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Recover Data from a Non bootable PC Using Knoppix

Have you ever faced problem where you Desktop PC is ruined and it doesn’t boot? Usually there are so many instances in our daily computing lives, where we might screw up our computer unnecessarily. 511 kata lagi


Is it Time to Kill the Solid-State Arrays Magic Quadrant

Gartner recently released its 2015 Magic Quadrants for General-Purpose Disk Arrays and another one for Solid-State Arrays. Over the next few weeks we will provide our analysis of these two charts, but first we need to discuss why there are two of them in the first place. 597 kata lagi


Scan and Fix Hard Disk Errors with CHKDSK command in Windows

If you are used to windows then most of you already know about this command CHKDSK and what it does. And if you don’t know about it, then you should know this because this will help you a lot. 777 kata lagi

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Polemică și Ceartă în PC

În ziua aceea, piesele se încălziseră în PC-ul ce funcționa de câteva ore. Hard Disk-ul era cel mai nervos și se plângea de toate celelalte componente, dar în special de ventilator. 353 kata lagi


What is Hard Disk Delays and How to Repair It?

What is Hard Disk Delays?

The dictionary meaning of the word DELAY is to make (someone or something) late or slow. And here the term Delays means an error in Hard Disk which completely or partially slows down the access of the sectors of Hard Disk. 344 kata lagi

Computer Problems And Solutions

Creating an Object Storage System that Bridges the gap to Tape

All data is not equal. It needs to be stored on different types of medium depending on the use case. Even within the archive dataset, all data is not created equal. 1.059 kata lagi

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Will HAMR buy some time for HDD from going extinct?? -HAMR HDD

Heat-assisted magnetic recording(HAMR) is a magnetic storage technology for hard drives in which a small laser is used to heat the part of the disk that is being written. 278 kata lagi