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Defrag Hard disk tanpa Software (WinOS)

Hard Disk adalah sebuah komponen perangkat keras yang menyimpan data sekunder dan berisi piringan magnetis. Sekarang umumnya HDD zaman sekarang sudah ada yang hanya selebar 0,6 cm dengan kapasitas 750 GB.

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What is Hard Disk?


Every computer has at least one Hard Disk installed. A Hard Disk is organized into tracks and sectors. Depending on the Hard Disk Drive and the Form Factor of the Motherboard, a Hard Disk is connected either to an adapter card or directly to the motherboard. 113 kata lagi


How a hard disk works

This post is going to explain the fundamental part of how the hard drive in your old computer works. Modern solid state disks work completely differently, so this applies only to the older type that have been common for several decades. 1.107 kata lagi

QM Basics

Addressing VDI's Fork in The Road

Organizations embark on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) projects to drive down end-user operational costs and to enhance infrastructure security. These projects often evaluate well. During “test mode” there are a limited number of users, making it easy to meet their demands with a cost efficient, hard disk-based storage array. 1.350 kata lagi


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Menyimpan File Penting di Cloud

Suatu ketika teman saya bercerita dia baru kehilangan laptopnya (langsung berjengit), “hah laptop??”

Iya terus ilangnya pas dari pesawat Ga**da dari Amsterdam ke Jakarta (langsung loncat), “HAHH??” 309 kata lagi

Info For Motion

Today at Colin Bowen IT Services

Working in the office today. Already been for my walk and coffee, so here’s the plan:

  • Replace the failing hard disk in this PC, and transfer all the data and software over to the new super-fast solid state hard disk.
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