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Declaration by United Nations

Soon after the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill met with United States president Franklin D. Roosevelt in Washington, D.C., to develop strategies for coping with the global crisis. 382 kata lagi


The “Olde Cybertronian” in Us All: Political Fantasy and The Last Knight

My opinion of Michael Bay is low. Let’s get that out of the way right now; in fact, I hate him: he is racist, sexist and a homophobe, another one of the unremarkable cogs that help push, pull and rotate the gears of American exceptionalism. 2.186 kata lagi

Undergraduate Posts

Carlo Gesualdo Murders His Wife and Her Lover

Stories like this make me feel a profound disappointment with Hollywood. They’ll make and remake anything with brand recognition, but a crazy, dramatic true story like this gets ignored.

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Memorial to the Future of the Past

January 2008-June 2011

Every morning, I ate breakfast looking out of the window. From our hilltop seat, we looked over the trees, over the dale, to the rolling hill, abbreviated sharply – magnificently – by the sea. 1.257 kata lagi


The Ships That Never Sailed (Part 1)

Any history buff or liner enthusiast will be familiar with the names of some of the world’s greatest ships. Titanic, Lusitania, Queen Mary, Normandie and United States are just some of these great vessels that have gone down in history as either tragic disasters or triumphs of engineering. 2.259 kata lagi

Members Only

In my study hall, I have a second teacher in there with me. Recently, she had a conversation with a student who was learning about the early foundation of the KKK in history class. 403 kata lagi

I Love My Job

On the night my parents met, my dad took my mom on a motorcycle ride. Summer of 1993

#vintage #On the night my parents met, my dad took my mom on a motorcycle ride. Summer of 1993 #history #OldSchoolCool #Bot http://ift.tt/2ysYQWI