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Newborn dead after Hepatitis B Vaccine

In this day and age, I can’t fathom why parents still give their babies Hepatitis B vaccine shots. Ultimately, these are complete scams that serve no useful purpose in infants. 297 kata lagi

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Why weren't there any diseases (similar to small pox) that the native Americans had (& subsequently developed their immunity) but Europeans were not immune to?

In other words, how did human infectious diseases evolve in general, what were their sources, and what could account for the dramatic difference in disease prevalence in different human populations in particular? 1.009 kata lagi


Vaccination for Adults

When you talk about immunization, most people think it’s for children only. However, many physicians will tell you that adult vaccination is the most ignored part of healthcare services.  400 kata lagi


Hepatitis B vaccination | Vaksinasi hepatitis B


Hepatitis B vaccination is the most effective measure taken to prevent HBV infection and its consequences. Since they were first issued in 1982, recommendations for hepatitis B vaccination have evolved into a comprehensive strategy for eliminating HBV transmission in the United States. 185 kata lagi

Update: April 2016

I moved to a new state a few years ago and started seeing a specialist at a new hospital. Just last month he left, and now I have a new doc. 296 kata lagi

Documento de Consenso sobre Profilaxis Postexposición Ocupacional y No Ocupacional HIV, HBV y HCV en adultos y niños

Enf Infecc y Microb Clínica Febrero 2016 V.34 N.02


Actualizar las recomendaciones sobre la profilaxis postexposición ocupacional y no ocupacional, facilitando su uso apropiado desde el punto de vista asistencial. 242 kata lagi

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