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In the beginning, we were only given one life,
so I’m going to right the mistake that separated us into two.
“What’s wrong? Dear sister, you’re crying tears of blood.”

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I’ve chosen today, so that I can celebrate tomorrow,
when you’re being born—did you know that? I hope I can see you…

– DECO*27

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In this town, with those who boast of their deceitful talent,
it’s so painful to watch, I can’t even open my eyes.
Thus I’ve been locking myself up in this room,

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I’m humming a little tune to myself
upon coming to this town.
I hope we will bring some flowers to bloom
in our life here in the coming days.

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I'm here again!

I’m sorry that i haven’t been a long time on here. It was because i tought that no one would like this blog but i actually have some followers. 12 kata lagi


Beyond the Sky by Hano feat. Hatsune Miku

Hano’s Beyond The Sky makes me feel flying through the sky with my wings spread open. The voice of Hatsune Miku V3 complies brilliantly in this electropop song and I love listening it with my headphones on.


I got knocked down somehow,
and so I’ve been lying here at this frozen place.
I tried searching for you, but I can’t find you.

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