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September 30, 2016 | Visiting My Former Classmate JC And My Dead Grandfather CE

Last night I went to bed too late, I woke up remembering some dreams but I did not voice record them before going back to sleep so I forgot those dreams, and so now I can only remember part of what I will consider one dream (it was possibly two dreams, but I am not sure). 583 kata lagi


The ByPass on Princes Highway - Bunga Creek

The bypass road is working quite well, and they are progressing well with the repairs. There is a slight delay at each end as you wait for the lights to change, but not very long in the scheme of things. 10 kata lagi

East Gippsland

Hwy 96 New Mexico No. 2

Hwy 96 New Mexico No. 2

Photograph © 2016 Mabry Campbell

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an open road that

             symbolises an

empty heart;

               waiting to be

                           filled with the passion

          and burning desire

of chasing those

      dreams that you yearn… 25 kata lagi

Free Verse

US House of Representatives Passes Transportation Bill

Craig Raucher has worked with a number of major transportation companies as an executive with direct sales and operations experience. Over the course of his 35-year career, Craig Raucher has monitored trends and developments in the trucking and rail sectors. 145 kata lagi

Craig Raucher

The Crossroads

Just a country crossroads at the junction of the Elliott Highway and Manley Hot Springs Highway in Alaska.

The Road to Greatness

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I was driving this morning and I was in the passing lane but wasn’t passing anybody. I try and look to see through the car in front of me (Car 1) to see what the hold up was. 505 kata lagi