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75 kya, The whole period between the time Homo sapiens first leaves Africa, 120 thousand years ago, and the time when H. sapiens spreads far and wide through Eurasia, replacing Neanderthals and others, 45 thousand years ago, sees episodes of increasing cultural complexity in Africa. 129 kata lagi

Go Tell It to the Mathematicians

A friend of mine on Facebook posted this comment on her Facebook page,

Although Algebra teaches you logical reasoning and problem solving skills I may only use Algebra when I am figuring out time and distance when preparing for road trips.

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In General

(Poem) Homo Sapiens by Janine Canan

Whatever I said that was bitter and burning

was not bitter or burning enough to describe

what we have been put through—

Earth, our Mother, and her children. 172 kata lagi


The Menace of Humanity

The human species is the most intelligent animal on Earth, but isn’t it sad that it uses its intelligence mainly for perverse and malevolent purposes?  We are overly and inexplicably arrogant about our ‘rights’, but have little or no regard to our responsibilities as custodians of the well-being of the planet for future generations, and indeed the ultimate survival of our species. 765 kata lagi


In Memoriam – Cecil the Lion

I imagine if you were to lay Homo sapiens out upon the anthropological slab and dissect him as a species you would come up with a number of anomalies. 651 kata lagi

The Arousal Gap

At some point in human evolution, it became advantageous for men to climax more quickly than women. It was also common for multiple males to mate with the same female within a 24 hour period of time, and have their sperm engage in a battle royale to the uterine finish line. 937 kata lagi


African Exodus

Our genus, Homo, left Africa by 1.8 million years ago. But our species, Homo sapiens, left Africa much later, around today’s date, about 120,000 years ago. 249 kata lagi