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Magical Mirai 2015 Setlist!

Funny, usually I know instantly when a Vocaloid concert is happening, but this one surprised me earlier today on Facebook. It would appear that Magical Mirai 2015 is underway! 271 kata lagi


Evangelion designer’s Hatsune Miku illustration steps into the physical world as cool new figure

Virtual idol or not, there’s no denying that Hatsune Miku is a bona fide star in the Japanese music scene. But while human vocalists might have professional photographers eager to take their pictures for a glossy photo spread, the equivalent for Vocaloids like Miku is being drawn or redesigned by famous artists of the anime and video game world. 408 kata lagi


New Hatsune Miku Goes All Celebrity Pop

One of those elements of J-pop that’s bothered me is the celebrity status seemingly applied for not doing much of anything. I’ve never been able to stand the talent shows of the last decade or two, ones where people who can’t just sing the bloody note that’s there but sing nine different ones instead become rich and famous for singing songs they didn’t write over instruments they can’t play. 113 kata lagi


Work Hard, Play Hard

Gumako: “Work Hard, Play Hard” MIKU: “See you later~!”


Cotton Wonderland

Miku founds her wonderland! Will you join her? “Will you play with me?”

Saber: “Is this food?!”
Miku: “NO!!”

Saber: “I’m gonna eat it!!”


A Good Game Drought

I’m actually a little bit relieved that I have a game drought at the moment. With the new semester starting, and me rebuilding my course from scratch, I’ve been plenty busy. 81 kata lagi