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More Speed Skating Ice Time!

The Langley Blades Speed Skating Club has been able to secure a couple of hours every Sunday at a sports complex that just opened. The complex is so new that they don’t even have the concession area rented out. 306 kata lagi


Fitness & Golf

Some of you may have seen some sweaty pictures of me on
social media lately. The whole family have joined the gym. The children have… 334 kata lagi

Misdiagnosis, Missed Opportunities, and Mistrust: How Race Influences Cancer Treatment in Black Women

by Carolyn Bick

Linda Koerber isn’t tall. Sitting at the table in the back room of the Cynthia Green Family Center in South Seattle, Koerber can just barely comfortably rest her arms on the table, as she calmly describes her ongoing fight against cancer as a Black woman. 2.389 kata lagi


Yoga you can do at your Desk to Reduce Stress [Visual]

If your job involves any desk time, you can likely relate to the slumping posture, back pain, leg stiffness and brain fog that often accompany prolonged sitting at your desk. 258 kata lagi


Spotlight On: Intermittant Fasting

Here’s to a healthy spotlight day! I’m sure you’ve heard the term Intermittant Fasting before but maybe you’re not sure if it’s for you? I’m here to fill you in on all the details so you can see if it’s something you’d like to try out. 603 kata lagi

Transformation v Change

Today I heard,
despite considerable dissonance,
a distinction between external change
and internal transformation.

This feels like a difference with some merit,
but reminds me of further nuances… 193 kata lagi

There is a
constant influx of information always being thrown at us. When it comes to
nutrition or lifestyle, it’s usually in the form of eat this, not that, or do… 1.079 kata lagi