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Diluncurkan, "National Geographic Indonesia"

  • Kompas: Selasa, 29 Maret 2005, halaman 1

JAKARTA, KOMPAS – Majalah ilmu pengetahuan berbasis geografi, National Geographic edisi bahasa Indonesia secara resmi diluncurkan, Senin (28/3) malam di Gedung Arsip Nasional Jakarta. 545 kata lagi


When was the first language? When was the first human?

Reading a new book of mine, Steven Pinker’s The sense of style, 2014, I was bemused by his casual remark on the first page of the first chapter, ‘The spoken word is older than our species…’. 1.227 kata lagi


Recent Exciting Developments in Human Evolutionary History: Naledi and Flores

Continuing with our series on recent exciting discoveries in human genetics/paleo anthropology:

  • Ancient hominins in the US?
  • Homo naledi
  • Homo flores
  • Humans evolved in Europe?
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Human Migration, Cultures, And Species Of Exit

BS&M Does Homo floresiensis

This past Friday, our journal club took on “The affinities of Homo floresiensis based on phylogenetic analyses of cranial, dental, and postcranial characters” (Argue et al. 1.125 kata lagi


Human History Twist

On the island of Flores, about a decade ago, in the Liang Bua cave there were discovered some bones. The bones were human like, but small, perhaps those of a child. 986 kata lagi


Discovering DNA in Dirt, & 4 Other Amazing Things that Happened in Paleoanthropology Last Week!

Did you blink at any point in the last week? If so, you may have missed some incredible paleoanthropology announcements. This exciting branch of science is out to remind us, once again, that big things are unfolding–and a blink or a short doze might mean you miss another exciting news story. 994 kata lagi


Stalked by a Stork?

Among the fossils found in the Liang Bua caves on the island of Flores are four leg bones and some other bones believed to belong to a giant stork (1.8 meters tall would tower over 1.0 meter tall… 71 kata lagi