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The Coming of Cthulhu

Two hundred thousand years ago, when the Great Old Ones came down to Earth and tried to subjugate the ascending species of Homo sapiens, they may not have necessarily been greeted with open arms. 64 kata lagi


Bathing in the Stone Age

200,000 years before the invention of modern bathtubs, this female Homo sapiens idaltu is making do with a savanna waterhole for her hygiene needs. Thankfully for us, this one is a young and healthy specimen. 26 kata lagi


Paying a Heavy Price for Loving the Neanderthals

One of the biggest surprises about our evolution revealed over just the last decade is the extent to which our ancestors engaged in amorous congress with the evolutionary cousins. 862 kata lagi

Incredible Human Journey

Leaping genes: "beam me up, Scottie."

Two years ago, I bought a compound bow at a garage sale and took up archery.  One of the most exhilarating things about this sport is watching the arrow fly to its target.  1.941 kata lagi


Discovering Europe

40,000 years ago, this Homo sapiens couple is exploring the European subcontinent after emigrating out of Africa. Of course they represent new arrivals to Europe, as you can tell from their African-like physical appearance which has yet to adapt to the colder, high-latitude European environment. 16 kata lagi


The Human Clitoris is An Object of Beauty, Pleasure and Intrigue

It seems remarkable to me that well into the twenty-first century we still have so much to learn about many parts of the human body. 919 kata lagi

Human Evolution