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Memahami Bata Ringan

Mari mengenal bata ringan…

Bata atau block adalah bahan material utama yang digunakan selama ribuan tahun sepanjang peradaban manusia. Mulai dari berbahan baku batu, bata merah, batako hingga bata ringan, dengan berbagai fungsi yang umumnya untuk dinding, lantai, dan atap, baik itu yang berfungsi secara struktural maupun bukan. 222 kata lagi


Can you handle the “hebel”? (part 2)

‘Meaningless! Meaningless!’
    says the Teacher.
‘Utterly meaningless!
    Everything is meaningless.’

Ecclesiastes 1:1-2

Last week, we saw that life and everything in this world is not necessarily meaningless, but it is fleeting.

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Can you handle the “hebel”? (part 1)

The words of the Teacher,a son of David, king of Jerusalem:

‘Meaningless! Meaningless!’
says the Teacher.
‘Utterly meaningless!
Everything is meaningless.’

Ecclesiastes 1: 1-2

Everything is vanity of vanities – utterly meaningless, perfectly useless, and totally futile?

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The Hebel general store is famous for its pies but we are a little early. The old girl was built in 1897 and the wooden floors are worse than the road, where the floor has given way altogether there are large metal patches. 353 kata lagi


Day trip to Hebel

Any man who has the opportunity to get his light-rigid licence and fails to do so is a fool.

I went to the RTA to see Angie ( 1.115 kata lagi

+ so much +

There is so much that I want to learn.
So much I want to play with. So much to explore, so much to discover.

I love the notion of learning; of adding to a personal, portable library, an accessible resource that is familiar to you, and that you have worked hard in putting together. 285 kata lagi

Words To Remember

Day 11 - Lightning Ridge to St George

Yet another beautiful morning – tee-shirts were definitely the go for the day!

While we were packing up to leave there was something of a commotion in the caravan park as the mains pressure water stopped.  707 kata lagi

2016 Big Maroochydore Adventure