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The Great Myths #30: The Holy Grail Appears (Middle High German) — word and silence

The story of the Holy Grail’s appearance to a young man named Perceval/Parzival/Parsifal, is told in many places, and goes something like this: he comes by chance upon the Grail Castle, and is introduced to a wounded man, the Fisher King; during a feast that night, the Grail appears, and if only Parzival would ask […]

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Sir Galahad the Perfect Knight

Sir Galahad first appeared in medieval Arthurian romance in the Lancelot-Grail cycle of works and then later in Le Morte d’Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory… 1.677 kata lagi

Book Review: Prose Tristan (or The Romance of Tristan)

The adaptation of the Tristan and Iseult story into a long prose romance, The Romance of Tristan is the first to weave the subject entirely into the arc of the Arthurian legend. 505 kata lagi

Dove Symbolism

The dove has always been a symbol or type for the Holy Spirit in my thinking.   My key Scripture references are with two figures of the OT and NT: 317 kata lagi


Our Deepest Fear

Forever rage, in the fury spent
That cages us, in our prejudice
Ain’t being of ours, worth a red cent?
Whose glory, pay we, lip service! 81 kata lagi


February 16th

Mrs.May and Mrs. Merkel are meeting. Mrs. Merkel is trying to sound positive about Brexit. She says she would like to know what the UK wants. 296 kata lagi