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Own the Holidays | Harley-Davidson

Own the Holidays | Harley-Davidson

It’s not too late….yet! There’s still time to Own the Holidays, Harley style.
Order by the evening of 12/18 to get your gifts by #Christmas with standard shipping or visit your local dealer for last minute gifts ➡ … 31 kata lagi

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Next Two Chapters, Seven and Eight, of My Motorcycle Novel - Hope Bats Last; Relax with a nice cross-country murder mystery! Check out the previous chapters!

Chapter Seven

 Here’s a message for the faithful.
What is it that you cherish?
To find the Way to see your nature?
Your nature is naturally so.
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A Monkey on Set?! John Stamos Reflects on Full House — and How It Prepared Him for Fatherhood

Uncle Jesse is going to be a dad! The beloved Fuller House star opens up about expecting a baby with fiancée Caitlin McHugh. Subscribe now… 473 kata lagi


Liebster Award

Way on back in the earlier days of their blog my dear bogging friend Lili, of fantastic cakes and rock climbing fame nominated me for the “Liebster Award.” I was pretty chuffed at the time (Chuffed = British slang for pleased) and duly did what was required of me and posted a response as required by the award; you can link to that… 926 kata lagi