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Shout out to Ramadhan! https://www.gofundme.com/zadyamission

it’s has been a rough three years coming up, there are people in my family studying to be a part of the Islamic faith and we are praying for them in their studies. 864 kata lagi


JFK's Living Legacy, Peace Corps: Part of what makes America Great

Photo:   https://jfkcentennial.org 

John F. Kennedy had a Presidency cut short by tragedy. On May 29, 2017, had he lived, he would be 100-years old. That seems hard for me to believe when I see photos of his young and handsome face. 3.767 kata lagi


Racing for my life

I’m only 29. More specifically, I am twenty-nine years, three months, and eighteen days old. As I stand here on the lane three starting line I feel a bit older than that. 1.676 kata lagi



Pieces like this make it easy to understand why NPR eliminated its comment section This article is obviously intended to propagate a singular, visceral prospective; unfettered by rational, critical thinking. 160 kata lagi

PrEP Studies To Focus on Trans Bodies | HIVPlusMag.com

PrEP Studies To Focus on Trans Bodies | HIVPlusMag.com:

“The use of  PrEP is growing but how well it protects is still being observed, especially in transgender and gender nonconforming individuals. 132 kata lagi


it takes a village, people.

Seven pills a day.

Three to four meetings a week.

One guided meditation, three times a week.

Four other addicts who I call/text regularly.

Five afternoon naps during the course of a workweek. 901 kata lagi


Journey of a Dancing Queen

“I quite jokingly say that rhythm runs inside me as my mother is a dancer and father a drummer. I used to watch all of her shows. 1.037 kata lagi