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Book Corner: The Book of the Grail Edited by E.C. Coleman

‘This is the history of that most sacred vessel that is named by men the Holy Grail, wherein the precious blood of Our Saviour was received on the day that He was crucified that He might redeem His followers from the pains of Hell.’

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Book Review

LookFantastic Calendar - Day 5

Hi everyone!

Today I woke up bright and early, excited for another beauty product to open from my calendar, and what do you know it’s something I’ve used before and absolutely adore – none other than Moroccan Oil hair treatment! 279 kata lagi

Look Fantastic

AOA Wonder Blender | Review

I don’t use a beauty sponge on a daily basis because I find makeup brushes to work quite well on me. I’ve never written a review on the original beauty blender even though I have one lurking around (should I really?). 397 kata lagi


ABH Modern Renaissance Palette

Hi friends,

I wanted to talk a little about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance since it definitely is one of my absolute favorite eye shadow palettes ever!   804 kata lagi

Product Review

Review: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

Being subscribed to many beauty bloggers on WordPress and on YouTube, I noticed that the NARS Sheer Glow foundation seemed popular: it appeared in many monthly favourites, makeup tutorials and the majority of the reviews were positive. 583 kata lagi


Westvleteren 12 (2013) Review

I’m trying to do more beer reviews so I will start with something extremely special I had a couple days ago.

Westvleteren 12, or Westy 12 as it’s commonly referred to, is a strong dark Trappist beer. 620 kata lagi


Yes, the foundation is worth the hype 

Ever since I was about 13 I’ve been on a quest for gorgeous skin. After swotting up on my skin care,  I’m definitely closer than when I used to think clearasil and other harsh and stripping cleansers were the answer – that’s for sure! 221 kata lagi