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Power of Apricots

Even though we are basking in warm weather in the UK, I still enjoy a good lamb tagine which has a fantastic selection of ingredients in it, including some great spices. 336 kata lagi


Black Health Matters

I read on the Huffington Post earlier this week that they were launching a “Black Health Matters” piece and was excited. Because as we all know…I’m black and I do care about my health as well as the health of everyone. 925 kata lagi


Study: Fireworks contribute to air pollution, public health issues

Nick Fetty | July 3, 2015

Firework shows have long been a Fourth of July tradition but new research finds that they could be more damaging to the environment and public health than previously thought. 240 kata lagi

Air Quality

Murdoch’s Vaccine World

By Catherine J. Frompovich for VACTRUTH.COM

Everyone by now has heard about the phone tapping scandal that rocked both the British newspaper world and Rupert Murdoch’s business empire. 1.378 kata lagi


5 Surprising Foods That Ruin Your Teeth

These are some everyday foods that you don’t even realise are harming you! They might be healthy but can be dangerous at the same time.


UN: Eat more Insects to fight World Hunger

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) writes that eating more insects could help fight world hunger.

I am doing that already:

UN, FAO and world hunger, you are welcome for my help!