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After Ten Years: Trust

It is 1942. Bonhoeffer is writing to a couple of close friends, musing on lessons learned after ten years of resistance to Hitler and the Nazis. 252 kata lagi

Early Bonhoeffer

Look Who's Back

Like many people, I have a morbid fascination with World War II and the Third Reich. Seventy years later, we still produce movies and books set in this era. 679 kata lagi


Hillary Clinton

She has lost to some formidable foes in the past. Most recently this guy.

However, in this election, she is being confounded by a more popular guy – nay plant. 242 kata lagi


No, I am not praising Hitler. I am thinking of the faith, trust and hope that so many Christians have placed in Donald Trump. Trump, they hope and pray, will heal a sick America and make her great again. 261 kata lagi

Hitler nuclear arsenal found?

The Nazis were thought to have a nuclear device,  and this German engineer  believes he has  found it.   I suppose we’ll find out in due course if he is correct.

The Way #263

“Don’t be disheartened. I have seen you struggle. Today’s defeat is training for the final victory.”– St. Josemaria Escriva

So many saints have said this in so many different ways. 215 kata lagi