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Virginia Man Strips Naked And Attacks Drivers On Highway

This week a man in Virginia decided it would be a good idea to get naked and start attacking cars after getting into an accident. 136 kata lagi


Scenes from a Moroccan Highway

While at home in Canada I’m not really a big fan of long car rides or road trips. I feel like I’m wasting precious time in the car just sitting there, watching the clock and counting down the minutes until I arrive at my destination. 212 kata lagi

New Highway at Malang and Solo as captured from the space-based sensor

Sentinel-2 is earth observation satellite own by European Space Agency (ESA) that provides a free dataset for public. This sensor is an optical-based sensor, which is captured the earth surface within the visible light spectrum. 271 kata lagi

Remote Sensing

HIGHWAY - new video "Damned Me"

DAMNED ME … third blast from the new HIGHWAY’ explosive album entitled “IV” (released by Dooweet Agency / Season Of Mist).

Dive into the heart of their recent Spanish tour as support act for legendary “Michael Schenker Group” and experience an authentic moment of intense Rock’N’Roll!


The Peace Road (Isaiah 40:1-11)

Talking about peace at Christmas can seem like an oxymoron. All you need to do is to walk to the local shops to see people frantically running around, buying gifts, and doing the things we often think are so important in the attempt to have ‘the best Christmas ever.’ We are not immune in the church, as we set about planning and doing the many things we think are necessary to bring the message of our Saviour’s birth at Bethlehem to the world. 1.041 kata lagi


Report: 38% of Merging BMW's Suffer Performance Anxiety

“It’s totally normal, this happens to a lot of BMW’s.” If you have ever heard this when failing to merge properly into high-speed traffic, take courage, according to the California Highway Patrol, it’s quite common. 246 kata lagi