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This Highest Knowledge is the Highest Secret. It is the greatest means of purification on earth. It is easy to practice, virtuous, pleasant, and imperishable.
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Ancient Mystical Writings

Guru - Oluwa ft Cash2 (Prod. By BeatMonsta) 

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Skin-Deep: My Everyday Routine

One of my favourite topics to read are skin care related routines and learning all about the benefits of certain ingredients for your face. So for today’s post I’ve decided to share what I do as part of my daily skin care routine.  533 kata lagi

Dating Guru’s 101 Conversation Starters Review | Dating Tips

Dating Guru’s 101 Conversation Starters Review October 15th, 2016 Expert Icebreakers for impressive days so you’ll never ever lack points to claim (Dating as well as Relationship Expert Secrets). 139 kata lagi

Partisanship and Gurus in the Health Community

Like a lot of people. At one point in my life, I was reborn with a new mindset to start taking care of myself and live a more active lifestyle. 830 kata lagi

Buddha: How to approach the teachings

Going back to the Pali suttas, the Buddha also repeatedly warned against being attached to any particular teaching or teaching tradition:

‘Do not go by oral tradition, by lineage of teaching, by hearsay, by a collection of texts, by logic, by inferential reasoning, by reasoned cogitation, by the acceptance of a view after pondering it, by the seeming competence of a speaker, or because you think, ‘This ascetic is our teacher.’ 49 kata lagi

Suresh - Apr 23, 2016


வியந்துரைக்கக் கேட்டவர்பின்

மந்தையிலோர் ஆடுபோல்

மயங்கியே திரிந்தேன்யான்

எந்தையைத்தேடி எங்கெங்கோ


சிந்தையுள்நான் உறங்க

சிவமங்கு சிரிக்கலாச்சே


என்றும் நினையாதே


சோர்விலா தலைந்தோய்ந்தேன்


அம்மையுடன் வருவாயே

சொக்கா எனைக்காக்க

சிவகுருவே சுந்தரனே

மாறனொருபுறம் மலர்க்கணைகள் தொடுத்திருக்க

காலனொருபுறம் கயிறோடே காத்திருக்க

பாலனிவன்பாவம் என்செய்வேன் காத்திடுவாய்

ஞாலம்வழுத்தும் நற்குருவே சரணடைந்தேன்