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Das Overman

Desde hace unos cuantos meses, llevo visitando tiendas de cómics y comprando The Multiversity o, como se llama en España, El Multiverso, pero no lo llama así ni Dios. 467 kata lagi


The Intern

I took in Robert DeNiro’s “The Intern” and for once, get to see a no frills wholesome family movie without the baloney we typically have to sit through. 924 kata lagi

New World Order

The Impact of George Seldes

George Seldes is spoken to have been one of the best press critics in the United States. 

Being born in 1890 and passing away at the old age of 104, he left a great impact regarding American journalism. 231 kata lagi


Silent Middle

Why read history?

A small minority of Protestants in Nazi Germany made a hard stand either for or against the Nazi Party’s ideals and rule. “In between lay the majority of Protestants, who seemed too timid to join either of the two warring groups, who sat on the fence and eventually, for the most part, landed in the arms of Hitler, accepting his authority to intervene in church affairs and obeying his commands without open protest.” 204 kata lagi


Links, rechts...

Vindt u dat ook zo verwarrend? Hitler was volgens sommige mensen links; deze mensen vinden links zo’n beetje het ergste wat er is. Maar bij demonstraties van deze rechtse types moeten bepaalde organisaties altijd vragen of hun deelnemers alsjeblieft geen… 188 kata lagi

Was Hitler a Christian?

I have been engaged in an argument with a correspondent who calls herself “Sonniq”.  She has made a number of false historical claims, but her primary false claim is that Adolf Hitler was a “devoted Christian”.  678 kata lagi

Christian Apologetics

Why Reading Banned Books is Good For You

Did you know that The Lorax by Dr. Seuss was a banned book? Yes, the charming environmentalist story for children was once banned in schools and libraries around the United States. 603 kata lagi