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Lice: Dedicated Followers of Fashion

Not all palaeopathology is about death, believe it or not, and sometimes researching the diseases of the past can actually tell you a lot about how people lived. 594 kata lagi


Oh Man, You Want Me to Go Where?: Travel to November


I have too many places to go until November so I thought I’d get the schedule out now. Then, you have something to look forward to! 176 kata lagi

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Antecessor rising

900 kya (900 thousand years ago).

A common way of demeaning another group is to call them cannibals. Roman pagans sometimes accused early Christians of cannibalizing infants during their secret ceremonies (a horror-show misreporting of the Christian Mass?) Later on, medieval Christians sometimes accused Jews of murdering Christian infants and mixing their blood into Passover matzohs. 164 kata lagi

Quest for Fire

What really distinguishes humans from other animals? We’ve covered some of the answers already, and will cover more in posts to come. But certainly one of the great human distinctions is that we alone use fire. 513 kata lagi

My hand axe

By today’s date, around 1.3 million years ago, Acheulean tools are well developed in Africa, and found in India too. Sophisticated tools like the Acheulean hand axe probably tell us something not just about cognition in relation to tool making, but also about social cognition. 318 kata lagi

Hand axe

From around 1.4 million years ago, Acheulean hand axes appear in Africa. They will eventually show up in southwest Europe and as far east as India. 147 kata lagi