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Hiragana practice sheets

Just thought I’d add the link to some free Hiragana practice sheets. a lot of help for getting your Hiragana looking good and it shows the stroke order, I remember using english versions of these in primary school to practice my handwriting and I write pretty well now so hopefully these have the same effect for my japanese :D… 10 more words

Japanese Language

Apink – Mr. Chu (Japanese Ver.) [Jpop Lyrics]

Lirik Lagu Mr. Chu – Apink (Romanized+Japanese)


Sakki aeta bakari de mo
kaerimichi hitori aitakute
peakappururingu kappuru ringu osoroide
te o tsunagi arukitai na… 315 more words


How to order food at a Japanese restaurant

Let’s order food at a Japanese restaurant!!

  • May I take your order?


  • I would like to order now.



ひらがな - さしすせそたちつてと - Day 2: 19th March 2015 - Japanese Language Log


What have I learned?

I have learned the next two columns, さしすせそ and たちつてと

I have also learned about the Japanese ‘R’, which I am trying to pronounce (but having trouble). 110 more words


Hiragana & Katakana

 Short but intense blog post to help you practice your learning skills. I found these super cute syllabaries of hiragana & katakana while pinning some photos on Pinterest, so I thought you might find them both… 42 more words


ひらがな - あいうえおかきくけこ - Day 1: 18th March 2015 - Japanese language log

Hello, Hoi en こんにちは!

I read through some internet guides and many said it would be a good idea to start a language learning log! I’ve never done one of these before and it looked quite cool, so here I am!  270 more words


Learning New Words

Four seasons

English: Spring Summer Fall Winter

Korean: 봄 여름 가을 겨울

Chinese: 春天(chūntiān), 春(chūn)

夏天(xiàtiān), 夏季(xiàjì)


冬季(dōngjì), 冬天(dōngtiān)

Japanese:  春(はる) 夏(なつ) 秋(あき) 冬(ふゆ)

Thanks for reading ^-^.