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Over 35? Yes, you can still have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby

Dr. Laura Gaudet’s medical residents at the Ottawa Hospital are mostly women in their thirties, she said, and some are in a “personal crisis.”

They’re in the middle of their training, but they’d like to have a baby someday. 590 kata lagi


Earth Day Message

In 1969, a major oil spill off Santa Barbara polluted beaches for thirty-five miles along the California coast. Up to that point in time, this environmental disaster had been the worst oil spill in America’s history. 400 kata lagi


Avoid Garbage And Toxic People

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

This is a notorious quote nowadays which in my case It’s right and I think is right also with you. 706 kata lagi

Self Development

A foggy Sunday.

We had a lovely walk along the seafront and here are some foggy snaps!

Happy Sunday!


Words Matter: Food Terms Unscrambled

After seeing a commercial that stated that “your dog needs to eat clean”, I found myself rolling my eyes and shaking my head. Marketing what’s hot can sometimes have unintended consequences to good intentions. 134 kata lagi

Healthy Eating

Are we too busy, and what should we do about it?

Busyness is an important topic for Idle blogs, which has been put off for too long… 

‘Keep busy’ someone once advised me, which would have been helpful had the reason for my seeking their advice not been due to doing too much. 607 kata lagi