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Genesis 16:7, Hagar, Abraham, And Ishmael - Zam Zam

In the story about the wife of patriach Abraham, Hagar, and his firstbon son, Ishmael, in  the Torah  in Genesis/Bereishit 16:7 it was mentioned about a place named… 420 kata lagi


Lûnga Hijâz | Abd-al-Wahâb Bilel

Known as Shahrazed Longa. Begin in the video at 02:01Download the PDF music score.

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The Expulsion Of Christians And Jews In Arabia?

We wrote not long ago on the Hadith where it is presumed by some that Prophet Muhammad (p) and Umar Ibn al-Khattab wanted to ‘expel all Christians and Jews from Arabia’, as a result of their beliefs. 588 kata lagi


T.E. Lawrence: The World War One Defeats That Made an Imperialist Swindler

“By our swindle they were glorified…The more we condemned and despised ourselves, the more we could cynically take pride in them, our creatures…They were our dupes, wholeheartedly fighting the enemy.” T.E. 2.903 kata lagi

British Imperialism