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Jamuan Hari Raya Eadilfitri


Semua muslimin dan muslimat dijemput ke jamuan Hari Raya Eadilfitri Surau Al Kausar , pada 22 Julai 2017 Sabtu , bermula jam 7.15 malam.

Hari Raya

chaotic raya weekend

Phew! What a busy, chaotic weekend.

Saliheen and I usually have plans on weekends but last weekend was especially packed. We hosted my secondary school friends on Friday night, then on Satuday we attended a wedding in Telok fucking Blangah, went to my company event at Mediacorp theater and hosted our ex-bridesmaids and their families. 283 kata lagi

Hari Raya

(Belated) Selamat Hari Raya!

I just came back from an open house at my aunty’s place today, so I want to argue that it’s not too late to write a nice short post about hari raya. 1.110 kata lagi

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Si Culas

Salah satu fenomena menjelang hari raya yang selalu kita dapati tiap tahun ialah menjamurnya para peminta-minta diakhir bulan puasa. Entah darimana mereka berasal, tiba-tiba mereka sudah ramai berkeliaran di bandar-bandar. 190 kata lagi


What REALLY happens on Eid as Newlyweds| #MrsKhairunChronicles

Ramadan has come and gone.

Syawal, too, has come and is going…

And that’s how long I’ve left this space deserted. Honestly I’ve drafted a couple of articles, it’s just that I never got round to adding pictures and publishing them. 899 kata lagi


baby dust

Went out with my primary school friends for jalan raya yesterday and I got to bump my tummy against 3 different pregnant bumps! For berkat / baby dust hehe… 437 kata lagi

Hari Raya

Eww - but lets move to happier issues (Hari Raya 2017) 

Okay hello.

I was reading old posts.. And damn. I was such an emotional wreck. Ohmaigawd. What the heck happened to me? Hahaha.

I guess it was just a phase I went thru. 453 kata lagi