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How Leaders Transform Intentions into Reality

Intention leads to behaviors which lead to habits which lead to personality development which leads to destiny. (Jack Kornfield) 

Are you dealing with difficulties in one or several areas of your life?

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Leadership Development

Is it true that shaving your pubic hair will make it grow thicker?

Maybe you ever heard that shaving pubic hairs will make it grow faster. Such information has emerged from several years earlier and hereditary notified to the next generation without scientific explanation. 96 kata lagi


Beekeepers stay vigilant to maintain honey crop in the presence of farm pesticides

A group of bee hives rest in the shade of a tree at Blackwater Honey Bee and Lavender Farm in Isle of Wight. David Mitchell, owner of the farm witnessed a recent mass kill of his bees from what he believes to be farm insecticide applied to nearby farm fields. 195 kata lagi

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Lagos X Yoga

Yoga in the sun! One thing i’ll really miss doing as it’s slowly approaching fall/winter in Canada. Practiced in the garden, by the pool and everywhere i possibly could.


Refresh for Fall: Morning Detox Elixir

Today marks 3 weeks until my boyfriend and I leave for my hometown in Massachusetts. We go every September to enjoy the regional fall activities, and to simply take in the beauty of autumn in New England. 218 kata lagi


Three Challenges Facing Young Adults

Young adults have a lot on their plates and, at times, their lives can feel overwhelming. Here are three areas that can be particularly challenging for young adults – peer pressure, college life, and dating. 1.149 kata lagi


A 'what if' day

Most days my son goes into the world with total confidence and a good level of trust in those around him. I’ve trained myself not to worry about him and not to pester him with texts about his BGLs and what he’s eaten. 525 kata lagi

Type 1 Diabetes