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Your own lying eyes

Your own lying eyes

Every morning I awaken to the challenge of finding a topic to address. (Some say bloviate about but I reject the criticism as long as Harry Reid is alive and Nancy Pelosi draws breath.) Today I found it in the disclosure Obama has again told the world of understandably restricted, if not Top Secret information, concerning Israel’s nuclear power research or construction program. 649 more words

Silence Is.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”  ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer…

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Talk radio host Mark Levin: Obama is the greatest threat the Jews face since the 1930s

Even if Levin is erring in his analysis, it is far preferable and more moral we ere on the side of caution than allow the Jewish people to face another Holocaust. 70 more words

National News

Bankers Hate Peace

All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars

By WashingtonsBlog
March a6, 2015
Washington’s Blog

Bankers hate peace …

As Lee Fang writes:

The possibility of an Iran nuclear deal depressing weapons sales was raised by Myles Walton, an analyst from Germany’s Deutsche Bank…

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The following article reveals what is truly the reason for Merica waging war on the world. It's time to realize that your Merican Dream is and always has been a nightmare for the rest of the world! Do you still consider Hitler and the other Nazis as being inhuman monsters? Well then, you should also consider Rockefeller and Carnegie, and many others, as monsters as well. Read the following article and find out the real truth about your government and the elite-swine bankers who own and operate it! Thanks, once again, to News for the Revolution!



I have been writing letters to the editor here in Southwest Florida to our local newspaper on what to do about the 47 senators who wrote a letter to Iranian officials to the effect that any international agreement in re atomic matters the Iranians made with our current Administration could and would be torn up when a new Administration came into office and that the present Administration could not be trusted to enforce such a treaty’s terms in any event, a letter whose language plainly violated the Constitution’s Separation of Powers Doctrine and its enabling Logan Act, a 1799 piece of legislation designed to put criminal teeth into Madison’s Separation of Powers language in the Constitution, one of which is the sole and exclusive right of the Executive to handle foreign relations on behalf of the United States. 628 more words

do you know who you are?

Warmongers like to dehumanise people. Hitler labelled the Slavic people, Jews, Gypsies and many others ‘sub-human’ and his SS henchmen murdered many of them as a result. 199 more words

Ora posso perdere le chiavi di casa, vivo (e lavoro) in albergo!

Vivere in albergo. Vi ha mai sfiorato l’idea? Qualcuno lo fa. Ci sono persone che, alloggiando per settimane o mesi in hotel per motivi di lavoro, finiscono per apprezzarne lo stile di vita tanto da vendere le proprie abitazioni e trasferirsi in maniera definitiva: … 886 more words

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