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Mardi Gras Ballerina  

It’s simple but I made it completely from scratch. I made my own pattern. And most importantly, my little miss loves it and is ready for her parade tomorrow

Mardi Gras

Crocheted mini skirt using star stitch!

Today I will share a skirt I made at the end of august 2015. I started to make it right after I had finished another skirt that in contrast to this one took very long time to make. 355 kata lagi


Myanmar Handicraft Coconut shell craft

This coconut shell craft is unique design using with rope made of coconut fiber. This rope is twisted the whole coconut pot. And the clear lacquer is polished outside of the coconut shell. 44 kata lagi


भीमळ की लेतँण और सांदण की परोठी

क्या आपतें पता छन की गौं मा मट्ठा के पर छोल्दा, दही कै भांडा पर जमाये जांदी? मट्ठा छोळांण वाला बर्तन कैं बोल्दा परेड़ू और दही जमौंण कैं प्रयोग होंदी परोठी।अब तक आपतें पता चलीगी होलु कि आज हम बात कौला परेड़ू और परोठी की काष्ठकला और वांकु हमारा घर बार मा प्रयोग। एक सामान्य परेड़ू लगभग २०-५० लीटर तक कु होन्दु, बाकि कुछ ये सि बड़ा और कुछ छोटा भी होंदा।येका विपरीत परोठी लगभग ३-५ लीटर की होंदी और साइज मा भी कॉम्पैक्ट। 21 kata lagi


Wooden utensil in himalayans

Do you know that how to make butter from curd in Uttarakhand villages and which utensil used to keep curd for long time. “Paredu” is the utensil used for making butter from curd and “Parothi” is utensil for keeping curd long time.Today post is about two wooden utensil called “Paredu” and “Parothi”. 481 kata lagi


Some of the bracelets I have made...

Today I will share a lot of pictures of the bracelets I have made during recent months. They were mainly gifts or something for myself. I had all those chains and things to connect the chains with but I decided to use special silicon rubber instead. 283 kata lagi