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We are not homo sapiens, we are the homo fabulators...

Ever since human mind has learned to ask questions it has grappled with the most fundamental question of what is this world ? what is nature of this world ? 982 kata lagi

The Script Grandeur

We Have Great Gadgets ... But How Sapient Are Humans, Really?

It’s noticeable that large scale social changes often include a lot of social dislocation. In America, the Industrial Revolution drew many from the land into the cities, stranding them there when financial systems broke down. 533 kata lagi


Anthropologist Discovers Creationists Living Next To Homo Sapiens

Cave City, Kentucky.   Interesting news today comes to us from Anthropology Professor, Buddy Uptome of the University of Chicago.  “I was walking in a wooded area of Kentucky, not far from a town filled with your average Homo Sapiens, when I came across a building called, … 225 kata lagi

Religious And Political Satire, And Other Irreverent Humor

Difficult People

If he forgave us our faults, could we forgive him for seeing them?

She remembered her father as a great man, and perhaps he was. Her life would have been easier with a different memory. 338 kata lagi

The Real World

The Inheritors

40 kya. Neanderthal 1, the first Neanderthal fossil recognized as probably belonging to another species, was discovered in the Neander Thal (=Neander Valley) in 1856. He is close in time to the last Neanderthals: the most recent review of the evidence finds that Neanderthals disappear as a distinct group around 40 thousand years ago. 220 kata lagi


We have been treating Neanderthals here as a species, Homo neanderthalensis, distinct from our own species, Homo sapiens. Some researchers elect to call Neanderthals a subspecies, … 474 kata lagi

Australian Megafauna and the Sixth Great Extinction

The Earth has been through a number of mass extinctions. On Logarithmic History, we covered the five greatest mass extinctions during the month of March, and into early April. 340 kata lagi