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The world, in 1913

A couple of years ago, I ‘inherited’ a map of the world, from my father-in-law.

It is a Hammond’s Illustrated Atlas of the World and was published in 1913, by C. 350 kata lagi

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Book Review: The Diary of A Young Girl

The book is quite popular for painting a picture of the horrors faced by Jews during the second world war, although I personally think that this book is more than just that. 87 kata lagi


Daily Dose 9/22

“Adolf Hitler. He, too, promised to make his country great again, campaigned against racial and religious minorities, championed Aryan working men, ridiculed a women’s movement that was more politically powerful in Germany than in any country in the world, surrounded himself with beautiful and subservient white women, and captivated crowds with slogans chanted in beer halls- the Twittersphere of his day. 39 kata lagi


Didja Know: Hair Is A Critical Factor In History

Today’s most bombastic headlines feature two world leaders threatening each other with hair-raising destruction. One wears an orange toupee with flowing locks on top and down the back collar. 152 kata lagi

Book Review: Fatherland by Robert Harris

Fatherland by Robert Harris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an excellent book!

The version that I read was a twentieth anniversary edition of Robert Harris’s breakthrough novel. 349 kata lagi

Book Review

Safety Pins

Trigger Warning: I don’t believe in trigger warnings.

Dear Safety Pins,

It’s time that we, the silent majority, speak up and share something with you; it’s for your own good. 439 kata lagi

2016 Election

How One Speaks to Royalty

How does your voice subtly alter as you are introduced to foreign royalty? When you kneel before your sovereign, if you summon the courage to speak, does your voice crack, or assume the volume of a whisper. 979 kata lagi

C.S. Lewis