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Introduction to Hiragana

“To have another language is to posses a second soul.” -Charlemagne. Within each and every language there is the knowledge and wisdom of an entire people. 719 kata lagi

All Japanice things (Introduction and the Alphabet)

Hi! Today I’m writing about basics in Japanese. Although I’m half-japanese, I am not so fond with Kanji (‘coz I didn’t study too much about it :P). 600 kata lagi

yay yay yay

Exciting times!

Today has been very exciting, despite some uncertainty.

I usually refer to people when I need validation or approval. More often than most people, as I like things to be done right and correctly. 470 kata lagi


Learn Japanese through ridiculous manga: Death Vote 【Episode #6】

It’s a showdown between Clighton, the death god Tryuk, and the mysterious B. 983 kata lagi



Been an absolute bitch week at work thus far so I haven’t managed to quite keep on top of this study log but I have been nipping away at learning hiragana. 21 kata lagi