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Can I have some more, please?

I have been accused of being uncaring.

I am not denying it, but I did have to ask for clarification about WHAT I am not giving a shit about. 626 kata lagi

What is Even Happening?

So this is actually the first time I haven’t prepared a blog post ahead of time. I am typing this right before posting it. I just really felt like I needed to reflect on things in the moment. 333 kata lagi

Glitter Is Evil

You can’t say you love me and then give me a card coated in glitter. It’s rude and insensitive and quite frankly, I take it as an act of aggression…a declaration of war. 62 kata lagi


Buzzfeed gets it right?!

Buzzfeed puts out an article with accurate stats on H! It’s a good (and fun) read. See the link below.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Cold Sores And Herpes


Welcome to our website!

Thank you so much for visiting our website! The first step is the hardest. Click here to contact us & get more information on how to join our local support group for people diagnosed with herpes.


Update on Adam, Trenton & Thomas

I felt the need to reflect on these three men after writing about them. Mainly because I’ve become very close friends with one.


It’s not Adam. 755 kata lagi

Had Oral HSV1 outbreak. Pharmacist refused to sell me acyclovir, Doctor reluctant to give me a prescription....

I have had herpes since I was a child. In the past years I haven't had many outbreaks, but the few times I got them they were quite messy. 328 kata lagi