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បើថ្ងៃក្រោយទៅ គេបង្កើតសាលាមួយនៅក្នុងភូមិ ហើយឲ្យតាទៅបង្រៀនក្មេងៗត្បាញរបស់របរផ្សេងៗ និងមានប្រាក់ខែឲ្យតា។ តើតាយល់យ៉ាងម៉េច?

ល្អ! យើងបានបង្ហាត់គេឲ្យបានចេះបន្តទៅទៀត។ វាមិនបាត់ ដូចថារបស់ទំនៀមទម្លាប់ប្រើប្រាស់ទៅហើយ។ វាមិនបាត់ [ព្រោះ]បានគេរាប់គេរក។ ដូចយើងកាន់ពុទ្ធសាសនាចឹងណា៎ លោកសង្ឃដែលគេផ្សាយតាមវិទ្យុសព្វថ្ងៃឲ្យចេះបន្តៗទៅទៀត។ សព្វថ្ងៃ គ្មានអ្នកណាបង្រៀន ទៀតទេ បើបានបង្ហាត់បង្រៀនទៅ ក៏បានចេះតទៅទៀត។

Photo Essay

What I do in my Free Time

Many people ask, what do I do in my free time? You’d think that I’d have lots of free time here considering my only time commitments so far have been about 90 minutes of yoga in the morning and an hour long chanting class 3-4x a week (this will change as I’ve just signed up for a month long Pranayama class with BNS Iyengar located on the other side of town and am considering adding on a back bending class in the afternoon as well but shh, don’t tell Saraswati because we’re not technically allowed to take classes outside of the Shala). 507 kata lagi



Sarinah is dedicated to showcasing the best in Indonesian heritage products, lifestyle and hospitality to locals, visitors and those seeking premium quality Indonesian products outside of the country. 50 kata lagi


A retro journey into the old-fashioned, endangered jobs

‘For us is like the time never went by. Against-the-grain, but happy.’

The flow of time is a bitter enemy impossible to fight. Much worse than any financial crisis. 610 kata lagi

Endangered Jobs

Quilled Mess

What you do when you have an image in my mind for a new project…and once you are moving ahead with this and creating some art suddenly some more ideas come. 43 kata lagi

Fringed Flower

第二屆手作設計展 - 作品準備開始!


開始為下星期六日的第二屆手作設計展作準備,看見自己的作品和一年前變化很大,原來一年對手作人來說很長! 感恩自己仍然去試新事物,仍不放棄在香港做手作,其實每位在市集擺檔的手作人,單單是那份堅持,已經值得我們尊敬。
希望大家下星期六日去九龍灣貿易展覽中心3樓的第二屆手作設計展,為200多位香港手作人和攤檔打打氣! See You at Booth F4~~(陪你去看流星雨….🌠⭐🎵🎶🌌🌌🌛)

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Eraser Stamp


“Dragons” – John Howe.

Or something like that. I hope I did not misquote him.

You can find some pictures from the work in progress here