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Bata Ringan



Dengan proses aerasi yang terkendali secara komputerisasi menjadikan Bata Ringan “ALFA’’ memiliki kuat tekan yang tinggi.


Rongga-rongga udara yang terdapat dalam Bata Ringan “ALFA’’ menjadikan batu ringan “ALFA’’ hanya memiliki bobot 1/4 dari bata biasa dan 1/3 dari batu bata merah biasa. 353 kata lagi

Rendering done, temp fence removed

As outlined by our SS the rendering was completed today. Looking good with even colour between bottom and top storey. A releif after reading some other blogs about this not happening. 39 kata lagi

Knock Down Rebuild Process

Timeless Grey Render...Finally

So I have been waiting a very long time for the rest of our house to be rendered in our chosen colour, Timeless Grey. Our house was made out of Hebel and the panels have been sitting exposed to the elements for months. 186 kata lagi


Weekly update walls done

Ive been in shanghai for work last week so happy to say things moving along with walls in place.

Made a video with my new toy. 48 kata lagi

Porter Davis

walls in ground floor

Just to show everyone how great hebel is after 2 days most of the ground floor walls are in with no mess and no fuss. The rest of the house should only take another 3 days. 27 kata lagi

Porter Davis

Hebel, insulation and dado paneling plus lots of pics

So we headed out to the block on the weekend and took a lot of pics.

We have just heard from our site supervisor that he will be ready for our next Darbecca inspection this coming Wednesday; the pre-plaster inspection. 115 kata lagi

Porter Davis