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Romans 8:18

We have sufferings now, but these are nothing compared to the great glory that will be given to us.

I was one of eighteen students in the room. 1.198 more words


Transitioning to My Own Fitness Routine

Silly me, starting a blog right before my thesis proposal was due. In the midst of all the hectic-ness of my life lately, I’d like to update you on something I’ve been working on. 491 more words


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Mercury in Vaccines

No network that has advertising will let him speak. Good thing for HBO. Please share. Person to person works.



R A N T | 26-04-2015

This post contains expletives and is not suitable for a younger/easily offended audience. View this post at your own discretion. 880 more words


I'm Falling In Love

Hello my fellow readers! Just wanted to take a moment to check in with everyone, because I am trying to get better about letting long periods of time go by without me at least checking in with you all. 847 more words


Dare To Dream

Once you start to challenge yourself, you will not only find yourself enlightened by the knowledge and progression you are making, but how you are constantly surrounded by others who want to be motivated and pushed as well. 370 more words


Wild Everything

Lately I’ve dived right back into reading every night – I don’t think I have been this possessed by books since I was about 12 years old. 326 more words