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Hello, Homo Denisova!

Keith Hudson

In today’s Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson — frequently talked about as the next Prime Minister of England when David Cameron decides to retire sometime in the next five years, as he’s already promised — although my money is on Sajid Javit . 699 more words

Homo sapiens Neanderthal hybridization and the Neolithic era.

Animal Husbandry

There is a momentum to evolution.  When the length of the giraffe’s neck became a selective advantage, it got longer.  The evolutionary momentum of the giraffe’s neck was towards longer.  473 more words

Homo Sapiens


From the arrival of the first Euro boat people to the present day an effort has been made to pigeon hole the nations into a convenient… 680 more words

On the Most Beautiful Species

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Sunrise, sunsets, rock formations, the star-filled sky, a brilliant moon, a blooming meadow is a valley surrounded by mountains, and much more … Natural beauty is all around us. 864 more words


família tradicional brasileira

Hoje cedo, ao iniciar minha rotina, peguei o celular para checar as mensagens recebidas durante a madrugada. Me surpreendi com uma mensagem recebida num grupo do WhatsApp. 506 more words


The two new breeds of modern man

Keith Hudson

Is reading going out of fashion?  Or writing for that matter?  It’s beginning to look like it.  There are all sorts of symptoms, such as the fact that newspaper circulations have been shrinking in the advanced countries for many years and continues to do so,  And so on.  1.053 more words