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The Yoga Teacher

The story of the turning point….

I joined a Yoga class when I was 59 years old. My Yoga Teacher is a beatific person, who is decades younger than I. 612 more words


Prabhupada (Free PDF Download)

The following PDF file entitled “Prabhupada” is a very nice little pamphlet describing Srila Prabhupada’s Journey to the West, the society he formed, his teachings, ect. 33 more words

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

If you want to commit suicide, one pin is sufficient. Similarly, in order to improve oneself, much study is not necessary.

You can go to the top by climbing up step by step.

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Self Knowledge 113 – “Self in Self-Knowlwdge” Satsang part 1

[from Master Nome]

The Maharshi reveals the nature of Self-Realization, Self-Knowledge, & the direct path that reveals it, the utterly formless path, Self-Inquiry. In practicing Self-Inquiry, striving for Self-Knowledge, & coming to “abide” in the Realization of the Self, it is essential to understand that it is… 366 more words


Great Non-Duality Philosophers, but maybe not Sages

Some wonderful ‘Non-Dual” texts may only be intellectual reflections of Reality, offered by Philosophers who may not have been fully enlightened Sages. By & large the examples collected in a short series that begins with this installment, can only be here “suspected” of less than complete Enlightenment. 1.235 more words


Quotes, January '15

Quotes, January ’15

1. What is a good action? Anything done in awareness is good.

2. Spirituality is not the renunciation of life; it is the art of living fully. 442 more words


Quotes, November- December '14

Quotes, November- December ’14


1) No Buddha ever attains enlightenment.
Enlightenment attains Buddha.

2) Renunciation says: Neither happy, nor sad
Realisation says: Happy when happy, sad when sad. 342 more words