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Are You Blinded By The Brilliance Of This Hatsune Miku?

Get some glitter in your life with this super sparkly pink and greenish-blue Hatsune Miku pop idol art piece. It’s an icy colored delight that makes for today’s starry staged… 1.174 kata lagi

General Assessments

Lemm, Nishijima Thorndique – Temporal

Original title: Temporal

Producer: Lemm, Nishijima Thorndique (西島ソーンダイク)
Video: Yuma Saito
Vocalist: Hatsune Miku

Official upload: NND | YT

Read more on: VLC | VDB 128 kata lagi


MoeGamer: The Third Birthday

Somehow, I only remembered recently that I actually share a birthday with this little corner of the Internet.

Sure enough, if you check the first ever post… 2.509 kata lagi


Picture of The Day: Hatsune Miku 14

Hatsune Miku in a white kimono is looking really gorgeous in this Picture of the Day post. And also look at her blue eyes, they’re so pretty. 14 kata lagi


Big Boi - Kill Jill

Polo to the Floor though, You already know though.

Crazy to hear Big Boi, Killer Mike andJeezy spit over Hatsune Miku (a humanoid persona voiced by a Japanese singing-synthesizer application).

18 kata lagi

[Review] Nendoroid More: Dress Up Swimming Wear

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying the Spring weather (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

Today, I’m going to take a quick look at my first Nendoroid More: Dress Up set, swimming wear! 831 kata lagi


Matchy-Matchy Unicorn

I am so glad we have written down on paper patterns available to us. I just picked my Lintilla back up and I forgot to do one increase at the end of the last ruffle I was doing two times. 380 kata lagi