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China: 20 Years of Life After Death

The Notorious B.I.G. – Life After Death

Released March 25th, 1997 on Bad Boy Records

Ready To Die was a massive album, the kind of once-in-a-generation record that changes the course of a genre.   689 kata lagi


Listen: Daye Jack gets chill on jeans

Fresh take on old song throws some intense bars into chill tones. 151 kata lagi


New Music (Zim): "Waka Remix" || AyTee ft. DJ Simon Sayz

Last night I passed out on top of my bed, lights on and all. Woke up at 3 a.m. and before I fell back into this thing I love called sleep (2 hours later *sigh*), I went through all my social media channels. 244 kata lagi

Hip Hop


Today I managed to have a chat with Burgersfort native, Tiego Molatudi. You might be wondering who that is, but you already know him because he goes by the name “CzAr” and he’s the man behind Lit singles like “Sefagile” and “Swenk”. 433 kata lagi


Today and Tonight at Black Sheep: "Get Connected" Hip Hop Event + Starlorde, GRINN, Magma Diver, Nagasaki, Undone

We’ve made it here to the weekend and now things are going to be nonstop around Southtown with a lot going on all over the place. 304 kata lagi


Apology and Our Next Artist

Hey guys,

I wanna apologize for not posting sooner- it’s been a crazy week with me scrambling to get to work, and finishing homework assignments while I battle the impending doom of time and the death that it brings. 278 kata lagi