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Kenali Dompo

Halo, Assalamu’alaikum Guys…

Kali ini saya mau ngeshare sedikit informasi tentang penyakit “Dompo” atau dalam bahasa ilmiahnya adalah “Herpes”. Nah, pas pertama kali tahu bahwa Dompo itu sama dengan… 713 kata lagi


There Are Things About Herpes Symptoms That Should Never Be Ignored

You Might Have A Herpes And Not Even Know It

Every now and then, people will get a herpes, and there are specific herpes symptoms that can mean a variety of things. 2.240 kata lagi


Has someone used a MeCbl treatment for patients or has been treated with MeCbl? What for and what were the outcomes?

What is MeCbl

  • Discovered in 1962 (1) as a conezyme form of vitamin B12, MeCbl (methylcobalamin) acts as a methyltransferase cofactor.
  • Methyltransferases are B12-dependent enzymes.
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Back And Neck Pain

I think I handled this with aplomb

Kid: “Miss Emily, can you please look at this for me?”

(This = the inside of his gums, where he had a huge, raging canker sore) 174 kata lagi


Deceptively Fast: Herpes PSA - 'So You Have Herpes'

So you just found out you have herpes, or maybe your significant other just told you that they’ve got herpes.

How’d you find out? Maybe it was a cold sore on your lip, maybe it was the blister on your peter. 349 kata lagi


HERPES????????????? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ciao spettinati! Affrontiamo un argomento che a me tocca molto: L’HERPES AHHHHHHHHHHHH CHE INCUBO. Insomma a chi non è mai successo? Abbiamo un incontro importante, un evento, una giornata particolare, siamo nervosi, agitati, la notte non dormiamo ripassando il programma per il giorno dopo…e poi? 943 kata lagi


Melanie Addington s The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Evaluation

I check out great deals of reviews on the web about herpes and its possible remedies. Majority of … Melanie Addington is the developer of the Ultimate Herpes Method (UHP).