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Warning Extreme Violence - ISIS Executes Syrian Soldier, Kicks Body Off Cliff In Hama, Syria

Heavy — A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State shows the execution of an alleged Syrian soldier. The militant then promises to “fill the streets of Paris with dead bodies” in perfect French. 64 kata lagi



Prior to First World war,

  • the Jerusalem and surrounding Palestine region was under the control of Ottoman Turks.

During the course of 1st  world war, British army captured and put this region under military administration. 463 kata lagi

International Relations


Remember the American invasion of Iraq on the propaganda that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction?

History repeats itself….

The original claim of Zionist for launching genocide against Gaza was that Hamas had kidnapped and killed three Jewish teenagers. 111 kata lagi

Live slow, die whenever

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DIY | Perler 8-Bit Rupee Pins

If anyone told me they are not a fan of The Legend of Zelda series then there is no chance that I could ever trust them. 526 kata lagi