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the thing about not knowing.

“I just realized not knowing isn’t going to change anything. It made me feel like I was in control, but I wasn’t. Whatever is gonna happen is gonna happen, no matter what.”

Grey’s Anatomy


Strange Things Happen

Seeping a view through

The tattered and sublime

Fabric of someone’s coat,

I stood up on my toes, but

It wasn’t enough. There was

A white and black shoelace… 401 more words

Impeccable Poems

2015, March 16 – 362 - moody

tension in the air (5)
anxious, uneasy, on edge (7)
something will happen (5)


must happen

did it always occur

and what it looks onto

and what it says

doing  the theme

and what it creates

and how it brooms

and how it sweps… 47 more words



Great things happen when you least expect it

-babymonsterable xx



If I am willing it can happen.


The Sandy Hook School Massacre, Why Achieved It Take Place? Component 1 Into The Directly To

consistently, sociologists have actually noticed an interesting trend: people develop lots of friendships in their 20s, but find it difficult to make and keep friendships because they transfer to their 30s and 40s. 349 more words