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My take on epigastric pain

One of the hardest thing to manage is abdominal pain.  The problem begins with establishing a diagnosis based on vague symptoms reported by patients.  Usually the gravity of the disease does not correlate with the severity of symptoms.   654 kata lagi

Hepatitis B

Ideal Medical Care

I have a patient currently admitted due to epigastric pain.  on further investigation of her symptoms, the character of her pain was more of biliary in nature.   386 kata lagi

Hepatitis B

On World Cancer Day Remember Vaccines Help Prevent Certain Cancers

Yes, it’s World Cancer Day, but did you know that vaccines are currently helping to prevent and treat various types of cancer?

See, some cancers are caused by viruses and right now there  two commonly recommended vaccines (HepB and HPV) that target the very viruses that cause certain cancers.   833 kata lagi

Preventable Diseases

Medical Care in the Philippines

Yesterday I had a 28 year-old female patient complaining of an acute onset and severe right lower quadrant pain. Abdominal examination revealed only direct right lower quadrant tenderness without rebound tenderness although the patient reported that she experiences jarring pain im her lower abdomen. 281 kata lagi

Hepatitis B

Combination of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate and peginterferon α-2a increases loss of hepatitis B surface antigen in patients with chronic hepatitis B

Gastroenterology  January 2016 V.150 P.134.

Patrick Marcellin§, Sang Hoon Ahn, Xiaoli Ma, Florin A. Caruntu, Won Young Tak, Magdy Elkashab, Wan-Long Chuang, Seng-Gee Lim, Fehmi Tabak, Rajiv Mehta, Joerg Petersen, Graham R. 329 kata lagi

Metodos Diagnosticos

Bloodborne Infections from Diabetes Supplies? Yep. You read that right.

The longer I have diabetes, the more I learn about how we, as a community, have a lot to learn.

If you’ve ever been a patient at a hospital or a health clinic, you know that the goal is to send you home healthier than when you arrived. 712 kata lagi