Is Ebola here to stay?

Since the end of the massive outbreak of the virus that killed so many in West Africa last year, hopes were high that finally the worst was over and communities could begin to come back together. 135 kata lagi

Hope for Grandmothers: Reach Out staff explore a day in Luweero, Uganda, where ROM helps vulnerable grandmas with life-saving medical care, home construction and savings support

By Geraldine Kauma and Annika McGinnis

We set off at 10:30 a.m. Thursday on a bumpy ride in St. Mary’s Hospital Ambulance to conduct a medical outreach in the rural Kasaala trading center, where about 60 grandmothers aged 50 to 90 were gathered for their regular clinic day. 924 kata lagi

Listening to Unheard Voices

Starshine Christian, Public Health Student, University of Nevada

I have been away from home for officially a week, and today is my favorite day yet. I’ve explored the city, visited the beach, eaten well, but today is different. 339 kata lagi


20 Million Nigerians Are Infected With Hepatitis B – Experts

Experts have called on the Federal Government to declare hepatitis B a health emergency as it did with HIV/AIDS.

The appeal, they said, had become imperative to save Nigerians from health complications associated with the disease. 593 kata lagi

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Ready to Go

Many of you already know, in a few days I’ll be on a plane heading to Botswana for Peace Corps. If you didn’t know then… surprise, I’m heading to Africa to help out with the HIV/AIDS epidemic. 281 kata lagi


Born Free Africa + Donate a Photo

It uses to be repetitive how certain NGO campaigns work. Despite most of this organisations do good in several important causes they tend to fall in the communicative circle, or campaign, which only involves the words: … 269 kata lagi