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First thing to learn Japanese

First of all you have to learn Japanese syllabary, which is ”Hiragana”, like the alphabet.  As spoke the first section, we have 46 of ”Hiragana”. ”Hiragana” has 5 singular vowels which is same as English but different order a, i, u, e, o. 58 more words


Lesson 1: Kana

Lesson 1 – Kana

So if you have looked into learning Japanese you have probably noticed that pretty much every guide recommends learning the kana before anything else. 578 more words


What is easy about Japanese

There isn’t anything that is easy about it, but I did find something that isn’t as hard as I had imagined.

Believe it or not, it’s the sentence structure. 91 more words


Japanese helps my memory

This is definitely true. I no longer forget what I was supposed to reach into the drawer for. Or that I told Becky about Sue and not Sue about Becky. 109 more words


Does knowing Chinese help with learning Japanese?

I grew up in a Mandarin-speaking household but went to American schools in Okinawa, Japan. Thus, you can say I grew up bi-lingual.

Some of the neighborhood kids during my childhood in Okinawa were tri-lingual. 828 more words


Japanese beginnings


This is my very first post. I’m teaching myself the Japanese I grew up hearing. As you read further, you will find out how why that is. 169 more words