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The Truth About Herpes and African American Women

Lets start with the facts. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 48% of African American women between the ages of 14 and 49 are infected with genital herpes, that is nearly 1 in 2 women. 565 kata lagi

TIME Magazine Ruined Herpes Journalism. Here's How To Fix It.

In 1982, TIME Magazine published a very special cover story: “The New Scarlet Letter.” In five dense pages full of salacious personal anecdotes and some incredibly horrifying doctoral testimonies, … 4.218 kata lagi

Why We Need Clicky, Accessible Herpes Writing Too

Another piece for Women’s Health, another amusing stock photo choice.

The real title for this piece should be “How to Not Be a Fucking Asshole,” but this was the headline they pitched me. 558 kata lagi

Myths About Safe Sex And Sexual Health

MYTH #1: You can catch an STD from a toilet seat

Sexually transmitted diseases or infections can’t live outside the body for a long period of time—especially not on a cold, hard surface like a toilet seat. 1.187 kata lagi

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by Fury

For a portion of my high school years I went to a single sex, all girls, Anglican private school. We had a fairly extensive abstinence based sex ed course that ran for at least two of the years I was there.I remember vividly one exercise that was given to us where we were all given pieces of paper. 950 kata lagi

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Datingwithherpes.com - Find Love & Support

Having trouble finding a dating site that caters to your needs because of your “problem”? Dating With Herpes is here to help. We offer an easy to use online portal where you can find all of the best dating sites for someone with herpes and support groups all in one place. 39 kata lagi

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8 Tips on Herpes Dating Houston

Rule 1. Be Upfront.

This is quite possibly the hardest part of dating with genital herpes. It can be a terrifying situation which can play out one of many ways. 398 kata lagi

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