Cuatro patas

PH Cheryl

Gatear es de gato,

también de bebé,

empezamos en cuatro,

a ponernos de pie.

Se levantan las manos ,

se plantan las suelas . 25 kata lagi


I have seen the future…

Lincoln Steffens is hardly a household name these days, though perhaps he should be. Born in 1866, which makes him a near-contemporary of Rudolf Steiner, he was a highly influential American journalist during the early years of the 20th century. 1.766 kata lagi


The Oldest Homo Sapiens Fossils

Here’s a post from The Scientist documenting an important scientific find. In Morocco, archeologists discovered what is considered to be the oldest Homo sapiens fossil, estimated around 300,000 years old. 972 kata lagi


POI: Defining Our Fate

We are what we surround ourselves with, more than just the company we keep, it’s what we read, what we see, what we choose to eat; we are our animalistic tendencies, even if we wrap them in a papal cloth, we are the ideals which we choose to fight for at any cost. 65 kata lagi


Tuesday Briefing

Separate and unequal: A recent report from the CDC highlights the continued gap in healthcare between rural and urban communities in America. Incidences of cancer outside big cities are increasing each year. 147 kata lagi

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