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KALI - Kali Gayathri Mantra

Goddess: Kali, (name means Dark Colored, Black) is the Dark Blue-Black Goddess of Transformation, Change, Death (of the Old), and Destruction of Illusion (maya, and time “time has come”).   465 more words

Black Goddess

...i'm going to heaven ...

Sunday, March 08, 2007

day 2 …. left the hotel at ajmer… the new driver was from ajmer, so he knew his way around …. he took us to the durgaa (mosque) in ajmer – Dargah Shariff of Hazrat Khwaja Muinuddin Chisty… it is, i believe, only second to mecca … but again … don’t take my word for it … a durgaa is a type of Muslim place of worship where the remains of one of their saints is entombed. 118 more words


Self Knowledge, a Dharma Talk

On Tuesday, May 12th, 2015, I was honored to be the guest speaker at Won Buddhist Temple.

You can learn more about their community and Won Buddhism by clicking… 1.474 more words


The caller calls in a loud voice to the Holy One at dusk. Why? Surely the Holy One is not deaf. He hears the delicate anklets that ring on the feet of an insect as it walks.

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चार संस्कृति अति प्राचीन है

दुनिया में 4 संस्कृतीयां अती प्राचीन है  …मिस्र, युनान, रोम और भारत…मिस्र, युनान और रोम की संस्कृति को तो धर्मांतरण वालों ने कुचल के अजायब घर में रख दिया…अब एक संस्कृति बची है प्राचीन..जीजस के बाद इसायत चली..मोहमद के बाद इस्लाम चला…लेकिन ये संस्कृतियाँ उस से बहुत प्राचीन है..उन में अपना वजूद है..अब इन में से केवल भारतीय संस्कृति प्राचीन बची है..और भारत संस्कृति में 4 वेद है..ये ज्ञान  सुन लेना…अपने बच्चे बच्चियों को पड़ोसियों को समझाना..


Nothing to do this weekend? Why not visit a Hindu Temple in Neasden, London

The  BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir has attracted people from all over the world including the Prime Minister David Cameron and a few royal family members. The temple is more than opened to inviting people from all religions and countries, … 245 more words