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Thin Slice. No thinner that th-opps too thin.

Some time ago I read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, a guy I consider to be a modern day philosopher, like our modern equivalent to Socrates in his time. 427 kata lagi


A Geek's Revenge For Loud Neighbors

It seems has particularly bad luck with neighbors. His first apartment had upstairs neighbors who were apparently a dance troupe specializing in tap. His second apartment was a town house, which had a TV mounted on the opposite wall blaring… 398 kata lagi

Radio Hacks

Rice salad recipe

Ingredients for 4 persons

80 g rice, unboiled
1 bunch spring onions, finely sliced
2 red bell peppers, finely cubed
150 g cooked ham, finely cubed… 54 kata lagi

Bell Peppers

The Machinery of the First 3 Pages

It’s Friday, good job making it through week.

Before we talk about today’s topic, I want to give you some updates:

1. The #FiYoShiMo manuscript (see the… 1.735 kata lagi

Living The Dream

F*ck the authority. Ai WeiWei @ Helsinki.

From 25.09.2015 to 28.02.2016 HAM (also known as the Helsinki Art Museum) is exhibiting the works of Chinese artist Ai WeiWei. Although my initial reason for wanting to visit this museum was the curiosity about the actual building itself, the artworks displayed inside it were the ones that completely overwhelmed and consumed me. 892 kata lagi



Looking through Mum’s recipes I found a few versions of a Chicken & Ham Casserole/Bake.   I was going to use one of them here, but really the one I make is so good and very much loved by my family, especially my son, I thought I should use it instead.   64 kata lagi

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Cheesy Ham and Scalloped Potatoes

I know, it’s cliche to start a food blog. I’m sorry.

With that said, this one is a little different. I’m the kind of person who spends a lot of free time scrolling through Pinterest. 497 kata lagi