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Reading Kana Handwriting and Fonts

Right away I knew this would be a problem. I just kept my head down and kept learning the kana. A couple days later, it is time to face the fact that unless kana are written just the way you learn them, you really need to adjust, or learn the… 110 more words

Learning Strategies

Katakana and Hiragana

You know this two alphabets in Japanese? I mean hiragana and katakana. Well, as it’s normal, the first thing i learned about Japanese language are this two alphabets. 23 more words


Japanese: Lesson 8 - Hiragana 'ra' series

So for the wait everyone! I’ve been occupied with life events though (and my blog isn’t very popular yet anyway). Anyways, I’m here now and as said in the last post, I’m skipping a series so I can bundle it with another post. 321 more words


Learning katakana really fast.

I learned hiragana 2 years 9 months ago, (20 June 2012) and as the article says I started reading written in hiragana stuff quite fast right after I learned. 264 more words


my views on katakana

My views on katakana.

ひらがな (hiragana)

カタカナ (katakana)

コヒ (kohi in katakana)

こ ひ (kohi in hiragana)

か ka in hiragana resembles カka in katakana. こin hiragana resembles コ ko in katakana. 527 more words


Mastering Hiragana


Hiragana is SO EASY, and fun.

After you’ve memorized the characters, read Japanese articles. Pick out the hiragana characters, skipping kanji and katakana. And then…POOF, you’ve mastered it! 152 more words


Kawaii Doyoubi - Lesson 7 - Colors Pt. 1

It’s been a while Mina. As I promised things are slowly returning to normal, including the weekly dose of Japanese.


There are two kinds of words for colors: Adjectives and nouns. 130 more words