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Herbal Pills vs Tinctures

Herbal pills have come under scrutiny for having no active ingredients and unhealthy additives. Pills are usually filled with dried up and ground herbs, which oxidize and weaken herbal effectiveness as essential oil content and other constituents degrade. 148 more words

Natural Health

Herbal Supplements without Herbs

People always ask me what the difference is between the supplements you get at GNC (and other shops alike) and that NuViza supplements I use. Here is a perfect example of getting what you pay for… 102 more words


Bourbon Joe's Coldcock American Herbal Flavored Whiskey Review

Bourbon Joe Bourbon Review

Name: ColdCock                                     Distillery: Zeiler Spirits

Age: 3 years                                            Strength: 70 proof

Batch/Barrel #:  not listed                            Bottle #: not listed

Color: Amber                                                 Overall Rating: … 431 more words


My Newest Tea Experience

In an earlier post, I shared about my renewed love for teas, especially herbal blends.  My newest kick is loose leaf teas.  They can be a bit of a hassle if you don’t have the right equipment, though.   435 more words

herbal anti dari kerontokan rambut

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Kapo Shaving Cream - Classic

Next up we have a product out of Bulgaria, Kapo’s Classic shaving cream.

The scent is very similar to a lot of the European creams I’ve tried; what I describe as sort of an herbal concoction, with perhaps a tinge of citrus. 129 more words


Deep Squa

Deep Squa Squalene

Deep Squa dapat membantu melancarkan metabolisme pada tubuh, menjaga kesehatan jantung, membantu proses penurunan kadar LDL dan gula darah.

Deep Squa diambil dari ekstrak hati ikan hiu botol yang hidup di kedalaman 1000 meter di bawah permukaan laut, sehingga kaya akan oksigen. 37 more words