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Oh, hey there world! Welcome back to my 13 year old written blog! Glad your back cause seriously though for a week it begun with a lot of drama, you know what I mean 😉 389 kata lagi



Forgive. Forget. Accept. Deny. Move on. Surrender? Heal!

Kahit i-Google ko ang definitions ng mga salitang ‘to, kulang ang description. Sobrang lalim kase ng mga salitang ‘to. 476 kata lagi


Curing AIDS with CRISPR/CAS: Futuristic vision or contemporary era?

The HI (human immunodeficiency)-virus is one of the major threats to the world’s population nowadays. More than 36.7 Million humans are infected with HIV worldwide and approximately 30% of these people do not even know about the deathly virus which invaded their CD4+ Lymphocytes, a sub-population of the withe blood cells, which are a major part of the human immune system. 1.162 kata lagi


The Link Between Syphilis and HIV

Did you know certain sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can put someone at a greater risk of contracting HIV?

But what exactly increases this risk? Is it the behavior pattern, or STI itself? 467 kata lagi


What's wrong with this world ?

At anytime you can hear that there are a lot of problems all over the world.On the news,on TV,radio,phone itc.Everyday,some of us is asking: ,, 206 kata lagi

 KP Govt to establish seven HIV screening and treatment centers across the province

Resolution Moved in KP Assembly Calling for Better Health Facilities for Transgender Community.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa part of Pakistan is at alarming situation having an increasing ratio of  People Living with HIV (PLHIV) AIDS. 821 kata lagi

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