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Data loss

Over the weekend, I had an internal HDD fail on me and I lost a lot of data. Fortunately, I had a backup on an external HDD. 24 kata lagi


How to Get Back Deleted Files From Recycle Bin in Windows 10 / 8 / 7

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Complete step by step guide for windows user on how to get back deleted files from recycle bin in Windows OS. The same method is applicable for the query “how to recover deleted files from recycle bin after empty”. 587 kata lagi

Hard Disk

What Are The Causes Of Hard Disk Failure?

A hard disk can crash at any time forming a nightmare for the user. There are no such definitive signs of an HDD crash (especially for an amateur user). 367 kata lagi

Causes Of Hard Disk Failure

Optimized Hard Disk

Optimized hard disk the standard Windows way. Windows has the suitable tools on board – right click the icon of your hard disk that you want to check and select ‘Properties’ from the menu. 22 kata lagi


How to install Windows OS on a computer.

Windows OS is a platform that I have been using ever since I purchased this computer-back in 2013. In this website, most of the tutorials you will find are related to this OS, where I give my personal experiences using the Operating System and give solutions to common problems. 917 kata lagi

Hard Disk

A kind of algorithm that extend MLC SSD life expectancy by 3 folds

The first portion of this article introduces the background of wear leveling and some commonly used algorithm while the second portion covers a kind of wear leveling that can prolong life by three folds: Non-balance Algorithm. 1.987 kata lagi

How to Fix Disk Read Error in Windows – 9 Quick Ways to Resolve

Many cases have been reported in which the Windows users witness an error message indicating a “Disk read error occurred. Press CTRL + Alt + Delete to restart”. 1.094 kata lagi

Hard Disk