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Is This Dissociation Or Something More?

Hi all, I have had some really weird stuff happen lately. I had black out spells where I can t remember what happened. Most recently, this happened last night. 77 more words

I Want A Romantic Story But It Just HappenedĀ 

It must be so tiring to keep repeating about how you fell in love with me. I’m too caught up with wanting to know why but it just happened didn’t it.


Common Emergency Electrical Situations That Can Happen In The Home

Electricity is vital to our daily lives. Anyone who has experienced a power outage knows how difficult it can be to get anything done without a steady supply of electricity. 155 more words

ISIS' child soldiers: What will happen to 'cubs of the caliphate'?

ISIS' child soldiers: What will happen to 'cubs of the caliphate'?
Many of ISIS' child soldiers have experiences similar to Mayol's. One teenager told CNN's Arwa Damon last year that at 15 years old, he was strapped into an explosive belt and given a pistol, an AK-47 and…

6 Easy DIY Ideas To Do With Old Pennies

If you happen to have a bunch of old pennies just laying around the house or in a jar somewhere, you can use them to create something new and beautiful. 25 more words


Story of my life: My friend won’t care to wait for me to finish chewing before snapping the photo.This is how I look like if I wear a guy S-size A&F shirt. 190 more words