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8 horrible things that happen if you don't get enough sleep

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Surrounding ourselves with screens comes with an unexpected side effect: We can’t sleep. And our bodies and minds are suffering.

Whether it’s because we’re staying up to squeeze in a final episode of “The OA” or scrolling through Facebook, nearly 40% of us get less than seven hours of sleep a night, according to a… 588 kata lagi


6 Things That Will Happen to Your Body if You Drink Almond Milk With Honey Everyday

There is nothing wrong with drinking a cup of almond milk before bedtime, but for maximum effect stir a teaspoon of honey into it. Here are some of the benefits provided by regular consumption of almond milk and honey: 1. 41 kata lagi

Listen up Guys! Here are 5 Scary Things That Happen to Your P*nis as You Grow Older

New revelations have been made about what happens to a man’s p*nis when he eventually begins to grow old and get feeble.

There are many things that happen to our bodies as we age. 568 kata lagi

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How Market Crashes Happen

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Charlie Munger has long championed the benefits of acquiring worldly wisdom through the development of mental models which utilize a number of different subjects — physics, biology, sociology, psychology, finance, philosophy, literature, etc. 862 kata lagi

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