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School's out, wedding preps kicks in!

Assalamualaikum 💖

ROMM Interview
Alhamdulillah, Fareed and I had our ROMM interview done this morning since I am on a school break and this month is the only time for me to get things done especially when it can only be arranged on weekdays. 330 kata lagi

Wedding Preparations

58. "#hermiejunengagement – Its The Day! - Reblog"

**Pssssttttt! CandyLoveJourney.com belongs to Yana Mohamed, who is Hermie’s one and only sister. :)

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate my Baby Bro’s and his fiancée, Junainah (Jun) on their engagement that was held on last Sun, 04/01/15. 40 kata lagi

A few more days till the 1xx th mark...

Assalamualaikum everyone.

Today is the last day of Syawal which also means it is my last Ramadan & Syawal as a single lady, as cliche as it sounds. 527 kata lagi

Wedding Preparations


Nobody told me getting married was easy. But nobody told me getting married involves so much headaches and hair loss. Not that anyone knows, but I am juggling with 2 jobs to pay off my study loan. 456 kata lagi

Rustic simple hantaran decorations.

Hi! :)

this is some rustic decor by me.

thanks! :)

Do Contact us sayhello.deanna@gmail.com or whatsapp 013 392 7754


Artificial flower hantaran decorations.

Artificial decoration hantaran from the groom.

Do Contact us sayhello.deanna@gmail.com or whatsapp 013 392 7754. tq!