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I Killed The Devil

My name is Virginia Friedrich. I’m from Germany, but moved to America when I was young. Living in America has been a challenge, but I like it very much. 2.240 more words


Meet Adolf, The Cutest Puppy To Ever Accidentally Look Like Hitler

It's been a while… The Furred Reich: Adolf, the dog that looks like Hitler http://t.co/zavw68cefA pic.twitter.com/WLvRiEzMP3

— Danny Boyle (@DannyBoyle87) March 4, 2015

Did you know that according to Dogwin’s Law, you lose an argument as soon as someone shows you an adorable puppy?

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What’s really driving the attacks on Russia? Revanchism and russophobia as historical undercurrents

Revanchism: The act of retaliating, especially by a nation or group to regain lost territory or standing; revenge. [1]

And if Russia continues to pursue diplomacy and out-peace the U.S. 1.552 more words

Abbott Announces 300 More Troops For Iraq, 900 To Fight Hitler

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced Australia’s “next phase” in international military intervention by committing 300 troops to Iraq and 900 to 1944-era Germany.

In an announcement held on Tuesday, the Prime Minister reaffirmed Australia’s commitment to the destruction of all death cults, whether they’re ISIS or their spiritual forefathers, the Nazis. 385 more words


Sympathy for the devil - Céline & Gary Glitter fans

If it’s okay to read Céline

and he was antisemitic

is it okay to listen to Gary Glitter records

now that he’s a convicted paedophile many times over? 78 more words


A Jewish Leader Tells the Whole World...NEVER AGAIN

I started this piece numerous times and when all was said and done I decided to just sit back and write it entirely from the heart.   363 more words