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rest in peace, pebble.

I LOVE my pebble.  It is the perfect smartwatch with just enough functionality that it isn’t another screen vying for my attention… it is notifications at a glance, and knowing how cold it is outside.   171 kata lagi


Elfpunk - Chapter Two

Brog’s deep green chin was covered in the frothy foam of a strong ale. The smell of bitter hops and sour malt radiated over the table in the dimly lit bar, overpowering the juicy meat on the orc’s plate, as well as the musky sawdust covering the floor. 736 kata lagi


Introduction to Hacking

Hacker Classifications

What word comes into your mind when you hear the word hacker? Most people would think that all hackers are criminals who compromise and break into systems for personal gain and malicious intents. 528 kata lagi


Man who hacked 130 celebrities jailed for five years

Maybe you’ll recall 24-year-old Bahamian Alonzo Knowles, who recently pleaded guilty to hacking the email accounts of some 130 media, sports and entertainment celebrities? And trying to sell everything from their confidential scripts to their sex tapes? 596 kata lagi


Alonzo Knowles Sentenced For Hacking Celebrity Emails

NEW YORK (CBS NEWS/AP) – A Bahamian man who boasted after his arrest for hacking into celebrities’ email accounts that he will someday write a book to “shake up Hollywood” had the book thrown at him Tuesday by a federal judge who said five years in prison was the only way to keep him from harming victims. 420 kata lagi