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The Hobbit Hits the Headlines Again, But is the Mystery of its Origins Really Solved?

It’s been the scientific equivalent of a never ending soap opera. The pygmy human species Homo floresiensis (aka ‘the Hobbit’), discovered in 2003 in a cave on the island of Flores, has been bogged down in a mire of controversy for almost 15 years. 876 kata lagi

Human Evolution

The Hobbit: A Homo habilis Lineage?

When the 3 and 1/2 foot Homo floresiensis was discovered and the age of the new species correlated with the the same time Neanderthals were dying in Europe and humans colonized Asia a lot of arms and voices were thrown in the air. 508 kata lagi


A Brief Theory on Homo Floresiensis

          Homo floresiensis had a skull that resembled early Homo species, or more precisely Homo erectus. It had a flat, sloping forehead and a short, flat face. 241 kata lagi


Footprints, Sculptures, & Hobbit Ancestors: A Paleoanthropology Best of Summer Roundup

Summer is coming to a close, giving us a great excuse to reflect on the incredible announcements that have been recently made in paleoanthropology. From footprints to new fossils, these discoveries have definitely altered the ways I think about many hominin species, so I’m counting down my favorites. 910 kata lagi


Leluhur Manusia Flores

Membaca berita Manusia Mata Menge yang baru saja dipublikasikan belum lama ini semakin menambah kagum akan kekayaan bumi nusantara ini. Apalagi kalau dibaca di masa-masa tenang bulan ramadhan seperti ini, biarpun rumit ‘njelimet tapi senang membacanya. 826 kata lagi


Caves and Extinction Stories

The Common Thread Series: In this series of posts, we’ll explore common elements of wild man stories that occur across cultures and time, and speculate as to why these specific similarities might exist. 851 kata lagi

Cultural Anthropology

Hobbit time

A few months after the diminutive hominin fossil Homo floresiensis, which because of its relatively large feet was quickly dubbed the ‘Hobbit’, turned out to be considerably… 525 kata lagi

Anthropology And Geoarchaeology