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In late 2016, mutual feelings were developed and got told and said which  I am and forever regretful.  The words were sugar-coated with so many fancy adjective words and got fooled by the charm. 468 kata lagi

Straight, No Chaser: The Doctor/Patient Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Talk

As an emergency physician, my first consideration is to eliminate life threats.  Along the way, I cure disease and provide a ton of information.  With all of these efforts, I provide a heavy dose of tough love and straight talk meant to empower (and hopefully never belittle).   554 kata lagi

Sterling Medical Advice

Babool (Vachalia Nilotica): A Herpes Fighting Herb

If you are making a list of Highly Contagious infections, your list might not complete until you give a space to herpes infection. When it comes to contagiousness, perhaps, herpes infection is capable of beating every infection. 705 kata lagi


I Have an Infection

I was in an excruciating amount of pain, so much pain that walking was difficult and I was unable to go to class. I couldn’t even sit in a chair or sit to drive my car. 494 kata lagi

8 years of mental anguish and solitary, I need advice.

I'll try to keep this short. I was diagnosed 8 year ago and have had both oral and genital outbreaks, although rarely these days, maybe once a year. 192 kata lagi


SHOCK PICS: Stormy Daniels Appears To Have A HERPES-TYPE SORE On Her Privates . . . Did She Give TRUMP . . . THE BIG H!!!

Just when you thought the Stormy Daniels drama with the White House couldn’t get any CRAZIER – a new image is circulating of Stormy – and she has an unusual BUMP in her private area. 182 kata lagi

Part rant part question

So back in the day I met this girl, and we dated for a few years and had a great relationship. She ended up getting pregnant and got postpartum depression REAL bad and we ended breaking up (turns out she left me for someone else) well after that we went for ur separate ways only staying in touch or talking about our daughter. 132 kata lagi