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You Could be One Vaccination Away from Preventing Cancer

The Hepatitis B vaccine prevents cancer. Take action. 

A guest post by Carolyn Aldigé, President and Founder, Prevent Cancer Foundation

Parents want the best for their children and will do much to ensure that they live happy and healthy lives. 558 kata lagi

Preventable Diseases

Are any MHC alleles known to have been protective for Native Americans against diseases introduced by Europeans?

Even though specific MHC haplotypes are heavily associated with infectious disease susceptibility, the figure below illustrates there is a wide gap between disease-associated and disease-causing variations (1). 1.584 kata lagi

Hepatitis B

Educating Latinos On Hepatitis C (There Is A Cure)

For over 25 years the Latino Commission On AIDS has been bringing awareness on AIDS/HIV and Hepatitis to the Hispanic and Latino community. During the month of October they focus on AIDS/HIV, but during the month of May, they focus on Hepatitis. 691 kata lagi

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Hepatitis screening in the Korean community

Erica Longhurst

On the 30th of April, the Hepatitis B Free team visited the Epping Community Centre to raise awareness about Hepatitis B and to provide quick and efficient blood tests to test for the Hepatitis B surface antigen. 105 kata lagi

Updates to the UK child and adolescent vaccination schedule

Source: Nurse Prescribing, 2016, 14 (3), pp. 120-125

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Date of publication: March 2016

Publication Type: Journal Article

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