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About That Bigot, Crooked Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump, a man who was named, along with his father, in a lawsuit by the Justice Department for discriminatory housing practices continues to stick by his claim that Hillary Clinton, a woman who at the same time was putting herself in harm’s way by traveling to rural Alabama and posing as a married housewife seeking to get around the desegregation of public schools to expose undercover, Alabama state-sanctioned racism, is a bigot.  519 kata lagi

Disabled and Proud

Earlier this week I had the privilege of attending a forum on living with HIV/AIDS organised by The G-Spot, a student group in Yale-NUS College. The forum featured a panel of three men in their twenties who live with HIV (PLHIV), and I thought it was an important wonderful opportunity to hear from a marginalised and invisible population that we tend not to pay too much attention to except when new statistics arise about just how many more people have been infected this year. 1.229 kata lagi


Just a little infographic.

I’m getting a new appreciation for Adobe engineers and it’s software. The more I learn the more fun I have. Love the Illustrator that’s for sure.


Mylan Needled over EpiPen Price Hike

(Washington, DC — August 25, 2016) – It’s a good thing that Mylan Pharmaceuticals CEO Heather Bresch runs a drug company.

She’s got to be glad to have easy access to powerful sedatives. 1.249 kata lagi


The acknowledgement section of our NSF proposal

A few weeks ago two colleagues and I submitted an NSF proposal. We submitted on a Friday afternoon even though the deadline wasn’t until Tuesday! I am proud that we managed this almost without any deadline stress! 525 kata lagi

Making a difference in your organisation: Why workplace HIV testing makes sense

As a gay man, I know where to get tested for HIV – it’s been part of my DNA since I was 21 back in the 1980’s. 1.240 kata lagi

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Sexual cast-offs

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