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Alert! Madhavan Is Still Hot!!!! Also, Interesting cross-industry promotional strategies

I know this is something we have all been concerned about, R. Madhavan’s ever developing style of attractiveness.  And, almost as important, the ever developing relationship between Hindi and non-Hindi films in India. 910 kata lagi

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Little One

So recently my brother and his partner had a beautiful baby!

When the news broke, everyone started to frantically run to shops to buy clothes and toys. 170 kata lagi


Sensual Harassments, Christian eBook

Collection in which the story is found:

Sensual Harassments is the fourth story of Spiritual Confusions, a Collection of five short stories under print at Tâ-Shalom Editions, The books to liberty. 569 kata lagi

Christian Short Story

Who is your fitness guru?

New feature: I am going to try to embed quizzes into my blog now too.

General updates: I will not be posting Monday-Friday anymore. I will try to post at least 3 times a week, but it may be once a week for some weeks.

Enjoy the quiz!

Click here.

The beginning.

I’ll start off by being honest. I’m not a complete yoga newbie. I have done a total of 5 yoga sessions, including an event celebrating the International Day of Yoga. 161 kata lagi


Ngamuk Tak Naik Kelas Murid Serang Guru Honorer

EY (20) menyerang gurunya Puji Rahayu (34) setelah rapot kenaikan kelas dibagi pada Sabtu (17/6). Merasa mendapat nilai yang buruk hingga tak naik kelas, murid SMA Negeri 1 Kubu Raya ini lalu melempar kursi sekolah pada guru honorer tersebut. 328 kata lagi

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True Masters are Instruments of the Light

The Guides who are ordained by the Divine are the ones who can lead us back home. They carry an incredible power, when they come into a space, even without a word, they begin to influence the space. 160 kata lagi