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Tea Time: Fall 2015 Favorites

One of the biggest reasons I love fall/winter weather (fall more than winter) is because this is the time of year when I’m most likely to be steeping several cups of tea per day, thus entering my tea-happy place several times per day :lol: I wanted to do a blog post of my favorite teas right now in case anyone was looking for something great to try :-D… 1.433 kata lagi


Spice Rack

I used to think my diet was extremely healthy, my exercise regimen on track, and I always brown bagged it. That all changed a few months ago, when my body started turning against me and everything made me terribly sick. 196 kata lagi


Wild Berry

A sweet purple tea loaded with anti-oxidants make this blend one of those more health conscious options. It’s caffeine free making it perfect for a nightcap. 66 kata lagi

Notes On A Tea

Chocolate- As a Medicine!

An American Chocolate Company Kuku Xoco, is claiming to develop a “Medicinal Chocolate” containing of only 35%fat, and micro grams of herbal plant extract( This plant is found in Andean region of Bolivia and Peru, and micro grams of this completely de-bitters large amount of unsweetened cacao). 109 kata lagi


Artikel PeluangUsahaSite kali ini disponsori oleh Omar Smart Brain

Oleh : Muhammad Hamka

Masyarakat sekarang tumbuh menjadi lebih cerdas. Persaingan dalam bidang pendidikan  khususnya, semakin ketat. 165 kata lagi


Setting Up An Herbal Area

Earlier this year we spiffed up our laundry room by building a closet around the water heater and a folding surface with shelves over the washer and dryer. 178 kata lagi