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A few years ago the world of paleoanthropology was jolted by a discovery having the potential to rewrite much of what was considered to be established fact. 148 kata lagi

The Moment the Hobbit was Discovered

The discovery of hominin fossils fascinates me. The moment a bone is exposed, freed from it’s sedimentary tomb for the first time in tens of thousands–or even millions of years–is a special moment. 636 kata lagi

History Of Science

The 'Christian' response to our new family members?

Imagine a child growing up in a home thinking for years that she was an only-child. Her parents never spoke of there having been any other children in her family, and there was no evidence anywhere to indicate the possibility. 1.208 kata lagi


News from Rising Star Cave, Homo Naledi, Latest member of the human family

Welcome Homo naledi yet another new branch of the Human family tree – here are a few brief thoughts on what has come to light thus far. 829 kata lagi


Survival of the Fittest and Dwarfism--A Paradox

The concept of natural selection forms the basis for the Theory of Evolution.  Environmental forces select the fittest members of each population to pass on their genes.  889 kata lagi

The coming breeding of intelligent children

Keith Hudson

Outside the rain forests — as man has been for over six million years now — the survival of new species has tended to be by means of the growth of intelligence and the subsequent competition between a newly-arrived . 999 kata lagi

Aloha, Menehune! Mysterious "little people" of Hawaii

A while back, I was talking to a relative in Hawaii. We were talking about Bigfoot (what else?), and the fact that there had been no reported Bigfoot encounters in that state. 620 kata lagi