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Hina's Festival Episode 7 - Anzu continues being the best daughter ever, and Hina for President 2020!

That was a quick blog break, lol.

Yep, this is a special exception. This would normally be a Friday reaction post, but since I only started watching Hinamatsuri exactly two days ago, I wasn’t able to make a reaction post for the latest episode until now. 419 kata lagi


Learning Japanese 1

I have always wanted to learn another language. When watching films and characters can just hop from one language to another is an amazing feature I think we should all share. 205 kata lagi


199 days and counting. Also 冒 means don't look at the sun

A bit later than when I wanted to write this up. But work was work and I had to focus on that today。

I got my kanji studying in when I got home from work.  151 kata lagi


200 days and counting

Hello, こんちは!In 200 days I’ll be taking the JLPT N5 in Houston Texas.  The JLPT, (short for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test), is just that a test to see how well a foriegner, or even a native can understand Japanese.  367 kata lagi


Hiragana Oshi Episode List

I made summaries of Hiragana Keyakizaka46’s “Hiragana Oshi” episodes.
It doesn’t include video/subtitle link (you can find in another master-list someone already made it.) It only summaries or topics of the episode.

WARNING!!! It may contain spoilers!!!



One thing I love about learning a new language, is that once you get past the basics, there is always something to discover.  I’m still a beginner by all means, but I consider having learned hiragana and katakana, and getting to the point where I understand the language enough to actually  235 kata lagi

Of Kanji and Kana

The Japanese writing system, like other aspects of Japanese culture, is complicated and fascinating. Its three main character sets are a notorious struggle for second-language learners and young native speakers alike. 1.009 kata lagi