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Japanese Alphabet #2

Let’s continue….

belajar nulis Hiragana lagi yaa. ^^

ka き
ki く
ku け
ke こ
ko さ
sa し
shi す 88 kata lagi

Japanese Alphabets

Jaman SMA dulu pernah dapet Japanese Class, sama Ita-Sensei, ngajarinnya luar biasa sabar dan menguras air mata. >.< Dan sekarang review lagi mumpung ada mentornya. hehehehe. 177 kata lagi


Learning Japanese #1

Finally, I am back from a long hiatus caused by a spontaneous trip to China and being struck by illness after returning to Singapore. This has most noticeably caused a break in the continuity of the AppStore Weekly Feed, which has inevitably made me feel kind of guilty. 919 kata lagi

【Quick Challenge Method (2)】Q&A, verbs, hiragana, etc.

Are you ready for mastering basic Japanese conversation quickly?  If you don’t have enough time to learn Japanese, but if you would like to master as fast as you can, this is the right place for you to be! 102 kata lagi

Nonaka Method

Kana & Sounds

Japanese consonants are pronounced mostly as in English, except:

  • “r” is generally tapped
  • final “n” is nasalized

Japanese only has five vowels, like Latin & Spanish, all of which sound short and crisp. 133 kata lagi


On Kana

Kana is composed of two different syllabaries: hiragana and katakana.

Both hiragana and katakana are composed of 46 different phonetic symbols used to represent all the possible syllables of the spoken language. 59 kata lagi



Hiragana – Click for stroke order and sound n w r y m h n t s k
(n) 11 kata lagi
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