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The Morning Dump - Feb 9th

Who is in talks to buy out Yahoo? The Morning Dump – BI

Morning Dump

29,000 FBI Agents and DHS Staffers Had Their Contact Info Revealed

A hacker published info of more than 20,000 Federal Bureau of Investigation agents online on Monday. A day prior to the leak, the same hacker posted info of 9,000 Department of Homeland Security officials. 414 kata lagi


Hace un par de años se detectó por parte de expertos en seguridad informática una ralentización de la red a nivel mundial, súbitamente empresas con sistemas informáticos sumamente potentes cómo… 1.182 kata lagi


Russian Hackers Moved Ruble Rate With Malware

#Bloomberg, #News, #Hacker – Russian Hackers Moved Ruble Rate With Malware, Group-IB Says aka This is not good, because if people lose trust in the stock market and/or banks being secure it could get ugly quickly –

How Russian Hackers Spiked the Currency Exchange Rate

Russian hackers found a way to dramatically alter a currency exchange rate—in just 14 minutes.

Launching a virus known as Corkow Trojan against Russia-based Energobank, a group of Russian hackers altered the value of the ruble against the dollar, … 676 kata lagi


Latest version of Windows 10 may have a Linux subsystem secretly installed inside.

Linux Penguin called Tux By Larry Ewing, Simon Budig, Anja Gerwinski

“Renowned Windows Hacker and computer expert, who goes by the name ‘WalkingCat’, discovered that the latest version of Windows 10 may have a Linux subsystem secretly installed inside.”

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Vincent Banial

The Time My Identity Was Stolen And How I Got Revenge

Tonight I used my card at the carry out across the street to buy a delicious bottle of Bogle Cabernet.

“Decline,” my little Indian buddy said with the same passion she says all of her 8 English words she has picked up over the past 10 years. 1.061 kata lagi