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Data backup | Importance of data backup on your computer.

Data backup is the most important computer maintenance practice in a computer. It acts as an immediate rescue plan for your computer in case of any failure. 811 kata lagi

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Proper computer maintenance | Why most people lose data on their computers.

Severally now I have heard a lot of folks complain about how computers affect their work and progress by posing some serious problems that affect their data. 1.027 kata lagi

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wondershare data recovery review | the ultimate tool to recover your data secure.

Wondershare data recovery tool is a software mainly developed to recover accidentally deleted data and lost partitions. It contains a deep scan feature which enables the user to scan for data lost months prior, and if the data desired is not overwritten the user can therefore recover and continue using the files. 351 kata lagi

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Easeus todo backup software review | backup and retrieve your data safely and orderly.

Easeus Todo backup tool is apparently the most efficient data backup tool I have come across in my entire computer life. It is specifically made for data backup only, and therefore provides broad backup features starting from basic file backups to complex OS system backups. 207 kata lagi

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Τι είναι οι σκληροί δίσκοι τεχνολογίας SSD(Solid State Disk)

Φρέσκο πράγμα: σκληροί δίσκοι τεχνολογίας solid state (ssd). Τι είναι; Τι κερδίζουμε σε σχέση με τους μηχανικούς; Δείτε όλες τις πληροφορίες

Όλοι μας βλέπουμε στα καταστήματα τους καινούριους σκληρούς δίσκους τεχνολογίας SSD(Solid State Disk), με πληθώρα θετικών χαρακτηριστικών και αυξημένες επιδόσεις. 65 kata lagi


Recuva software review | recover accidentally deleted data immediately

If you have deleted a very important file on your computer and would like to retrieve it immediately, I strongly urge you to download and scan your computer using this software: Recuva data recovery software. 661 kata lagi

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How to place computer on a table/room, or workplace. | safety computer maintenance.

This is a question that bothers many people after a computer (desktop/ laptop) purchase in their homes. This question is however mainly motivated by other major factor like: 745 kata lagi

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