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  1. How do say/count “one person” and “two people” in Japanese?
  2. What does “Gyo” mean on a Hiragana chart? Can you give an example?
  3. Why is it important to be silent when the teacher is talking and when you are asked to do silent individual work?
  4. EXTRA: Draw this!

Stroke Order A-KA / Video

Click on this link for at-home hiragana stroke order practice. Listen to the video repeat the sounds while you practice your stroke order.

The Half Ginger Is Out of Work

So, Hello everyone!

I’m out of work. I’ve filed for FMLA leave… again. Which is awesome. I’m sure this looks super great on my work history. 521 kata lagi


Learning to Read and Write, or ABC Japanese Style (part 1)

My hand remains strong
As I enter the fortress
Of hiragana*

Linguists all over the world still argue about the exact number of existing languages. However there are only so many sets of lettersĀ for written communication. 696 kata lagi

Foreign Language

Tips on Learning Japanese!

Learning a language is a very difficult task, and there really are no short cuts or ways around the memorization, flash cards, and vocabulary. Luckily though, there are ways to help you learn faster, and to make the process less painful! 349 kata lagi