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Milestones. You only
notice after
you pass them how
little the supposed ones

Like 80,000 miles
on your once new car.
Or 100,000 on the old… 88 kata lagi

Self Reflections

What's that smell?!

We tried to wake up early for an early start but after a long drive and a few beers after we arrived yesterday, made it difficult. 1.436 kata lagi

Road Trips

Roo-ting Out Trouble: Rogue South Carolina Kangaroo Nabbed Again

CLARKS HILL, S.C. (AP) — South Carolina’s most talented escape artist may be a kangaroo.

News outlets report the McCormick County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday that a mischievous marsupial was roaming the county for the second time in three days. 115 kata lagi

Local TV

Roadside Cacti

A desert scene with some cacti from the MMHA kit.




Today in Transportation History - 1905: An American Territory Gets a Road Commission

The Board of Road Commissioners for Alaska – better known as the Alaska Road Commission (ARC) – was organized by order of U.S. War Secretary (and future president) William Howard Taft to oversee construction of highways in what was then an American territory.  231 kata lagi