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Victory Motorcycle is shutting down. Harley wins?

Victory Motorcycle issued its first motorcycle in the US market in 1998, 19 years later they announce they’re closing down and stop the rat race against direct competitor Harley Davidson. 361 kata lagi


Motorcycle Diaries

¡Hola! :) ¿Cómo estás? :) Yo feliz de estar de regreso al blog después de una breve ausencia, ¡me enfermé de una manera brutal! Imagínate que tuve gripe, infección en la garganta, en el ojo, en el oído, en el cerebro… jaja esa no, pero nomás faltó esa :D En pocas palabras me estaba convirtiendo en zombie, pero lo que me curó fue el amor y paciencia de mi familia, novio y amigos <3 ¡El amor puede contra todo! 325 kata lagi


protective tariffs, motorcycles and the beef lobby

In April 1983, President Ronald Reagan ordered a rise in tariffs – taxes on imported or exported goods – on “heavyweight” motorcycles from 4.4 percent to 49.4 percent. 1.632 kata lagi


I am CodeMonkey! Hear me Chirp?

They say, the first blog post is the hardest. You don’t want to post something to corny, but again, you really don’t want to just jump straight into the technical articles.   262 kata lagi


Blue Monday

Hello everyone!

First up, please accept my apologies for being a tad tardy in making posts over the last few weeks. Mostly my excuse is that I haven’t had much to say, so rather than blithering complete nonsense, as opposed to mostly nonsense I thought it best to shut up! 379 kata lagi

Former Vikings coach Brad Childress could be headed to Buffalo

Despite being the co-offensive coordinator for the Chiefs, a team still in the playoffs, former Vikings coach Brad Childress could be on his way out. But another opportunity seems to be around the corner. 99 kata lagi

Minnesota Vikings