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Sisteme de scriere

Dacă am învățat ceva în toate tentativele mele de a studia limba japoneză, acel lucru este faptul că sistemele de scriere sunt importante – probabil… 593 kata lagi


Round 2: Kanji and Vocabulary

Still finding some time even this this crazy life to get in some studying this weekend.
Hoping May comes quickly that way my schedule won’t be as crazy and I have more time to study up. 379 kata lagi

Japanese's Alphabets | Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji

The three Japanese “alphabet” are:

Hiragana: is used in difficult kanji, words with no kanji, particles and suffixes.

Katakana: is used in foreign words, scientific words, onomatopoeia, emphasis, food. 6 kata lagi

Vocab and Kanji

Today is Thursday right? Sure. Totally is.
Well on this wonderful Thursday morning I was able to get into my lesson and start learning some basic vocab and also kanji! 455 kata lagi

No Hentai No

Along with Korea in East Asia, Japan is famous with its unique culture that makes it stand out among countries. Weird game shows, anime, manga are some of the things which makes Japan attractive to people especially, geeks (and weeaboos). 558 kata lagi