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PaleoAnthro Joke / Neanderthal, H. erectus

“If a Neanderthal got on the bus and sat down next to you, you’d change your seat.”

“If a Homo erectus got on, you’d get off the bus.” 31 more words

Female Asperger

Demystifying Depression: 2

It seems that if we want to live comfortably in modern society, there are many sacrifices we have to make. Some of them are visible: following rules, not standing out too much or too little, not betraying others, practicing tolerance, and so on. 2.875 more words

True Nature

Dmanisi reconsidered

Implications of LD 50-1 jawbone and Spoor H. habilis study for ‘variable single species’ theory

In October 2013, Lordkipanidze and his colleagues reported the discovery of an adult skull from Dmanisi, Georgia. 780 more words

Archaic Humans

The LD 50-1 jawbone


A partial lower jawbone and a number of teeth have been recovered from a surface outcrop of fossil-bearing sedimentary rock in the Ledi-Geraru research area, in the Afar region of Ethiopia. 1.123 more words

Archaic Humans

The Origins of Kindness and Compassion

The milk of human kindness came before intelligence:

Skulls of early humans show they developed compassion up to 3 million years ago – before they could even speak. 629 more words


II: In the Beginning...

I am writing after almost 4 months.

Post 1 : “Maids, Mops and Mantelpieces” seemed to have gone down pretty well with those who like my writing (and a surprisingly high number that turned out! 1.697 more words


No missing link here

Neanderthal Men Were Modern Men

by Brian Thomas, M.S. *

Evidence for Creation

A set of fossilized human remains has been discovered in Iberia that shows partial Neanderthal characteristics, proving again that Neanderthals interbred with anatomically modern men.1 This adds to a growing list of evidence, consistent with biblical history, that demonstrates Neanderthal to have been fully human, rather than an evolutionary transition.2… 444 more words