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Father's Month Meals for Two: Donovan Hoffman.

Fab Foods.

Power meal for two prepared by Weigh-Less’ Father’s month male Slimmer this June: Donovan Hoffman taking us a step into his kitchen skills by preparing his special recipe. 339 kata lagi

Weigh Less Product

Canadian Bacon

This is…this is just ham, right? I like ham. I like bacon, too. Neither is improved by your lies, Canada. 3.6/5


COLUMN: Jahlil Okafor Worth Less Than A Ham Sandwich

When I was initially asked to contribute to The Longest View, I wasn’t enthralled at the prospect of just another Philly sports blog. Much of my young adult life has been spent failing at getting blogs, Twitter accounts or publications off the ground. 959 kata lagi


Croque Monsieur (or Madame?) frittata

Croque Monsieur is a French bistro classic. This is a sandwich made with ham and cheese (often Gruyere) that is topped with Béchamel sauce. I have already made a… 537 kata lagi


Mini Ham Puffs

Given that recipes are now so accessible online, we are giving away a bunch of cookbooks that we don’t really use anymore. I wanted to keep this recipe from one of them. 105 kata lagi


Le Pain Quotidien, Victoria

Brunch is such an impressive time of days in eating life these days and that makes it hard to decide what to have. Fear not, as you can order a platter at Le Pain Quotidien that gives you everything. 128 kata lagi


Mini Ham Cheese and Spinach Breakfast Pies


There’s something to be said for a tasty, savory recipe that you can eat at any time of day. These mini ham-and-cheese pies are delicious, and there’s basically never a time when they’re not appropriate. 421 kata lagi