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World War II in Four Paragraphs | Theory Of Irony

World War II started out, if you believed the Fascist propaganda (and nobody did),  as a limited Polish border dispute.  But soon Germany and its vassal States overran most of Europe and Northern Africa, plus a big chunk of Asia – as they liked to brag, from the Sahara Desert to the Arctic Circle.  177 kata lagi

20th Century

Pondering Hitler's Legacy

Pondering Hitler’s Legacy is republished with permission of Stratfor.

By George Friedman

Happenstance has brought me today to a house on the Austria-Germany border, just south of Salzburg. 1.538 kata lagi

The Book Thief

Germany: The land of the Aryans, the land persecuted/rescued by Hitler and the land that was scarred permanently by the ravages of two World Wars. Many might say that the Germans deserved it, as it was they who triggered the whole thing but deep down within the annals of history went their story of suffering untold and buried. 540 kata lagi

Book Nook

13 Minutes - a short review of a brilliant film.

This is Oliver Hirschbiegel’s version of the life of Georg Elser and his failed attempt (by 13 minutes) to kill Hitler before the Second World War began.   137 kata lagi


I think I will never find the stripclub I really yearn for

I think I will never find the stripclub I really yearn for; I will have to win the lottery and open it myself. I will never find the adult cinema I really yearn for; I will have to open it myself. 138 kata lagi

No Hope With This Pope...

Pope Francis tells priests to pardon women who have abortions

The Guardian

Tuesday 1 September 2015 16.46 BST

How condescending can this ‘religious’ leader get? 280 kata lagi

What's in a name?

This is the name of the first chapter in the My Dog Gets It book. When I wrote it, I knew it was a great place to start. 304 kata lagi