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Constant Change: As the sun sets on summer

Change and I — we don’t get along. From the day I decided to improve my diet by giving up boba (okay it lasted a day, but in my defense, my house is five minutes’ walk from Quickly’s) to abruptly moving halfway across the world, change hasn’t exactly been something I look forward to. 854 kata lagi


Amsterdam: Havin' Fun on Week One

So, my flight got delayed. This means I missed the flight to Amsterdam and had to reschedule another one. After 9 exhausting hours in a plane, my big toenail was knocked off by a piece of luggage the moment I got off the bus. 1.322 kata lagi


Inspirational Vibes Only

A quote I have chosen to live by and that I feel closely relates to me as of late is “The highest human act is to inspire” by the late Nipsey Hussle. 143 kata lagi

Black and White Caricatures are Back!

Hey Hey! Happy Monday, hopefully everyone had a great weekend. We just realized that our black and white caricature option was listed as sold out on our… 49 kata lagi

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