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Hepatitis B Carrier – HBsAg Positive Cases -Treatment

Hepatitis literally refers to any inflammation of the liver. In fact, there are five forms of acute viral hepatitis that are often clinically indistinguishable from one another. 1.115 kata lagi


Behind the massive vaccine scandal in China: Don't think America is safe

Source: TheDailySheeple.com
Jon Rappoort
August 23, 2016

Time Magazine reports (“China Vaccine Scandal Prompts Angry Backlash From Parents and Doctors,” 3/22/2016):

“Furious parents and health care professionals in China are demanding to know how almost $90 million of improperly stored and potentially fatal vaccines were distributed across some two-thirds of the country over the past five years, in the latest public-health scandal to raise serious questions over the efficacy of the Chinese Communist Party’s rule. 1.478 kata lagi


Home-based Edmonton tattoo operation ordered to close due to unsanitary procedures

A tattoo shop operating out of an Edmonton home has been ordered to shut down by Alberta Health Services due to unsanitary conditions.

AHS said anyone who received a tattoo from Noeyez Tattooz should be tested for viruses that can spread through unsanitary tattoo procedures. 267 kata lagi


How do vaccines work in newborns if the adaptive immune system only really starts working 3 months or so after birth?

Would be helpful to have the exact reference for the assertion that ‘the adaptive immune system only really starts working 3 months or so after birth‘ if only to point out it’s utterly and wholly wrong. 692 kata lagi


Hepatitis B vaccine is safe & necessary

There is a reason one should not take healthcare or medical advice from daytime talk show producers with no college education: they don’t do science. And this is a real problem when they have some influence among people who do not vaccinate. 1.892 kata lagi

Intersection of Imprisonment and Healthcare

By: Marcus J. Hopkins, Blogger

“Nearly forty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Estelle v. Gamble that ignoring a prisoner’s serious medical needs can amount to cruel and unusual punishment, noting that “[a]n inmate must rely on prison authorities to treat his medical needs; if the authorities fail to do so, those needs will not be met. 663 kata lagi

Boosting Immunization Coverage to Achieve Health for All

Immunization is known to be one of the most important factors that can significantly impact the overall health status of a particular country. However, due to the current healthcare landscape and certain unfounded dilemma that can possibly affect the health care system, several countries are still facing the challenge of achieving an improved vaccination rate, most especially among children. 954 kata lagi