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Not My Day

Every once in awhile I have “One of Those Days”  and today was the day.  It started out this morning while I was making a frittata for my guests.   452 more words


Sammich Pr0n

This is made from leftover breaded pork tenderloin that has been sliced and covered with my Awesome sauce, a handful of Italian blend shredded cheeses and then toasted on half a baguette. 139 more words


Pork 23: Babao Pork (八寶肉)


Pork(List of the Ceremonial Animal)::Babao Pork
Take one jin of pork that is half lean and half fatty. Boil it in plain broth for ten to twenty guun then cut it into willow-leaf shaped pieces.

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Cheesy Potato and Ham Crescent Rolls

On Sunday, I decided to revisit Thanksgiving Leftovers. They were, once again, quite delicious.

Now, what does one do when one doesn’t have leftover ham and potatoes for this recipe? 193 more words


1 bag, 5 meals: Ham

When I go grocery shopping, I like to be as efficient as possible. I look for ingredients I can use in multiple dishes so I’m more likely to eat everything before it goes bad. 1.023 more words

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Well Done, Ham Industry

I’ve never been a fan of ham. Some foods that I disliked as a child I enjoy now, like broccoli, lettuce, salad, tomatoes, etc. But ham has always been on my no thanks list. 140 more words


Senate Bean Soup. This was not intended to be a food blog, but we do eat.

Ham is on sale at our local grocery store – $1.59 a pound for half a ham, butt portion, bone in.

Sold, thank you Dillons. 290 more words