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Dreams & Distant Places: Chapter 10

I see a black orb with an ultraviolet halo.

Then we blink back into existence

WOAH! WHY? NO! HOW? NO? WHEN? WHERE? WHAT! RAGE!…*exasperated gasping* 2.839 kata lagi

Dreams And Distant Places

Dreams & Distant Places: Chapter 9

Back in the cosmos, Augumon is still with me.

“I told you man. I’m in for a long journey” he tells me. “I don’t doubt you brother” I say. 1.180 kata lagi

Dreams And Distant Places

Fate/Apocrypha Episode 18: Break time

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I guess this week’s episode was cooling down from the Jack interlude and preparing for the final fight. 215 kata lagi


5 Makeup Products Worth The Hype!

I think i’m right to say that as beauty bloggers, although we love trying out new and different beauty products, there are always those few trusty products that we keep going back to no matter what. 589 kata lagi


The Lost Divine Feminine In Christianity

Today, I am making a case for the Divine Feminine that was left out of the New Testament. Why is it so important that Jesus was a celibate, single male figure? 1.015 kata lagi


Staple Beauty Products

For someone who is always trying new products, the fact that these particular products have stuck around for so many years (basically since high school) is a good sign. 267 kata lagi