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5 hal yang perlu dilakukan jika anda terkena HNP?

HNP (herniated nucleus pulposus) sering terjadi pada usia muda. Jelly di dalam diskus keluar dan menjepit saraf. Hal ini menyebabkan nyeri menjalar ke kaki yang luar biasa (sciatica).

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Sound tracking and a note

Ok so while I work on my next serious post… well not serious as in something that is full of earth shattering factual detail, more serious as in a rather large posting… I thought I would bring up a topic I have talked with more than one of my gaming friends about more than once, sound tracking. 605 kata lagi


Match Report - Gyeongju HNP 1 - 1 Busan Transport Corporation

My first N-League game of the campaign and I was quite looking forward to seeing how the standard was these days. The last time I saw a game in this division was, I think, before there was a K-League Challenge to mop up the players who couldn’t quite make the grade in the K-League. 460 kata lagi

Match Report

Oh where are you Champions?

So a little game history here… and a little sadness for fellow gamers who love this game.

Champions Role Playing Game.

I was introduced to this game back in high school by a guy named Arron Shue (gods its been so long I may have misspelled his name, if that’s the case Arron and you are out there reading this I am sorry dude but I have not heard from you since junior year 1989), he had a copy of the game that was a photo copy that was all set up in a three ring binder. 1.130 kata lagi


Matchday 24 Preview - Double double in Gyeongju

Right then, things are about to get real (as they say in trailers for obscure American reality TV shows) in the 48 Club journey. Most of the easy ticks have been ticked so from here on in things require a bit more effort (well except for Uijeongbu when I finally get round to them). 371 kata lagi


kliping berita seminar seminar awam tentang saraf di rs permata cibubur

to be continue …..

solusi saraf terjepit olah raga dan pencegahannya

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So many topics

While I was at work today I had a few things run through my mind about where to run with this blog, where to start, and what could I say on so many topics. 728 kata lagi