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Russia Delivers Over 21 Tonnes of Humanitarian Aid to Syria-Military

Russia delivered more than 21 metric tons of humanitarian aid to Syria’s provinces of Aleppo, Hama and Homs as well as the city of Deir Ez-Zor besieged by terrorists, a daily bulletin published on the Russian Defense Ministry website said on Monday. 178 kata lagi

Video: Russian Air Power Purges Jihadists in Syria’s Northern Latakia

On July 21, Russian warplanes and helicopter gunships intensified in northern Latakia, responding to the recent militant gains in the area. The joint force of Al Nusra, Jaysh Al-Fateh, the Free Syrian Army and the Turkmen Islamic Party had seized the strategic town of Kinsibba and the nearby villages of Shalaf, Ballah and Ruwaysat Shakara. 254 kata lagi

World At War

The Ghosts of Hama

  • Hafez al-Assad expelled members of his own political party in 1970 to become president. His son Bashir, trained as an ophthalmologist, succeeded Hafez to the presidency in 2000.
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Stories from Hama (Memories of Painter Khaled Al-Khani) Part I

A repost updated from  2012

Introduction by Off the Wall

In few more days, the thirtieth anniversary of the massacre of Hama (February, 1982) will befall us. 1.965 kata lagi


Russian Military Delivers Over 5 Tonnes of Humanitarian Aid to Syria's Hama


The Russian military has delivered over five tonnes of humanitarian aid to the town Suqaylabiyah in Syria’s Hama province, the Russian center for Syrian reconciliation at the Hmeymim airbase said Saturday.

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3 alasan memilih SAHABAT PEST CONTROL sebagai Pelaksana jasa pengendalian hama.

  1. Effective

Program di desain untuk mengeleminasi masalah hama dengan segera dan tepat sasaran. Bersama dengan pelanggan mencari solusi yang terbaik dalam hal penerapan kebersihan sanitasi dan hal-hal lain yang di pandang perlu untuk meminimalisir keberadaan hama. 116 kata lagi