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Doctors - Eventually...

“I have a lot of enemies. If words spread about my condition, many of them will come find me here.”

Avoiding those situations would be the best if it is possible, but I’ve learned that what’s bound to happen eventually will.”

Doctors, Korean Drama, Episode 5.




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Update Strategies Or Die

A Few Examples Of What Can Happen If You Use Old Strategies In A New Environment

What works will work, until it doesn’t. Then you need a new strategy. 14 kata lagi

Five-Hundred Word Challenge 442: One Step at a Time

It was time.

It was time to walk away and onto something new.

Well, that’s what they thought in their minds.

It could have been time for anything, as far as they were actually concerned. 499 kata lagi


Five-Hundred Word Challenge 439: Claw at the Sky

There is a little bit of blue on my shirt and it reaches out to claw at the sky.

If we are all clawing at the sky with it, then we have formed a group of people clawing at the sky due to a bit of blue on a shirt clawing at the sky. 489 kata lagi



Have you ever asked the question why? Wondering why this happens? Or why that happens? I have. We have all been in situations where things have happened to us where it has left us wondering what have I done to deserve this? 357 kata lagi