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I’ve written about the one that got away

The one that wouldn’t stay

The one you couldn’t wait to get out the door.

I’ve written about songs that you hear… 329 kata lagi


My Happiness

I want to live an extraordinary life. I don’t want fame. I don’t want lots of money. I just want a comfortable happy life. I dream about it all the time. 159 kata lagi


4 Reasons Why Things Happen in Our Lives

Sometimes things happen in our lives and we don’t know why. Yet, deep within us, our hearts burn to ask the question, “Why, God, is this happening to me?” 526 kata lagi


Can Dissociation Happen Unwillingly?

Can dissociation happen un willingly? For the last 2 years I ve been suffering from a range of terrible symptoms after a very deep emotional break up, This is how it feels – my cognition and perception has altered chronically for the last 2 years 24/7 – it happened one night about 3 weeks after my problems had ended, I felt a click in my head my body trembled and at the same time my perception alters (I felt strange and like u couldn t take anything in or process anything) 2 years on it… Can Dissociation Happen Unwillingly? 7 kata lagi

what happen to the sun

free and its own task

and how it keep

and those of the rush

and its own free

and offer

and when it was the leaning… 45 kata lagi