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Harems: The Ultimate Anime Fantasy And Most Misunderstood

There is an episode of Extra Credit, a web series about video game development, that discussed the idea that game genres should be separated by what fantasy they’re trying to evoke. 2.375 kata lagi


High School DxD

All the perverted Issei wants is to squeeze bountiful boobs all day long, so he’s thrilled to join Kuou Academy, a once all-female high school filled with gorgeous girls. 88 kata lagi


High School DxD review, by Anime Binge

Supernatural fights, some comedy, and a relatively weak but fun plot was just enough to keep me watching to the end, but damn, the ecchi is strong in this one. 472 kata lagi

Anime Binge

High School DxD, Full Metal Panic! and Yuki Yuna is a Hero announce new anime seasons

Three anime series with devout followings have been lined up for new¬†seasons in pretty much one fell swoop. This past weekend’s¬†Fantasia Bunko Big Thanks Festival announced the… 320 kata lagi


High School DxD BorN

Type: Capitalization ErrORS

Synopsis: In a series that has survived way longer than anyone thought it would, we see Issei Hyodo continuing to live the good life. 470 kata lagi


Rias Gremory - High School DxD

Rias Gremory is the definition of sexy, no amount of praise out there can serve justice to her undeniable curves, bust size, and seductive personality, I know I wouldn’t complain if I woke up next to her like Issie. 54 kata lagi