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Don't mix turmeric and heart meds.

Popular brand names:

  • Suma
  • Nature’s Best
  • Nature’s Garden
  • Opti-Turmeric

Generic name:  Turmeric.

Active ingredient: Naturally occurring curcuminoids.

Can you make it? You can grow it at home. 104 kata lagi


Are Patanjali Products Safe?

Patanjali products have become very popular in the country now. Their sales are growing exponentially based on Ramdev’s brand image as a yoga guru. Other consumer goods companies have taken notice of this growth and feeling the competition. 268 kata lagi


Is teething powder homeopathic?

Popular brand names:

  • Ashton & Parson’s

Generic name:  Teething powder with chamomile extract.

Active ingredient: Chamomile / Matricaria.

Can you make it? No.


No, contains lactose. 118 kata lagi


EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Herbal Market 2017 Analysis and Forecast to 2022

MarketResearchNest.com adds “EMEA (Europe, Middle East And Africa) Herbal Market Report 2017”new report to its research database. The report spread across 121 pages with table and figures in it. 956 kata lagi

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Herbal Books In Urdu Free Download

Herbal books in urdu free download

Dabur Meswak Toothpaste is a rare combination of ancient wisdom and modern science. A toothpaste containing a natural herbal ingredient (miswak) recommended Book for Learning Arabic, Free Arabic Speaking Course book in Urdu , free download or read online complete Leaning Arabi Language teaching and Course book, Learn Zubibooks Download Islamic Books,Urdu Books,Urdu Digests,Novels,Magazines,Safarnama,Education Books,imran series And Much More Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the Camellia sinensis, an evergreen shrub native to Asia. 456 kata lagi

Mompreneur at Home: Peran di Panggung Usaha dan Keluarga

Jujur aja, nggak pernah terpikirkan bahwa saya akan menjadi seorang mompreneur seperti sekarang. Sebuah profesi yang buat kebanyakan orang adalah ideal karena menjalankan peran sebagai ibu sekaligus wirausaha. 657 kata lagi


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