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Happy Little Moonshines for May 22nd

Phoenix enjoyed the delicious burgers Donna made.

Donna was happy that James.came to her rescue and got her website stuff figured out.

Keegan had a good dinner and finally finished the dishes. 52 kata lagi


Write Me

write me in lead,
verse in unending lines,
in loops and curves,
without any rhyme

write me in sonnet,
without any words,
in fingertips, buoyant, 61 kata lagi



The delicious Disney MINNIE MOUSE Cake. For wonderful Disneyland lover babies.:)


12 Daily Reminders

I found this list on one of my boards on Pinterest so i decided to copy it to my whiteboard and put it in my office as a reminder of all things to keep in mind on a daily basis. 85 kata lagi


Dear ECR self...

One of the most popular Happy Academic blogs last year was the post featuring advice that senior researchers would, in hindsight, give to their earlier career selves. 233 kata lagi

Living with Anxiety 

I am writing this blog to describe my personal accounts with anxiety, as I have found reading about others’ struggles with anxiety/depression to be helpful and encouraging, as sometimes having anxiety or depression can feel isolating and like you’re the only one who is struggling to make your way to the other side (aka peace of mind). 1.320 kata lagi