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How to Find the Missing Link (According to Dubois)

In 1887, a Dutch physician named Eugene Dubois set sail halfway around the world to look for the missing link. A fossilized link between humans an apes, which would prove once and for all that humans evolved. 787 kata lagi

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Lee Berger, Tim White, and Homo naledi: A New Fight, the Old Way, and the Future of Paleoanthropology

In case you missed it, I wrote a magazine article!

Here’s how it happened. I was following the arguments between Tim White and Lee Berger playing out in the press, with White insisting  189 kata lagi


Cooking may be 1.9m years old, say scientists

Early humans cooked up their first hot meals more than 1.9m years ago, long before our ancient ancestors left Africa to colonise the world, scientists claim. 184 kata lagi

Are human cousins hiding in plain sight? Only teeth will tell.

My, what big teeth you have.

Perhaps that’s what Neanderthals would’ve said to Denisovans, at least if you consider the latest findings at an archaeological site in Siberia’s Altai Mountains. 239 kata lagi


Homo naledi 1: Preliminary Posing

Before actually picking over the bones of the intriguing ancient humans under consideration, let’s consider the intrigues of some of their modern investigators and commentators… … 2.077 kata lagi

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Bioanthro lab activity: Hominin brain size

Last week in my Human Evolution class we looked at whether we could estimate hominin brain sizes, or endocranial volumes (ECV), based on just the length and width of the bony brain case. 409 kata lagi


Homo Naledi: New Species in the Human Lineage

I know this is old news, but I had to go back to the discovery of the Homo naledi a few months ago. For starters, the word… 343 kata lagi

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