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The Galerian Migration hypothesis

During the middle Pleistocene the faunal diversity of Europe increased.  Scientists attribute this to glacial/interglacial transitions that changed the environment, transforming it from forest to grassland and savannah.  367 kata lagi

Pleistocene Mammals

Quirks of fate

It seems that 70,000 years ago the global population of homo sapiens was reduced to less than 26,000. Apparently they teased out that bit of info through some genetic analysis. 330 kata lagi


Half a million years ago, Homo erectus made prehistoric ‘Swiss Army knives’ here | The Times of Israel

Long term production site, with levels of progression, and what appears to be an almost apprenticeship program. Multiple styles and techniques found here, should be a fascinating site for years to come.


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Did Modern Cognition & Language Develop Half a Million Years Ago?

By Bruce Fenton | Ancient Code

The discovery of hundreds of skilfully crafted stone blades at Jaljulia, a site situated in modern day Israel, suggests human ancestors were communicating complex ideas and employing conceptual thinking up to 500,000 years ago, far earlier than usually proposed by scientists. 538 kata lagi


2.5 Mya Africa: Homo habilis (Handy Man) to 15.5 thousand years ago in Americas

We all know how we each care about the location attributes of where we find ourselves living. We may be, currently, thousands of years down the line since our ancestors began to walk on two legs rather then four, but we all continue to seek shelter, food and water, and safety from harm. 3.161 kata lagi

The World at Olorgesailie

Millions of years ago, our ancestors left their calling cards to unravel a world that once was

Published: Saturday magazine, Nation newspaper 9 December 2017… 909 kata lagi

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How understanding genetics could shape future of humanity

Didn’t we all gape in awe when the first of the X-Men movie franchise hit upon us? Genetic mutation, extraordinary powers, special skills, straight from the world of fantasy, right? 1.583 kata lagi