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latest memes from the Joe Badoglio Propaganda Front

These are 17 memes I captioned, my contributions to the Meme Wars. Feel free to spread them far and wide, I’m banned from Twitter, and I seem to be blocked from Facebook.

Führerimitator Hippolyt Greisenberger

Hippolyt Greisenberger war ein überaus talentierter Mann, der trotzdem immer wieder in seinem, an Entbehrungen nicht armen, Leben damit zu kämpfen hatte, eine Beschäftigung zu finden. 485 kata lagi


Just an ordinary Munich girl

What led me to write a book about Hitler’s mistress (and eventual wife), Eva Braun?

It reminds me of what so many asked after the war, after her death, when the role she had played finally came to light: 365 kata lagi

Creativity And Spirit

“The Pursuit of Pearls” by Jane Thynne

“The Pursuit of Pearls” by Jane Thynne is one book in the Clara Vine series.  Not only is the novel’s plot in my favorite genre, a World War II historical theme, but it is expertly written.   175 kata lagi

Book Review

Book Review: Look Who’s Back By Timur Vermes

“It came as no surprise to learn of the success the Swede has recently enjoyed with his furniture. In that rotten state of his the Swede is permanently on the lookout for firewood, so it is no wonder that from time to time this might result in the odd table or chair.” 452 kata lagi

Belvedere and The Nazi-Soviet Pact

On August 23rd 1939, Belvedere the ghost of the Ghost White Salamander was working as a performer in a Berlin cabaret that was in danger of being closed by the Nazis due to what Josef Goebbels considered subversive activity inside. 290 kata lagi


Decálogo de la Voluntad

1- En 1934 la actriz y cineasta alemana Leni Riefenstahl, realizó   en la ciudad de Núremberg  el documental  de propaganda política más grande hasta ahora  de la historia del cine: “ El Triunfo de la Voluntad”.  883 kata lagi