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Jaipur Rugs Promote Rural Artisans At Arcasia Jaipur

A few kilometers away from the hustle bustle of the city, in a far away village, lies a community of artisans who use their gifted hands in making India’s finest hand knotted carpets and a company that bridges the gap between these local artisans and global community – … 429 kata lagi

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Dollies for Newborn Baby Girls

I made these two adorable dollies for two of my friends who just gave birth to two beautiful baby girls. I hope they will like it 🤗🤗🤗


Exploring Handmade across the Villages in Bijnour

The stillness of the early morning enabled us to begin our day with a quiet conscience, a cheerful mind and positive energy which motivated us to make the best out of our expedition to the villages in Bijnour. 1.525 kata lagi

Hello Everyone!

I’m Shree and I live in Mysore, India. Though I’m an English trainer by profession, I could never give up sewing and handicraft, or rather, it didn’t give up on me. 356 kata lagi

Handicrafts and You

Handicrafts, yes is one thing which is associated with us since our childhoods. When we were creating any art and craft projects actually we were creating a handicraft product. 374 kata lagi


Iikal red

Iikal red Granite is is one of the strongest and very hard material. This stone can be used in bridges, monuments, paving, buildings, counter-tops, tile floors and stair treads. 8 kata lagi