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Hard Disk Access Error

When trying to access or work with files and folders you may get “Access Denied” or other errors. You may encounter the following issues when working with files or folders in Windows. 133 kata lagi

Access Denied

Bagian-bagian dari komputer (bag-1)

Jika Anda menggunakan komputer desktop, pasti Anda sudah tahu jika tidak ada satupun bagian yang bernama “komputer”. Sebuah komputer merupakan suatu sistem dari banyak bagian yang bekerja bersama. 402 kata lagi


Precious Web reference to configure Ubuntu and mount Pogoplug as "local"disk

It’s a pity that Pogoplug dismissed its official application for Linux some years ago. It was really useful and easy to install. But, as usual, Linux geeks discovered how to solve the matter and mount Pogoplug drives as “local” disks on Linux. 104 kata lagi

Technology And Software

Remove Hard Disk in Linux in 3 Easy Steps

This guide describes how you can unlink a hard disk from Linux/Unix. This might be useful for instance if you replaced a disk image in Virtual Box or another VM. 222 kata lagi


Shared Assets and Service

Rose never asked why people touched her, hurt her,. but a morning dew drop conveyed everything. She wanted to be fresh and hope all realized that… 266 kata lagi

StorageShort: The Strength of Disk vs. Flash

It seems that some all-flash vendors are quick to write off hard disk drives (HDD) with some even pronouncing HDDs dead. But disks have a role to play in the data center and even for primary storage. 105 kata lagi