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Planting Memories

Even in winter, the closer you look the more you can see life growing. Through the below freezing temperatures and snow, my oregano continues to grow despite of it all. 449 kata lagi

5 Ways I Look After My Hair

I have been getting a lot of comments recently about the length of my hair. For years, I have had pixie cuts/androgynous hair styles, and for the last year, I have been trying to grow my hair out longer. 516 kata lagi

Neti pot

Neti pot is a device that you can use to irrigate your nasal passage with luke warm saline water. Something I learnt from my mother-in-law. I haven’t been unfamiliar with this concept as I have tried it before in another form prescribed by my doctor which simply was a saline spray. 335 kata lagi


Ecem Pehlivanoğlu, packaging design for tea, 2017.


İncilay Yaman, packaging design for tea set, 2017.


Esra Marangoz, packaging design for tea, 2017.


Your Cup of Tea

Tea is the most common but still a favorite and refreshing drink of the entire world. Green tea, herbal tea, black tea, strong tea, and white tea you name it and you have it. 71 kata lagi