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Ένα χρόνο στη φυλακή χωρίς δίκη 19χρονος Κύπριος χάκερ

Στη φυλακή για έναν χρόνο χωρίς δίκη, παραμένει ο 20χρονος χάκερ Joshua Επιφανίου, Κύπριος υπήκοος, ο οποίος πέρσι τον Μάιο είχε ρίξει τα συστήματα της Cablenet για μια βδομάδα.  7 kata lagi


Daily: 51% Attack on Bitcoin Gold!

Bitcoin Gold network just fell victim to a 51% attack, where the hacker scammed an exchange out of 18 Million Dollars. This is caused by reversing a transaction sent to an exchange by double spending. 9 kata lagi


Nigerian banks go after doctor tuned hacker 

Many Nigerian bakns have expressed their readiness to recruit the services of Canada trained Nigerian doctor who successfully gained access into baking databases to send fake transaction alerts to unsuspecting customers. 161 kata lagi


Jason Bourne (2016)

Jason Bourne (2016)

At near Greece’s border, Jason is on fighting with Russian’s fighter. In Iceland, the group of hackers gathering to do hacking. Nicky is also there to check about Threadstone’s project. 538 kata lagi


Tips agar kartu kredit anda tidak dicuri di internet

Hari ini gw mau bahas tips agar kartu kredit kamu aman dari para Carder, Sebelum gw kasih tau tipsnya mari kita kenalin apa itu carding. … 468 kata lagi

My Adventures in Glassboro 8


The most unnerving thing that happened in Glassboro…

Before saying this I would like the people in NJ to understand that their perspective of the world is very often based on life in NJ and most states treat their citizens especially their women and children much better. 542 kata lagi

Daily Life Perspective

Seven out of ten see criminal hacking as big risk to health, safety, prosperity

Recent survey shows hacking as a major threat to quality of life.

Do criminals hacking into computer systems pose a risk to your health, safety, or prosperity? 1.057 kata lagi

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