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Are Men Really Dogs? Ask Dr. Karen!

When You Need Some Advice Don’t Ask Twice… Ask Dr. Karen!

***To all my on-line readers, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and your comments. 359 kata lagi


New Recipe In The Kitchen

Recipe 2 is now In The Kitchen section of this blog. It’s a creamy desert or snack. Head over to the Kitchen to check out the recipe.

4 Foods That Can Improve Your Metabolism

Don’t listen to the Internet. There’s no such thing as a miracle calorie-burning food that will allow you to vegetate on the couch while melting off the pounds. 37 kata lagi


Your Nervous System

Your nervous system is mysterious. Scientists have yet to figure out what it’s saying. Human beings can go down to the bottom of the ocean, pick up a Trans-Atlantic fiber optic cable and tap into almost any conversation in any language, but we have yet to decipher a single… 408 kata lagi


Walking in Figure Eights

Since school let out, I have some time at home. This free time is both a pleasure and a problem. The pleasure is that I have time to relax, clean up, read, rest, and work on both my summer writing project work and my school work for next year (it comes so quickly). 503 kata lagi


What snacks to eat for better sleep

(CNN) — Many people chug caffeine-packed coffee or scarf down an energy bar to wake up, but what should you eat to wind down?

More than a third of adults in the United States are not getting enough shut-eye, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 471 kata lagi


Beating through 

So many things bring us down. So many things kick us down. Yes. Life gets tiring and I have always let it beat me. It finds an excuse not to work hard. 217 kata lagi