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Maba and Buia

Two new endocasts on AJPA:
Maba (Asia, 300-130 ky) and Buia (Africa, 1 My).


The Hobbit Gets a Little Older, and Science a Little Wiser

When a skeleton of the so-called ‘Hobbit’ – scientific name Homo floresiensis – was unearthed in Indonesia in 2003 it would go on to cause a major furor in anthropological circles like… 1.137 kata lagi


This week we publish a morphometric analysis of the endocranial anatomy of Buia, a skull found in Eritrea and dated to 1 million years. The cranial capacity is 995 cc. 178 kata lagi


Meat-eating and food processing were major drivers of human evolution

Study shows how dietary changes and stone tools enabled reductions in size of teeth, jaws and gut

In comparison to earlier hominins, Homo erectus was bigger both in stature and brain size. 473 kata lagi

Early Hominins

Asia is the Gift that Keeps on Giving in Prehistory

Political and economic pundits constantly remind us that this is the ‘Asian Century’, and it’s shaping up to be that way also for human origins science. 972 kata lagi

How to Find the Missing Link (According to Dubois)

In 1887, a Dutch physician named Eugene Dubois set sail halfway around the world to look for the missing link. A fossilized link between humans an apes, which would prove once and for all that humans evolved. 787 kata lagi

History Of Science

Lee Berger, Tim White, and Homo naledi: A New Fight, the Old Way, and the Future of Paleoanthropology

In case you missed it, I wrote a magazine article!

Here’s how it happened. I was following the arguments between Tim White and Lee Berger playing out in the press, with White insisting  189 kata lagi