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Pathology or Paradigm Shift? Human Evolution, Ad Hominem Science, and the Inexplicable Hobbits of Flores, Indonesia.

by Kenneth W. Krause.

Kenneth W. Krause is a contributing editor and “Science Watch” columnist for the Skeptical Inquirer.  Formerly a contributing editor and books columnist for the… 6.525 more words

Human Evolution

Arguments Against Evolution pt. 8

The previous post followed the lineage of our own species up until the australopithecines. We now turn to our Homo predecessors in this, the eight and final post in the “Arguments Against Evolution” series. 1.064 more words


Episode Baru Kisah Hobbit Flores

Jikalau anda pemerhati sejarah dan kepurbakalaan Indonesia, tentu anda tahu tentang kontroversi tentang Homo floresiensis. Setelah 10 tahun setelah ditemukannya fosil hobbit kita menemukan lagi bahan bakar api kontroversi ini 354 more words

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