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Whenever pharmaceuticals become a topic in a conversation I’m in, there’s always an awkward moment where I have to explain my family’s herbal remedies. See, my family is full of homeopaths, which basically means that my mom is obsessed with eastern medicine and I’ve had acupuncture and believe it or not, some needles that people with medical licenses stick into you actually work! 37 more words


The Mystery of Skull 5

Scientists have discovered a human skull supposedly 1.8 million years old. But instead of supporting evolutionary theory, it pokes big holes in it.

Scientists believe various species of humans have existed in the past, but a new study suggests that they’re all part of a single lineage of humans, exactly like the Bible tells us in Genesis. 389 more words



The world as we know it is several million years old. The evolution of modern humans , beginning with a genetic split with the chimpanzees started around 5 to 6 million years ago. 980 more words

The dreams of dogs

Late afternoon sunlight floods the back of my house, rendering the wide first floor landing a luminously golden Byzantine capsule, bathed in light-shafts of ruby, emerald and sapphire from the old Edwardian stained-glass window. 1.875 more words

Dire Wolf

La especie elegida? lectura del libro de Arsuaga y Martínez

El libro de Juan Luis Arsuaga e Ignacio Martínez “La Especie Escogida” concluye que, por supuesto, los seres humanos no somos “la especie escogida”. 1.320 more words

Abierto En Español

The two new breeds of modern man

Keith Hudson

Is reading going out of fashion?  Or writing for that matter?  It’s beginning to look like it.  There are all sorts of symptoms, such as the fact that newspaper circulations have been shrinking in the advanced countries for many years and continues to do so,  And so on.  1.053 more words

Museum Manusia Purba Sangiran Yang Modern

Keluarga saya dan Pacar memang berasal dari Solo, tapi salah satu dari kami belum ada yang pernah mengunjungi Sangiran dan Museum Manusia Purbanya. Padahal ada rambu jalan yang jelas-jelas menuliskan “Museum Manusia Purba …. 706 more words