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Franco y Hitler rompen su amistad

  • Franco rompe la amistad con Hitler, celoso de Mussolini y porque no le deja participar en la Segunda Guerra Mundial
  • “Ya veréis como Hitler acaba mal”, ha asegurado el Caudillo.
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Iñaki I El Espectacular

CHAPTER 24. Heidelberg

The next morning after getting through some shopping, we started in the train for Heidelberg. It was a very ordinary train ride after the last one to Lucerne. 1.205 kata lagi

Flash Fiction: Mushroom Gas

This is a continuation of the flash fiction I wrote yesterday for the one word prompt droll.

Mushroom Gas

That document explained everything. We all thought that Hitler killed himself in that bunker. 189 kata lagi

Death of Hitler

tonight (friday 17th), 11.05pm-12.00, on channel 5 tv (repeated from friday 12th december 2015)
the death of hitler (in the conspiracy series)

“Did Hitler really die in 1945?“

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Should Christians Submit to Corrupt Governments?

We see corrupt and unjust governments all around us. In our newsfeeds and our history books we see countless examples of human authorities that abuse their power – governments that are rife with corruption, injustice, and oppression. 634 kata lagi


Germany's Incredible Courage To Defend Europe: How Hitler's Invasion of The Soviet Union Surprised Stalin

Editor’s Comment: The standard version of history fails to address the staggering scale of preparations by the Soviet Union from 1927 to create the greatest… 1.802 kata lagi

World War 2

Hitler´s highway Vienna–Wrocław

Randomly looking objects in the Austrian, Czech and Polish countryside are remaining the huge project from the end of 1930s. In the autumn 1938 came the Nazi Germans with plan of the highway which would connect two important centers of Third Reich – Wien (today Austria) and Breslau (today Poland).  107 kata lagi