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Kesari Sponge Rasgulla

Kesari Sponge Rasgulla

Vasant Panchmi Special Recipe

Today i am going to share a very popular Indian dessert recipe which is basically originated from Bengal. It will add more colors and taste to Special “Basant Panchmi occasion”. 459 kata lagi


What keeps you warm? 

“Ma’am, Aadi won 3rd prize in save girl drawing Competition organised by Dainik Bhaskar” Greetings, dear readers,  You must be wondering what that inverted commas of mine mea… 6 kata lagi


Hindu Man Arrested For Kidnapping Woman For Dating A Muslim Man

The News Minute

“Hindu groups such as the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Bajrang Dal have in recent months stepped up its campaign to act against ‘love jihad’ – ‘rescuing’ women from getting into a relationship with Muslim men. 469 kata lagi


Toronto Hindu Priest Accused Extreme Abuse And "Slavery"

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“A Hindu priest in Toronto has been accused of extreme abuse with the workers alleging that it was bascially “modern slavery”.

Four migrant workers  from India told CBC News that they faced harsh living conditions and were drastically underpaid as sculptors on a Hindu temple in Toronto. 613 kata lagi


Hindu,Muslim,Sikh or Christian

Hindi,Muslim,Sikh or Christian
Why do people divide themselves among a religion?
God didn’t want this
And never did this partition,
Then why are we people doing so… 60 kata lagi

Ityopia, Incient Indians: Naga part 2

Part One: Discover Naga


Importance: heritage: NUBIA


Nag, Tribe नाग ( Hindi)

Nakka, Nagga , Naghas, People

Nahus, नहुस् ( Sanskrit)

Nagari- Sanskrit Script (deva•nagari) = divine city, city of divine gaurdian… 26 kata lagi


Lord Shiva Trilogy By Amish Tripathi

The Shiva Trilogy is a series of three fantasy myth novels by an Indian author Amish Tripathi, released annually from 2010 to 2013. The Shiva Trilogy has become the fastest selling book series in the history of Indian publishing, with 2.5 million copies in print and over Rs 70 crore in sales. 491 kata lagi