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Customizing a Harley-Davidson

I’m really beginning to consider Works Performance coilovers over Race Tech.  I’m sure Race Tech’s G3-S is probably equal or better, but I’m having a difficult time in justifying the price, which is twice that of Works.


Create The Crust You Crave With This Innovative Baking Steel

* Pizza stone made from ultra-conductive steel
* Create your perfect pizza crust every time
* Comes with an optional carrying case made of recycled billboards… 334 kata lagi

Food & Drink

Taking a Hike

I took this one for the tree growing out of the rock…Makes me think of Mother Earth and fortitude.

I love the rainbow in this one… 150 kata lagi


Ride to Hyner View

170 miles, day trip

This past summer a group of us decided to do a run to Hyner View State Park in Pennsylvania. A local hot spot for hang gliders.   598 kata lagi


Cross Country Motorcycle Trip Four! Abandonment to Divine Providence.

On May 12, the Lord willing and the Creek don’t rise, Big Red, my 2004 Harley Road King Classic, and I’ll be heading out on another cross country trip. 395 kata lagi

How to Commute on a Motorcycle | Get Lowered

I wrote a great piece on how to commute on a motorcycle for Get Lowered on their blog! If you’re interested on a few tips, go check it out! 40 kata lagi