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Quirks of fate

It seems that 70,000 years ago the global population of homo sapiens was reduced to less than 26,000. Apparently they teased out that bit of info through some genetic analysis. 330 kata lagi


What to do about brilliant art from monstrous people?

Art is meant to challenge morality and society, or so argue the IAI’speakers in

Dancing with the Devil: Can and should art be moral?

– but right now, society is challenging artists. 308 kata lagi


Sexiest Homo Came Earlier than Expected

Homo sapiens are just about ready to do it anywhere, anytime. And when I say “do it” I mean to say talk.

There’s just so many things that… 1.047 kata lagi


What is the number that most predicts how effective you are in life?

Theory induced blindness

I like to call the phenomenon of not being able to see what doesn’t agree with your theory of life: theory induced blindness. 71 kata lagi

Our propensity for violence has deep roots in the children we once were

Two psychologists have spent decades researching 1000 people in Dunedin, NZ, with 95% retention rate.

Recently the two psychologists, Avshalom Caspi and Terrie Moffitt, took a broad look at how their study members, then 45, were faring.  590 kata lagi


Perspektifini Değiştir Sapien!

Bir kitap okudum, perspektifim değişti. Yuval Noah Harari’nin insanlık tarihi üzerine yazdığı kitabı, Homo Saipens’i geçen temmuz sıcaklarında ve nihayet bitirmiştim. Ben böyle her okuduğum bölümün üstüne uzun uzun düşünürken, araya başka kitapları sokuşturup üzerine bir de tembellik ederken, Harari geleceğin tarihini de yazmış ve ‘okunacaklar’ listeme Homo Deus’u çoktan bırakmıştı. 931 kata lagi


Very Old Tools Found In India: Question Is, Who Made Them


Very old, very sophisticated tools found in India. The question is: Who made them?

By Sarah Kaplan… 818 kata lagi