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5 Non-Toxic Toy Companies: Are They Safe?

What kind of mom are you? Have you though about the dangerous amount of plastic and chemical substances in your child’s toy box? Or are you naive, like i was, and believe that they wouldn’t make a child’s toy with it if it were dangerous? 1.874 kata lagi


Funky Finds 7

Jumping off of last week’s topic, I’m still caught up in play fever. Here are some awesome play kitchens that I found along the way.  I’m going to skip the most obvious examples and I’m going to try to stay away from large plastic sets as they are pretty common. 808 kata lagi


Backache ... 

It’s Saturday close to 4pm now. I am homely, lying in bed feeling the occasional backache. Having a toddler in bed every night also means disrupted sleep. 251 kata lagi


Annie L. and Frank C. MacDonald

Today I added one headstone photograph to the page of St. Mary’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Shiers Road, Harrigan Cove, Halifax County, NS.


Father… 126 kata lagi

St. Mary's Anglican Church Cemetery

Acute Mountain Sickness - høgdesjuke

Det er stadig fleire som ønsker å reise på ekspedisjoner til høge fjell. I tillegg er det lett tilgjengelig for folk flest å melde seg på hos ein operatør som arrangerer tur til for eksempel Kilimanjaro eller Aconcagua. 1.132 kata lagi


Short Definitions for High-Altitude Sicknesses

No one is born a mountaineering expert, not even those who are born to be mountaineers. Because of this, there are many enthusiasts who run into medical terms they either don’t understand or have never heard of altogether. 649 kata lagi


Perlunya Kearifan

Beberapa hari nan silam seorang kawan kantor meminta tolong kepada kami untuk meinstall sebuah aplikasi ke hape miliknya. Dia kata kalau aplikasi tersebut khusus untuk murid-murid sekolah di bandar kami, dan katanya lagi aplikasi ini mesti dimiliki oleh setiap murid. 449 kata lagi