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Kloprakkk.... Lagi Ngebut Tiba-tiba Helmnya Lepas

Motohits – Sharing pengalaman mas bro.. Jadi gini, selasa malam kemarin (24/2) seperti rutinitas biasanya motohits riding melewati jalur Pantura Pekalongan, Jawa Tengah. Jalanan lumayan padat karena banyak kendaraan besar maupun sepeda motor. 464 more words


Chicago Blackhawks: True Rival of Today’s Detroit Red Wings

Often times, NBCSports’ Wednesday Night Rivalry Night delivers a matchup of two marketable teams from big market cities. Tonight’s Red Wings-Blackhawks matchup offers that, plus a respectable rivalry in today’s NHL. 442 more words

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Helm Murah Juga Butuh Bersih

Pindah di tempat baru, saya ditanya ketika menenteng helm ke dalam ruangan :”Helm mahal ya, takut hilang kalo di parkiran?” Saya cuma tersenyum, helm merk BMC ini walau pas beli 170 ribu namun tak tergolong helm mahal juga, kalah mahal dengan Ink yang open face yang banyak dipakai. 259 more words


Helmet of Fate

I nearly fell of my chair when I saw this Helm being offered for pre-order over at the bigbadtoystore Pre order price is $399.99 with a suggested retail of $499.99. 10 more words


Shield of the Stiffbeards

The Dwarves of Middle-earth were divided into seven lineages, each descended from one of the original Dwarves given physical shape by the smith-Vala Aulë, and given life by Eru Ilúvatar. 523 more words


The Modern Windfarm Skipper - The Criteria: qualifications now required.

Almost gone are the days when a Yachtmaster or Fishing Vessel Skipper could stroll onto an Offshore Windfarm Support Vessel and drive her to the site.   331 more words