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Community Health: Sex Workers, HIV, and Hepatitis ... by Alice .

Dear Ones,

These are my thoughts on sex workers, HIV, hepatitis, and at-risk sexual activities. I gather, from the clair plane, that these are issues that are important for community health. 287 kata lagi

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8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Licorice Root Including Its Tea Recipe



By mcshane

Posted Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at 02:32pm EDT

There are numerous benefits of licorice root that people have taken advantage of for centuries. 552 kata lagi


67 Patients Tested For HIV and Hepatitis After Nurse Reuses Syringes

67 employees at Otsuka Pharmaceutical have been tested for HIV and Hepatitis after a nurse was caught reusing syringes.  The employees received the vaccinations in their offices and received notification that they have been exposed to “infected blood”.  66 kata lagi

United States

Nurse Busted REUSING A Syringe To Give Flu Shots! Lots Of People Being Tested For HIV, Hepatitis

A nurse was busted for reusing a syringe to give people flu shots! See what happened and where…

Breaking911.com says that a nurse was contracted to administer flu shots to the employees of a pharmaceutical company in Princeton, New Jersey and she was busted “re-using a syringe” to administer flu shots! 107 kata lagi


22 patients in SGH renal ward infected with hepatitis C; 4 patients have died

This article is reproduced from The Straits Times. (Content may be edited for length)

The Singapore General Hospital (SGH) has apologised for an outbreak of the hepatitis C virus in one of its renal wards, which has led to 22 patients being infected with the virus. 530 kata lagi


Lung Function Test (Spirometry)

Firstly apologies for going quiet for a while. Life has been pretty hectic and I hadn’t realised how thin I’d worn myself until I slept for 18 hours! 564 kata lagi

What Would People Be Surprised To Know About Prison?

So you think you know what goes on behind these razor wire covered fences?  Well, to begin not all prisoners are violent offenders.  As a matter of fact, most of us are normal citizens that made a bad choice or two behind a drug habit or addiction.  341 kata lagi

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