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Disability: Life from a different perspective

I recently spent three months in a wheelchair.  Now I don’t pretend to know what life is like with a permanent disability but my temporary stint provided some interesting insights. 697 kata lagi


Survival of the Fittest

Over Labor Day weekend (2016) I had an experience that has given me a lot to think about.

I started to get a sore throat and feel sick about a week before Labor Day and it got worse every day. 804 kata lagi


Natal Day

I’ve walked this trail so many times,

in seasons of both joy and grief;

matters bloom which suspend belief,

now I’m mezzo from birth to death. 28 kata lagi


Growing up abroad: a glimpse back in time


For nearly a decade now tuning in to the six-o’clock news meant tuning in to the war in the Middle-East; a conflict synonymous with clashing cultures, opposing ideologies, and of course fleeing refugees. 1.240 kata lagi


Doctors to be on alert this summer for deadly disease


Doctors have been told to be on alert this summer for an extremely rare but deadly disease since the death of a young boy late last year. 294 kata lagi