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Common Sense and Nuclear Warfare

“It is true that the threat of war can still be used, but only by a lunatic. Unfortunately, some people are lunatics, and, not long ago, there were such lunatics in command of a powerful State. 260 kata lagi

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Thinking About Fascism

by Cynthia Kaufman at commondreams

The 2016 presidential election made me think about 1933 and Hitler’s rise to power. I’ve known that he came to power through constitutional means and then used that power from the inside to destroy a constitutional system of government.   1.743 kata lagi


Just change the name..

So thejournal.ie has a reflective and thoughtful piece today by Larry Donnelly, on why his neighbours and family in Boston voted Trump. Below I show that with very little changes this can read quite differently, and chillingly.   1.137 kata lagi


#002 - New National Anthem (Part 1)

The Absence of Pride

As with the flag of the United States of America, the old national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner,” was quickly removed from American culture upon Secretary Butler’s rise in 1933. 578 kata lagi


BS or Truth II - WIF Confidential

True Facts

That Sound Like


In a world where fake news and false factoids are rampant, it is hard to distinguish what is true and what isn’t, especially when it sounds so unbelievable. 1.731 kata lagi