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How understanding genetics could shape future of humanity

Didn’t we all gape in awe when the first of the X-Men movie franchise hit upon us? Genetic mutation, extraordinary powers, special skills, straight from the world of fantasy, right? 1.583 kata lagi


The Homo sapiens War

…I have never…


…been awoken…


…by such a grinding rattle of snoring in all my lives!


I open my sleepy eyes to the coarse hair of a head that belongs on a caveman! 1.242 kata lagi

Science Fiction

Forbidden Archaeology

In 1996, a book was released that posed serious questions about the history of the human race. The book was called Forbidden Archaeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race and was written by Michael Cremo and Dr. 213 kata lagi

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In German they Say: “Ein Loch welches die Leere füllt.”
I didn’t fully get it, coz this round missed the A
that’s why I stay, wherever I lay… 168 kata lagi



A Brief History of Humankind

By Yuval Noah Harari
All Posts Contain Spoilers

Why is it that only men write books like this?

It’s never a great idea to deal in generalizations, and I’m sure that there are exceptions, but women usually don’t (to their credit, I think), write books like this one, making global, grandiose claims about the human condition.  1.039 kata lagi


How Did Modern Humans Arrive in East Asia?

*Disclaimer: This post is a reworking of a short paper for a class on early China for which I was assigned the multiregional position of the mutiregional vs. 571 kata lagi


Civilization Was Supposed to Make Our Lives Better, Right?

I’m writing this from the nineteenth floor of a hotel in downtown Chicago where I can’t get a solid wi-fi connection, let alone make the refrigerator cool my beer. 741 kata lagi