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A Fragile Peace

I don’t think I can say this enough: I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS CAMELOT STORYLINE! When it comes to different characters from there connected with our favorites from Storybrooke, the possibility are endless. 503 kata lagi

Theory Thursday

Through Thick and Thin, Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner Pulls Through

I feel really bad about not reviewing this sooner, but at least you guys can now know my full opinion of my Holy Grail eyeliner: stila’s Stay All Day in Intense Black. 519 kata lagi

Reviews And Swatches

My Holy Grail Product of the week!

Hey Dolls,

Just wanted to quickly talk about one of my favorite primers….the Too Faced Hangover Rx. This primer is absolutely amazing!! Usually I have not been a fan of primers as I personally do not like the silicone feeling on my face. 303 kata lagi

All Good Things

Stood at the edge of the dance floor, where now only the hardcore of dervishes persist in an increasingly erratic display of alcohol fuelled carousal, I await with interest the pearls of wisdom Professor Duke seems intent on sharing with me. 1.403 kata lagi


My HG: Brown Eyeliner

Brown eyeliner is an excellent substitute or even replacement to black eyeliner. From my observation, it looks more natural while providing the same eye-enhancing effects! 334 kata lagi

Monty Python Meets Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming...and It Sounds Like Coconuts!

Ever wonder what a brutal show like Game of Thrones would be like if someone took the quotes of Monty Python and the Holy Grail and laid them on top of it?   9 kata lagi

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