Are there HIV/AIDS Chefs in Barbados? Are Teachers Drug Tested?

BARBADOS.   Can you work as a chef and/or a cook/baker/food handler, if you are HIV/AIDS positive in Barbados?  Can you work with children and in the medical field if you have this virus?   61 kata lagi

Naked Departure

Gay Bajan: Top for bottoms and bottom for tops

BARBADOS.  Naked, I need to share my life story with you.  I am 30 years old and i have the HIV virus.  I am a homosexual male.   707 kata lagi

Naked Departure

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) during pregnancy

Prevalence and Risk Factors in South Africa

Violence against women is a global problem which exacts a high burden of suffering on millions of women and families, including women who are pregnant and postpartum. 159 kata lagi

Maternal Mental Health

Kofi Annan Talk Spotlights Global Affairs and Leadership

By Maura Christopher, Director of Publications, Colin Powell Center

With the fate of Syria dominating headlines, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan called on Friday for a political solution to the conflict. 573 kata lagi

My Marginalized Life - Your Friend David

My beloved readers,

I continue the discussion about marginalized populations, and their barriers to care. I feel that I would be crossing a line if I talked about anyone else’s care. 841 kata lagi

Straight, No Chaser: The Doctor/Patient Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Talk

As an emergency physician, my first consideration is to eliminate life threats.  Along the way, I cure disease and provide a ton of information.  With all of these efforts, I provide a heavy dose of tough love and straight talk meant to empower (and hopefully never belittle).   488 kata lagi

Sterling Medical Advice

A Screwed Up System - Your Friend David

Hello again My Lovelies,

This is not a happy post. I am having issues being positive about these issues, but I feel they need to air. 510 kata lagi