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OSC's The Tyranny of Heaven (pt 1)

Today’s upload is my very first video! So, hopefully everybody will enjoy that. This video is an audio version of a conversation between myself and the atheist Allallt. 60 kata lagi


The Queen and Billy Graham

This article first appeared on Christian Today 

Like my colleague Joseph Hartropp, I love the Netflix drama The Crown. It’s big budget, beautifully produced and the dialogue and plot are  1.111 kata lagi

Christian Today

The Beginning of Nations

The sons of Noah, who went forth from the ark, were Shem, Ham, and Japheth.  Ham was the father of Canaan…..from these the whole earth was peopled.       238 kata lagi


The White House Press Room

As a person who had to learn several languages (among which English)—and still learning Spanish—I am amazed by Sara Huckabee’s language dexterity. 688 kata lagi

Tearing Families Apart: Father Deported After 29 Years In The U.S. With A Possible 10 Year Return Ban

(Detroit, MI) – A 39-year old father of two has been sent back to Mexico after living in the United States for 29 years.

Jorge Garcia was brought over to the United States by a relative when he was 10 years old. 203 kata lagi


Lest We Forget Jeb Bush Would Kill Baby Hitler: Please Clap

Comrade Jeb Bush? Stranger things have happened but it seems that Communists and Anarchists finally have one thing in common. The willingness to kill baby Hitler. 105 kata lagi

Moltmann, Bonhoeffer, and "Violence in Exceptional Situations"

I’m currently reading through Moltmann’s The Politics of Discipleship and Discipleship in Politics (Cascade, 2006). Moltmann’s essays in this volume were originally available in English in  492 kata lagi