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While all Humans share same African origin, that alone doesn’t explain the full story of Homo Sapiens. Nothing is as simple as it seems in first sight. 491 kata lagi


Science and the Way The World Began: You're Doing Everything Wrong

Another first!

Every week, I write a book summary and review for an online company. I read a nonfiction book and write down my thoughts on it. 3.130 kata lagi

Book Review

The Story 

Year after year I find myself complaining about the everlasting climate conditions I survived in for about two decades now. All of these hazards slowly become routine safety procedures as the human endurance builds to regain physical and mental strength through these difficult seasonal times. 925 kata lagi

Bliss Fuze

World is what you make it!

Hate when psychologist have theory and stuffs to explain what’s going on. However, its always fun to have a good crack on hows and whys of our actions. 691 kata lagi


Human Destiny – do we care?

To what extent can human beings concern ourselves with the abstract question of human destiny? – assuming firstly that the beings we are concerned with know, or think they know, what human destiny is. 622 kata lagi


Homo informaticus

Calculatorul te atrage ca o mlaștină.
Acțiunea sa vrăjitoare este asemenea privirii hipnotice a șarpelui asupra iupurelui.
Dacă un utilizator înpătimit al calculatorului este îndepărtat de la ocupația iubită, acesta va fi ca un dependent de droguri în timpul sevrajului semănînd în multe privințe, precum neliniștea, sentimentul de deșărtăciune, neatenție, iritabilitate, ș.a. 23 kata lagi