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Red Alice

She’ll grin with her Cheshire smile
Pick your poison
Drugs or unprotected sex?
Always watching
Grim Reaper in a red dress
A friendly girl.

She welcomes all to her party… 117 kata lagi

Reflections on a Revolution

Seventeen years ago on the first Saturday in October, I sat in a park in Naperville, shivering and uncomfortable, dressed too lightly for how the temps dropped after the sun went down. 1.340 kata lagi


Today I want to bring your attention to an interesting article in CID about a deadly fungus that affects AIDS patients in South Africa. The article is entitled  389 kata lagi


Straight Outta Compton

It was much too hot to walk this afternoon so I went to see Straight Outta Compton at the cinema. When I arrived, the cinema was half full, virtually all young Swazis who were busy WhatsApping and scoffing pop corn. 283 kata lagi


What is it like to have 'The Normal Heart'

What is it like to have ‘The Normal Heart’?

Or should I ask, what is the essence of having a normal heart when all of the people around are treating you like a disease? 285 kata lagi



Here are a couple of videos I wanted to share. They are about HIV/AIDS.

Just thought i would share them. Seeings it does hit close to home. 47 kata lagi


#2 Just test

I just want to see how things go with my next post here