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The Box

He is stuck in a limbo that is stuck in a box

And once out of limbo he is still in the box.

In this box he must stay all the rest of his days… 15 kata lagi


Browsing in Traffic

Hold it. Before you accuse me of offering ill-founded (if not illegal) advice to browse the web while driving (which, I suppose, is certainly a less dangerous activity than texting as you are in a read-only mode), I would like to make it clear that I am pondering on the nuances of browsing in… 469 kata lagi


Our Airstream Angel

After five weeks of travel, it was time to leave Florida. Our next stop was in Mississippi and our drive would take us west through Mobile and a corner of Alabama and north through eastern Mississippi to… 474 kata lagi


Crash leaves one dead in south Wichita

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – One man is dead after a fatal crash on I-235 early Saturday morning.

According to the crash report, it happened at 2:30 a.m near East MacArthur Road. 139 kata lagi


Sunrise Over the Highway.

Have you ever stopped and wondered what other people see in a moment in time? Watch an airplane fly overhead and wonder what the people on board are seeing and thinking? 100 kata lagi


My bold mission envision those boundless frontier,
Journey so perilous, i need to walk through,
Ample to cover, while i plan all new,
Lessons from past, imminent to my rescue,

41 kata lagi

Electronic-only paid highways in Portugal

Are you planning to drive around Portugal and explore its wonders? If so, be aware that there are some highways that you can only pay with a predetermined wireless payment system of your choice – these include a small number of roads (though one of them is A22, the main highway in Algarve). 280 kata lagi