Scars & Tattoos: Survivor's Love

I cannot explain the source of this desire,

this yearning,

of this visceral longing

to lay by your side

in those frail

positive arms

finding home and comfort… 318 more words


Surviving the Statistics

A difficult and long overdue post.

Tanzania’s  population is dominated by young people and a vast percentage of those young people are orphans. One of the major causes of the high number of orphans is HIV/AIDS. 1.141 more words


HIV/AIDS In Thailand

By: Savanna Brown & Abby Sebastian

Brief Pathophysiology of HIV and Aids:

 How it’s spread:

  • HIV is a retrovirus spread through bodily fluids (blood, semen, vaginal and rectal fluids, breast milk) not through casual contact…
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Pre-trip Student Assignments

The Current State of Counternarcotics Policy and Drug Reform Debates in Myanmar

This paper explores the current state of counternarcotics policy and policy reform debates in Myanmar. It analyzes the main trends in drug production, trafficking, and consumption, and assesses the key harms and threats these pose to the country. READ FULL



REJECTION;this word;this thing can do lots of things to you. It can make you mad,it can make you sad,it can break you or make you. You have never been rejected,whoa congrats. 1.508 more words

Printing with HIV+ ink

You have to check this out!

Let’s help eliminate stigma by supporting projects and initiatives like this.


No room for South Africa’s lost generation

South Africa’s original lost generation birthed by apartheid has evolved into three, to include those suffering from HIV/Aids and the current generation facing unemployment, says Professor Matthew Lester of Rhodes University. 575 more words

South Africa