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Japanese Verbs for Every Day Use (50 common verbs)

Verb (Eng.)  –  Japanese plain form (Hiragana)

to run  –  はしる
to walk  –  あるく
to swim  –  およぐ
to eat  –  たべる
to drink  –  のむ 126 kata lagi


Tongue tied

I arrived in Japan at the end of January 2003. It was to be a break from University just before I graduated and went into the real world. 1.189 kata lagi


Introducing Hiragana

Where do I start? Will I jump to Kanji and start blabbing Japanese? Well, just play it safe. There’s so many words out there and you’ll just drown yourself in the real world. 633 kata lagi


Pokémon Kin Pseudo-Quasi-Ostensible Text Dump 9 : Choose your Character!

Hey, peeps.

A new installment cometh! If you recall, yesterday’s installment ended with Prof. Elm’s speech. Next is what happens after that.

ウツギ『ちょっとちょっと どこに いく んだよ! 539 kata lagi


Pokémon Kin Pseudo-Quasi-Ostensible Text Dump 8 : Return to the Outside


It’s time for another episode of the dump. To see where we left off last time, click here, or you’ll get confused.

ポケモンざっしが ならんでる! 617 kata lagi


No #SeriousMode Here

Hi everybody! It’s been more than a year since I start learning Japanese—I can speak slowly but frankly I still I can’t speak fluently. Well, I already know how to read and write all the Hiragana and Katakana… and a bit of Kanji… but that’s not the point. 887 kata lagi


Learn Kanji with the Shun Goku Satsu!

Hello, females and males. Right now, I have here a perfect opportunity for you all to learn some kanji. As I said here, it’s important to learn kanji whenever you can, because there are so many. 669 kata lagi