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Hitler and the Avocets

“I cannot help thinking that if only Hitler had been an ornithologist he would have put off the war until the autumn migration was over.” 393 kata lagi

Bird Watching


(though not a gigolo),  life goes on  –  without me”.  One of Satchmo’s great songs, a gentle reminder of our temporality and the fact that the world will get along just fine without us.  397 kata lagi

UN recognises Saudi Arabia as 'sole victor' over Hitler, Hirohito

Paris: In a lavish UN ceremony today, Saudi King, Salman bin Abdulaziz, received a prestigious award recognising Saudi Arabia as the “sole victor” over the Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan during WWII. 228 kata lagi

History on Trial

A film that missed the radars of the Academy Award’s jury this year, was ‘Denial’, starring Rachel Weisz and Timothy Spall. The movie is based on the famous libel trial  960 kata lagi

Hitler & Hanz Episode 1: Ze Banner!

Hello there. We continue to re-release Striker89’s body of work with the pilot episode of a series that never was: Hitler & Hanz! You might recall Striker89 had already featured both characters in a previous comic, … 61 kata lagi


anne frank

I just finished reading the book. I have some thoughts on it if you want to hear them.

I thought she was a saint, but no, she is just a human. 216 kata lagi


On Testing English

Words are loaded pistols according to Rudyard Kipling.

You certainly can shoot yourself in the foot with those unruly, dangerous little things. Some political power-seekers are showing  prodigious naivety when they claim a one-off test of English skills will be a valid and reliable measure of acceptability for new citizenship. 768 kata lagi

Post Truth