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What! National Enquirer did a photo re-anactment of Prince dying in the elevator

The National Enquirer was one of the first media sources to claim Prince committed suicide after he found out he had HIV and on a quest to prove this theory they did a photo re-enactment of Prince dying in the elevator in his home. See more photos below…

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Hepatitis C now kills more Americans than HIV

Hepatitis C is the unknown, silent killer that is infecting millions of Americans and is more deadly than every other infectious disease combined, says a new government report. 326 kata lagi

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The US spent $1.4 billion in Africa telling people not to have sex and it didn't work

The United States has spent $1.4 billion over the last decade on promoting abstinence in Africa as a way to slow the spread of HIV. It hasn’t helped,¬†according to a study published this week in… 414 kata lagi

Will Todays Hug be felt Tomorrow? (Part 3)

I tied a red balloon

to an old palm tree.

Where they said all

harm would end.

It battled the blaze.

But the flames engulfed… 30 kata lagi


August 28, 2010

There are dates that just stick with you. ¬†January 14th, 1996 and 2016…March 14th, 2000…April 16th, 1970…July 4th, 2010.

All those dates mean something to me; defining moments.   1.583 kata lagi


Orientation Day and Positive Love

Finally! Last three days I had more of a better taste of Arusha and the volunteering experience.

Monday morning we finally started the Orientation, which meant: filling and handling out the documentation for the working visa, booking tours, getting to know more about the program and meeting the rest of the newbies! 400 kata lagi


HIV/STI-Prevention Info in 29 Languages

HIV/STI-Prevention Info in 29 Languages

While trying to find a home away from home for Babewyn the activist, i researched a thing or two for one or another project.

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