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Lesson #2: forget the goal

It is the basic rule of life- to look for pleasure and avoid pain.  Most of our actions are guided by these conditions.  We weigh the pleasure of eating an extra chocolate against the pain of gaining weigh.   348 kata lagi


Malegaon blasts case shows that Hindutva forces are succeeding in widening Hindu-Muslim divide, writes Julio Ribeiro

By Julio Ribeiro, The Indian Express | May 18, 2016

Hemant Karkare laid down his life for his friends. Every man and woman in the land was his friend. 1.007 kata lagi

Re-Naming Akbar Road Is About Politics and Hindutva

This re-naming fever is about soft warfare, cultural politics.

By GopalKrishna Gandhi, The Wire | May 19, 2016

General Vijay Kumar Singh is a soldier and a Rajput.  1.717 kata lagi

They’re Lying When They Say Hindu Terror Is Major Threat, Stats Show Left-Wing Terror Is


Claims of Hindu or saffron terror being a threat to India is fall flat on close analysis.

By Rupa Subramanya, Swarajyamag | May 26, 2016…

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Careful- Sikhs

Sikhs, look back

JUGBANI” newspaper was known  as “AUGBANI” newspaper in Punjab india.

Lala jagat naryan kept on writing articles against Sikhism… 177 kata lagi

The Symbolic Meaning of Lord Shiva and Parvati

Shiva is the most powerful of the three Gods in the Hindu Trimurtia and also the most complex. He is typically found in peaceful meditation, yet is known as “the destroyer.” 743 kata lagi

Ancient Symbolism

Which Hindu God/Goddess Match Your Personality? http://ift.tt/1WVjS6W