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Pendidikan Itu Memerdekakan!


Ada yang terasa mengganggu saat di pertemuan sebelumnya para guru peserta Sekolah Guru Kebinekaan (SGK) – YCG membuat linimasa Jalan Sejarah Bangsaku. 929 kata lagi

Human Being

Arise, Shine, India!

The following is a story from Roy Knight, who serves as a missionary to his own people in India:

I grew up in a church family – my dad is a church preacher and my mom serves the women for the Lord. 958 kata lagi

E-mails! #1

Anonymous Spiritually-Oriented Writes:

Hello,  I have been an avid reader of Chicoine’s Absolut Oracle website and found it helpful in many ways, not least of which is the way it provides fresh perspective on many subjects I have studied and thought about for years. 807 kata lagi

Zodiac Signs Inspired Makeup Series

Hey kittens, I hope you are all well!

So I am about to begin a makeup series inspired by the 12 signs of the zodiac (yes I am going off the ‘old’ signs, read… 263 kata lagi



decrees proclaim PHD
but he’s more pimp
guiding my head down his shaft
practice for John’s
that gag reflex
there is definite fixation on lab work… 130 kata lagi

10 Minute Guru - Printing In Excel

Well this turned out to be a little longer than the target of 10 minutes.  This video is actually 16 minutes long.  Don’t let that stop you though; if you have ever struggled with setting up a spreadsheet for printing then this could well solve your problems. 252 kata lagi


In or Out of the Temple

GOD-BROTHER:  “What will be the result if the temple authority forbids other Vaisnavas to visit the temple for a Darshan with the Arca-vigraha form of the Lord?” 610 kata lagi