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The Ape That Cooks #poem #poetry #nature #evolution #human

We are the hunting ape,
But other apes do hunt.
We are the speaking ape,
But other apes do grunt.

What set us on the path… 336 kata lagi


Footprints, Sculptures, & Hobbit Ancestors: A Paleoanthropology Best of Summer Roundup

Summer is coming to a close, giving us a great excuse to reflect on the incredible announcements that have been recently made in paleoanthropology. From footprints to new fossils, these discoveries have definitely altered the ways I think about many hominin species, so I’m counting down my favorites. 910 kata lagi


Between existence and biology

by John Gabriel Pabico-Lalu  |  Editor-in-chief

AS OF NOW, IT APPEARS that we human beings are the only species able to record events of the past.  1.418 kata lagi


Leluhur Manusia Flores

Membaca berita Manusia Mata Menge yang baru saja dipublikasikan belum lama ini semakin menambah kagum akan kekayaan bumi nusantara ini. Apalagi kalau dibaca di masa-masa tenang bulan ramadhan seperti ini, biarpun rumit ‘njelimet tapi senang membacanya. 826 kata lagi


Scrambled Eggs

Breakin’ Up Is Hard To Do… 

Eyes still closed, I’ve got a good wake up feeling. She’s breathing on my arm. My wife is spooning with me again. 652 kata lagi

Science Fiction

Hobbit time

A few months after the diminutive hominin fossil Homo floresiensis, which because of its relatively large feet was quickly dubbed the ‘Hobbit’, turned out to be considerably… 525 kata lagi

Anthropology And Geoarchaeology

A 700,000-Year Old Skull Discovered In Greece Challenges Out-of-Africa Theory OF Evolution

The skull which dates back 700,000 years is one of the most enigmatic objects ever discovered in Europe.  This finding directly opposes the ‘Out-Of-Africa’ theory, a doctrine firmly accepted by mainstream scholars today. 646 kata lagi