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Where are We Going?

I know that there are days when we on an individual level ask ourselves, ‘where is my life going?’; But, I think it is time for us to question where we are going as a species. 284 kata lagi


Pet Peeve: "Humanity" in Fantasy and Sci-Fi

One thing that becomes clearer and clearer to me as time passes is that my parents are huge nerds and raised me to watch a lot of very nerdy things, including all the original Star Trek movies.  462 kata lagi


One Human Race

One Human Race


One Human Race

    7 billion plus of humanity



   All mammals, primates


     And we all bleed red,

          You and I, skin sliced… 152 kata lagi


Man Did Not Come From Africa - Debunking the OOA Theory

by Alex Drone

Erectus Walks Amongst Us, by Richard Fuerle, challenges the political correctness and mainstream assumptions about race, genetics, and the origin of modern Man. 3.599 kata lagi

Rewriting History

Hairless And Sweaty

At some point in the past, humans and great apes had a common ancestor.  The homo sapiens branch of the tree then veered off in one direction and evolved into the humans of today — largely hairless, especially in comparison with other primates, except on the head and in the nether regions — whereas the great apes remained heavily furred. 323 kata lagi


Between existence and biology

by John Gabriel Pabico-Lalu  |  Editor-in-chief

AS OF NOW, IT APPEARS that we human beings are the only species able to record events of the past.  1.418 kata lagi


E.O. Wilson on Biology as Politics, Culture, and Human Nature

One of the most illustrious living scientists, E.O. Wilson, is still active and writing great books well into his ninth decade. In this article I will review two of his most recent works, The Social Conquest of Earth (2012) and The Meaning of Human Existence (2014). 2.366 kata lagi