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The Chicago Tribune

I only had one story byline at the Tribune, but I’m really proud of this personal essay.

I experienced some horrible online trolling for simply talking about STIs. 160 kata lagi


Sex & Herpes

Today, I said no to sex for the first time ever. I have a beautiful boyfriend…whom for the first time in a while, tried to seduce me. 105 kata lagi

Which Herb/Essential Oil Destroys Strep, Herpes, Candida And Flu Virus

This plant is part of the mint family and comes from the Mediterranean basin. We talk about thymus vulgaris, more known as thyme. 839 kata lagi

Essential Oils

Herpes is like a fever: treated lasts a week, untreated for seven days.

Ointments, toothpaste, herbs as well as patches, it all spread on the lips in order to get rid of the haze. And what in as quickly as possible. 453 kata lagi

"Z" is for Zika (and other viruses that cause hearing loss)

The Zika outbreak last year brought awareness to the sad reality that certain viruses in the expectant mother can cause significant health problems to the unborn child. 190 kata lagi


Circumcisions and Herpes - Metzizah b'peh Should Be Illegal, Mayor de Blasio

The Independent – UK

Herpes cases among babies linked to ultra-Orthodox Jewish circumcision ritual

New York health department alerts doctors to infections linked to ancient ritual in which circumcision wound is cleaned by mouth … 291 kata lagi


How to get rid of cold sores (and prevent them from returning)

Do you get cold sores? Want to get rid of them naturally- and prevent them from returning? Read on to get the lowdown on this unsightly but common viral infection. 560 kata lagi

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