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How I Beat Insomnia

Insomnia sucks. You lie in bed in a dark silent room with your eyes closed hoping to drift off to sleep, but all you can think about is new ways to beat the bad guys in your favorite video game, or how you would design your tiny house layout. 564 kata lagi


Astro : A few good words in English and Sanskrit.

peri-gee : Near the Earth (Geo). The gee sounds often relate to the Earth. This is the point at which any graha is nearest the earth. 127 kata lagi

Ancient Indians

Ready To Wait

I am tired of all the debate going on everywhere about Sabarimala. Before I launch into my rant, let me give the gist of the issue here. 663 kata lagi


Countering Commie Agenda!

Not long ago there was a media story on a particular community from Hassan and Chitradurga districts in Karnataka which got wide attention – As usual it was another issue which could possibly brand India and its culture to be backward/regressive and Anti Women. 1.519 kata lagi


Maharaj Dhritarashtra

Maharaj Dhritarashtra is one of the main characters of Mahabharata and was born of Ved Vyasa and the eldest wife of King Vichitraveerya, i.e. Ambika. 296 kata lagi


Maharaj Pandu

The whole epic of mahabharata revolves around the five sons of Maharaj Pandu and the 100 sons of Maharaj Dhritrashtra.

Since the sons of Maharaj Shantanu couldnt bear any progeny and died prematurely, their wives were practically barren since they couldnt beget any children to the dynasty. 318 kata lagi


The doomsday fisherman

One of my goals for this summer was to post more frequently, and to get rid of the thirty-some incomplete posts I have lying around in my drafts folder. 956 kata lagi