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Radiance Métèorites

The Guerlain Météorites-line has been expanded with skincare!

The Guerlain ‘Météorites’ is one of the most beautiful makeup products (a true Holy Grail!) you can have on your bathroom shelf, or in your clutch or designer bag. 220 kata lagi


A Hair's Breadth From The Holy Grail

I am in something of a state of shock. I quickly drain the glass I have in my hand. The complimentary champagne has long since extentuated and I am now on to an undisclosed fizzy thing with an acidic after-taste. 959 kata lagi


Garage Sale Finds

“If you’ve ever collected baseball cards, comic books, stamps, or those limited edition commemorative plates, you understand the concept of the “Holy Grail” item. It’s that last, hard-to-find, incredibly rare, usually expensive piece that you must have before you can officially say your collection is “complete.” If you’re a collector of vintage home video game cartridges (or “carts”), sometimes that can mean paying a pretty penny for the  9 kata lagi

The News

Fab or Fail! Benefit Fake Up Concealer

Hey Guys! Today I am doing yet again another Fab or Fail post! The last Fab or Fail post wasn’t so happy since it was a fail :( but luckily this time we have a …………………. 196 kata lagi


Sang Graal

Bones, flesh, blood, breath, soul.
Living machine, automaton.
Oh, this voyaging vessel at the Helmsman’s control
On a journey of a lifespan. 57 kata lagi


Check Out the New Holy Grail Pops by Funko

Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government, but it makes excellent fodder for a Monty Python skit. 95 kata lagi