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Hello world!

My name or who I am is not important.

I could be you or your relative, your best friend… what is important and needs to be told is what has been done to me and by whom. 491 more words


Guru Purnima (India) [July Full Moon]

This Full Moon is Guru Purnima, a festival traditionally celebrated in India. The word guru is derived from two Sanskrit words, Gu means “ignorance,” Ru  185 more words


SPH Summer Program: 2nd Week

Hi readers.. It has been a week (maybe, i don’t really know) since my last post. But hey. If you remember my post about the SPH Summer Program… 436 more words

Pengalaman Pribadi

Top Foundation Mistakes Your Making {and how to fix them}

By my standards, the key to great makeup is a flawless base. A whole makeup look is infinitely better when the foundation is right. Keep reading to see if your making the top mistakes, and if you want to know how to fix them! 476 more words


Gang Starr's -"Mass Appeal" | Magnum Opus

Very happy I found this gem via Complex.  Gangstarr is one of my favorite groups and is certainly a major influencer (your favorite rappers favorite group, MC and producer) and contributor to the shape of Hip-Hop, no matter how many magazine covers they don’t get.

Black is not all I am...

Donald Trump being fired from NBC is just one of the many things happening in regards to race lately and I just want to take time to address the issue. 409 more words


my lil guru

so the saying goes, it takes 21 days to form a new habit, right?? well, 21 days ago luz d’ luna was born…and, it was an extremely difficult delivery, to the point that she is still in the neo natal intensive care unit at the hospital…my heart, body & mind  have been in crisis mode for the last 21 days and i still can’t get used to it…i have never held my breath so long in my life…every second in this waiting game has felt like an eternity…and this has truly been my greatest challenge and luz has been my greatest teacher…having her in my womb for 41 weeks and now out in this world has really put a pause in my life and i believe that what she is constantly trying to show me is how to pause and admire the details…her first 21 days have been that of a subtle life, gentle opening of the eyes, a silent cry, a wonderful pout, a slow movement of the limbs, pee, poop…these things don’t happen every day like with the healthy newborns, luz gives us only one thing at a time and only when she is ready, not when i expect it of her…for instance, i find the irony of changing her unsoiled diaper amusing, because sometimes the moment i place the new clean diaper down she’ll decide to pee on it, then i’ll change it again and she’ll decide to start pooping in the new freshly clean one, wasting 3 or 4 diapers at time, not much of the eco-friendly child i thought i’d have…but it’s these lil actions of her subtle life, that have become the daily miracles i stop to admire…and that’s a habit i have become used to. 28 more words