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Seriously. If you call yourself a Guru, you’re a fucking tool. A schmuck to the nth degree. Here’s the rub: it’s been cheapened.  It’s the hot buzz word. 417 kata lagi

Zengry Beast

Dark Secrets

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So everyone has dark secrets, huh? He asked me with a quizzical expression on his face. We were reading about this so called saints of India. 33 kata lagi


Grace - Free & Unmerited

The word ‘Grace’ in English literally means

‘the free and unmerited favour of God; a divinely given talent or blessing’

contextually, another meaning seems to be ‘ 714 kata lagi


In the London Spiritualist Association...

In the London spiritualist association , I was declared , very self consumed and a recluse , who had no interest in interacting with people .,) 117 kata lagi


The Daily Guru Episode 5 - PGA Recap and a HOT teaching topic

I know it has been a few days but I have been trying to get caught up (and recover) from another great week in Orlando at the PGA Show. 1.193 kata lagi

Jason Sutton

Be Your Own Guru – Part 2

To begin nurturing our inner guru, we recognize that all people possess the innate wisdom and understanding to discern how best to live their lives. As Dr. 478 kata lagi



We all feel stuck sometimes; the feeling of not knowing what direction to go in for the best, confused about what’s gone wrong with our life, wondering if it will ever be the same again. 333 kata lagi

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