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Dia Doscientos y Ocho // Day Two Hundred & Eight

25.07.2016 Monday

This is my fourth visit to Valencia and this trip is turning out to be the best one yet. When a local shows you around it is always much better; hopefully I’m becoming somewhat of a local myself.

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Dolly Wink Black Eyeliner | Review

Liquid eyeliners are my go to for days I skip on eyeshadows and I still want my eyes to get noticed. Having an oily eyelid though narrows down the selection of candidates that can stand the weather and humidity of living in a tropical country like the Philippines. 506 kata lagi


A book called 'Holy Blood & The Holy Grail' syncronicity and a remarkable find in a Le Mans bookshop.

Many years back I took a trip on a ferry to France. It was there I met a woman. While deep in conversation I happened to mention Dr John Dee, Queen Elizabeth 1st astologer & magus. 477 kata lagi

The Once and Future King by T.H. White

Given the buzz with King Arthur (if you haven’t seen the newly-released trailer for the upcoming movie, be sure to watch it today because it looks amazing) right now, paired with the fact that I finished reading a King Arthur book about a month ago, I thought it would be a good time to expound some thoughts on this book. 578 kata lagi

Book Review

Mac Lipsticks - Worth the buy! And I mean it!

I ADORE Mac Lipsticks! They are my ‘holy grail’, most reached for, love-able, amazing lipsticks. I’m sure you can tell I love them so much. If anyone asked for a recommendation of a high end lipstick, Mac would be my first and only thought. 310 kata lagi

Make Up

My Holy Grail Styling Product!

As many of you know I am a huge fan of Shea Moisture but I haven’t found a styling product that defines my curls without a little bit of work. 420 kata lagi


My Holy Grail Products

This post is all about my staple products that I can’t live without. They’re not necessarily my fun and glamorous products but they are the ones I repurchase over and over.   688 kata lagi