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Reflux and a Hiatus Hernia

From alcohol, chocolate and spicy foods to tight clothing, overeating and late-night eating, there are a number of commonly reported diet and lifestyle causes for symptoms of reflux. 377 kata lagi


Binding and a hernia

So I’ve found out I have a hiatus hernia. I don’t know how long I’ve had it but I have certainly had trouble with my stomach for a number of years, and I have been binding for a number of years now too. 398 kata lagi

Hiatus Hernia

Hiatus hernia review article – key diagnostic imaging features


Chapter 4 - More me and Ologists 2013-2007 

(Hi, and welcome to my blog, scroll down to get to the beginning) surgical pictures are in this blog.

A gastro that heard me and acted… 1.776 kata lagi


Finally an answer!

So after 10 long years I have finally found out what is causing my stomach problems and it is not anxiety as I have been told my numerous doctors! 1.337 kata lagi


Waves... there will always be waves!

Hello peoples… I can’t believe it’s almost 3 weeks since my last blog… sometimes I feel like I’m living in a time warp… where have the days gone?  455 kata lagi


Polyp Fiction


I had to go in to hospital for a colonoscopy.

Dreading it, I was.  I had to drink litres of fluid to ‘clean myself out’ the day before. 424 kata lagi

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