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Bioanthro lab activity: Hominin brain size

Last week in my Human Evolution class we looked at whether we could estimate hominin brain sizes, or endocranial volumes (ECV), based on just the length and width of the bony brain case. 409 kata lagi


Homo Naledi: New Species in the Human Lineage

I know this is old news, but I had to go back to the discovery of the Homo naledi a few months ago. For starters, the word… 343 kata lagi

Great Science

What It Is Here

What It Is Here

There is a planet. One of its organisms? has named it. Thousands of names they’ve named that planet, each of a language. 1.483 kata lagi


Indiana Jones and the Chamber of Really Little People

The script to the latest Indiana Jones movie was just leaked, and wow, is it out there. Just crazy. It’s got everything:

The 'Christian' response to our new family members?

Imagine a child growing up in a home thinking for years that she was an only-child. Her parents never spoke of there having been any other children in her family, and there was no evidence anywhere to indicate the possibility. 1.208 kata lagi


Unique Tooth Reveals Details Of The Peking Man’s Life

In 2011 a tooth from the Peking Man was found in a box at the Museum of Evolution at Uppsala University. In the latest issue of Acta Anthropologica Sinica, researchers at Uppsala University and a Chinese research institute have now published their analysis of the tooth. 496 kata lagi

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The coming breeding of intelligent children

Keith Hudson

Outside the rain forests — as man has been for over six million years now — the survival of new species has tended to be by means of the growth of intelligence and the subsequent competition between a newly-arrived . 999 kata lagi