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What Shingles the third time around is teaching me about Shingles

I had fairly mild cases of Shingles twice before, but this stronger bout of Shingles is teaching me a few things about Shingles:

  • It can cover a lot of the chest and back (not just a spot or two, but quite a few spots).
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Cold Sores and herpes, and hpv, oh my.

Warning: Mature Content and Sensitive Subject Matter.

I was recently in session with a client that wished to understand more about her recurrent cold sores and herpes blisters. 1.033 kata lagi

Alternative Medicine

Mollaret's Meningitis

  • Recurrent or chronic meningitis secondary to the herpes virus (HSV1 or HSV2) or varicella (HHV3). 
  • Named after a French Neurologist Pierre Mollaret who first described the condition in 1944.
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Family Medicine/Pearls

Awas, Jangan Berbagi Penggunaan Benda Ini dengan Orang Lain

Kadang begitu dekat hubungan kita dengan teman, hal meminjamkan properti dianggap biasa. Sebenernya ngga semua bisa kita bagi bersama dalam penggunaannya, bukannya pelit, namun hal itu perlu kita lakukan untuk hindari perpindahan virus dan kuman sebab bukan kah kuman itu bisa tersebar tanpa pandang teman akrab atau bukan? 221 kata lagi


My first podcast interview

I had the pleasure to be interviewed for the Future of Sex, a podcast by Bryony Cole which explores how tech will shape the future of the one thing we all love to have but are reluctant to talk about: sex. 152 kata lagi


3 steps to prevent Oral Herpes

Lots of people suffer from Oral Herpes, but the virus has a real knack of popping up to say hello at the worst possible times. 321 kata lagi


Still Alice, and Still Searching: The Cause and Cure for Alzheimer's Disease

Calvin. C

I was completely blown away in a storm of tears and emotion after watching the critically acclaimed film, “Still Alice”. For those who haven’t seen and/or heard of it (don’t worry, I was on that same boat just a couple days ago), the story follows linguist Dr. 1.191 kata lagi

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