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Straight, No Chaser: The Doctor/Patient Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Talk

As an emergency physician, my first consideration is to eliminate life threats.  Along the way, I cure disease and provide a ton of information.  With all of these efforts, I provide a heavy dose of tough love and straight talk meant to empower (and hopefully never belittle).   555 kata lagi

Sterling Medical Advice

Seeing Me For Me

To have a snazzy nickname

Like Ultra, Swabs, or Fish:

That was my desire,

My one and only wish

‘Til today I walked down broadway… 16 kata lagi


Home Remedies For Herpes

Herpes is an itchy, painful problem that causes infection in both men and women. The infection is the result of herpes simplex virus. They appear in the form of small blisters that are red in colour and appears on the places near the eyes, lips and genitals. 282 kata lagi


Could a Treatment for Herpes also be Effective for Treating Fibromyalgia?

A recent study investigated whether it would be effective to  treat fibromyalgia patients with an anti-viral and anti-inflammatory drug combination that is normally used to treat the herpes virus (cold sores or genital herpes). 315 kata lagi

New Study Shows Half The Nation Has HPV

New York Times – Close to Half of American Adults Infected With HPV, Survey Finds – The New York Times <!–


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Can Vanilla Extract Cure Cold Sore?

What is Vanilla Extract

Vanilla’s extract generally carries vanilla as its main component is a very common type of vanilla presently used throughout the planet. It’s mainly formed through decomposing the beans of… 520 kata lagi


First Baby In 2017 Is Diagnosed With Herpes After Oral Suction Circumcision

BROOKLYN, NY — The city’s health department this week confirmed the first case in 2017 of a baby getting neonatal herpes following a controversial Jewish circumcision process. 303 kata lagi

The Jewish Problem