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Today is the day I’ll be getting back into learning Japanese by returning to the basics and building up from there. I shall start from the very beginning with the alphabet, or more appropriately, the alphabets. 624 kata lagi


Online Interactive Class Activities!

Today’s technology greatly helps us learn foreign languages in many interactive ways!  Particularly for classroom settings, many teachers have started using online activities including kahoot, Quizlet Live, Quizizz, etc. 631 kata lagi


Learning japanese easily - Hiragana

I’ve never had japanese in school, so I needed to taught it myself. This series is about the ways I went through to learn japanese. I will only write about the topic’s I’m comfortable with. 400 kata lagi


にほんごベーシックレッスン(Japanese basic lesson)1: ひらがな(hiragana)

Hello everyone, Welcome to the new series I’ll be writing: Japanese lessons. with today, lesson number one. let’s focus on Hiragana this week. the goal of this series is to implement more and more of the Japanese language, eventually using as little english to explain grammar when getting to more advanced levels. 558 kata lagi


Let's start to read Hiragana! Part 8

Hi! How are you doing?

Let’s finish Hiragana as there are few words on today’s line. 75 kata lagi


Let's start to read Hiragana! Part 7

Hi everyone!  元気ですか?(genki desuka?) means How are you? 52 kata lagi