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None the less it has happened 

nevertheless, it is sharpened

more or less it is deepened

it is a struggle I think in the trend… 25 more words


Anything Could Happen.

Hi, readers. I am very sorry for the insufficient post I have recently. I almost write nothing here, now sweeping off the dust on this blog. 513 more words



The other day my sufferer said “If it doesn t happen this year it s no big deal. We re going to live here for the rest of our lives so there s no rush.” I didn t say anything but I was like “Wow! 62 more words

A few weeks later

A lot has happened and at the same time not so much in the past couple of weeks.

We’ve been busy with the two dogs we have at our current house sit, and the first week here we even had another house + pets parallel to this one. 337 more words


Then comes after If... If that then makes sense

If I sleep in then I will miss class. If I walk into a wall then my face will hurt. If I keep writing examples for this post then I will run out of room for the good stuff. 218 more words


How to Set Goals and Actually Achieve Them

Looking for how to set goals and make them happen? Plenty of goals are set yet most don’t get very far. For how to set goals and achieve them, let’s begin with the end in mind…

Choices & ...Possible Drunk Words That I Wrote Down.

Choices aren’t things that happen to you. It’s the other way around.
happen to them.
So… happen.

Go on.  Just happen.
It’s easy.

You get out of bed…

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