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kliping berita seminar seminar awam tentang saraf di rs permata cibubur

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solusi saraf terjepit olah raga dan pencegahannya

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So many topics

While I was at work today I had a few things run through my mind about where to run with this blog, where to start, and what could I say on so many topics. 728 more words


Friends with Scoliosis and HNP

So I have Scoliosis and HNP. These 2 are my bestfriends now. Sometimes we argue and get bad feelings. But they never leave me, tho! 😄

March 22, 2015


Sayangi Tulang Belakang, Cegah Scoliosis dan HNP

Untuk mencegah Scoliosis (keadaan di mana tulang belakang bengkok atau melengkung) dan HNP (Herniated Nucleus Pulposus) atau syaraf kejepit, sebaiknya anak-anak atau keponakan tidak dibiarkan membawa barang terlalu berat di tas sekolah (terutama ransel). 103 more words

Critical Thoughts

Dear Dr. Moon,

First impressions often last longest. Right from the speedy responses received from Hayne Lee when I first contacted Wooridul to the detailed explanation of my discharge notes by Nurse Shin, the service and care I’ve received has been exceptional.

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Forthcoming Poetry Collection: “Where I See the Sun—Contemporary Poetry in Anguilla”

St. Martin’s House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP) has announced the upcoming book edited by Lasana Sekou, Where I See the Sun: Contemporary Poetry in Anguilla… 477 more words


10 Filosofi Jawa untuk Hidup Tenteram

  1. Urip Iku Urup

(Hidup itu Nyala, Hidup itu hendaknya memberi manfaat bagi orang lain disekitar kita, semakin besar manfaat yang bisa kita berikan tentu akan lebih baik) 202 more words

Kesehatan Holistik