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Why did I wait so long to try the BECCA Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector?

Whew that’s such a mouthful! From the title of this post, I guess it’s pretty obvious what I’m going to say about this product, huh? First lemme start by saying damn BECCA, whoever you are, you are so amazing! 990 kata lagi

Holy Grail: Chanel Spring '08 Ready-To-Wear Gold Logo Split Heel Pump

We kick off this new series as a result of a question Henry, our Photoshoots Editor, once asked: If you could have any item of fashion in the world, barring price or exclusivity, what would it be? 299 kata lagi


Bronze Metallic Autumnal Makeup 

As you may already know, I am completely obsessed with the autumn and I’m always so makeup inspired this time of year which can only mean playing around with a lot of products and creating new looks! 600 kata lagi


Sheet Masks/Packs Holy Fails...

*comedogenic – red, mildly comedogenic – blue, irritant – bold, mild irritant – italics

Aritaum Fresh Power Essence Pouch Pack


soothing – water, butylene glycol, … 802 kata lagi

Korean Skin Care

My Skin Care Holy Fails...Part2

*comedogenic – red, mildly comedogenic – blue, irritant – bold, mild irritant – italics

here’s the first part of my skin care holy fails

Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream… 1.208 kata lagi

Anti Aging

Every day make-up

Hey guys! Here is my everyday make-up

All about the base

  1. Cetaphil – £8.99

Every morning and evening without fail I use Cetaphil moisturising lotion, it is my holy grail item. 902 kata lagi

The Post-Vulgate Cycle

The Grail Cycle, also known as the Vulgate is a massive, aggregated collection of tales and rewritings of previous texts that weaves together a prolix, extensive history of the Holy Grail from its origins in Christian apocrypha, its apotheosis as the source of all adventures in King Arthur’s kingdom, until its departure from Logres, causing the latter’s downfall. 710 kata lagi

Arthurian Literature