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Digital Shmigital

So this weeks topic is craft and the logic of digital making. With the due date of our digital artefacts drawing closer, and the inevitability of having to design an original piece of digital work looming over me, I am finding that I am struggling to commit to one idea. 337 kata lagi


Bieber Fever vs Fanloids

Last Wednesday, I attended, for the fourth time, Justin Bieber‘s Australian tour. As a 13 year old in 2011, I was mesmerised by the pop star, labelling him a genius. 189 kata lagi


Yume no Ato

Producteur : OkameP
Vocal : Hatsune Miku
Romanisation : Mukuro

Atataka na kaori ga michite ta
hana no you ni yawaraka na te ni… 143 kata lagi


The NekoCon Diaries 2016: Swag Review and Grab Bag Unboxing

You know we can’t end a discussion about a convention without talking about all the stuff I got!  It’s TRADITIONAL to brag about your level of disposable income to whoever cares to listen!  4.431 kata lagi

Sailor Moon

Tell Your World

So, it hasn’t really come up yet, but my 13-year-old daughter is a huge anime and vocaloid fan. (A vocaloid, for those without 13-year-old daughters or interests in Japanese culture, are 3d-animated characters with computer generated voices. 301 kata lagi


An extremely late review of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone (PS4)

If I haven’t been very active lately (aside from occasionally running SimCity 2000 on VirtualBox) it’s been for two reasons: first, I’ve had a lot to do at work, and second, I bought the unwieldly titled… 904 kata lagi